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Posted: January 13th, 2023

Assessment 6 Instructions: Project Charter – Secondary Review

Assessment 6 Instructions: Project Charter – Secondary Review
Create a detailed, integrated Project Charter to address a healthcare gap, need, or improvement at your practicum
In NHS-FPX8040, you prepared a preliminary Project Charter. At that time, you may not have secured your
practicum site or preceptor yet. Now that these are in place, in this course you will delve more deeply into creating a
Project Charter appropriate for your practicum site’s needs. You may be able to use some of the Project Charter
work you did in the previous course. At the same time, you may find you need to completely retool your work as it
may no longer be appropriate for your practicum site. This is the changing nature of doctoral projects. As we gather
more information, doctoral projects change. Your ability to manage this ambiguity and change will be critical to your
successful completion of your doctoral program.
In this assessment, you will create a detailed, integrated Project Charter to address a healthcare gap, need, or
improvement at your practicum site. You will need to obtain input from your practicum site about how you can help
to meet their needs. After submitting your Project Charter, you will receive your faculty member’s feedback on your
charter’s alignment with department objectives, academic rigor, coherency, and readiness for Institutional Review
Board (IRB) submission.
Note: Use the Project Charter Template [DOCX] to complete this assessment.
To successfully prepare for this assessment, you will need to:
Ensure that your project aligns with your practicum site expectations and the DNP expectations for doctoral
Consult this resource for guidance: Acceptable vs. Unacceptable SoNHS DNP Projects [PDF].
Definition of Research.
Conduct a comprehensive review of the literature to gather data that will support your identified need,
intervention, and assessment “instrument(s)”:
Focus your research on current resources available through peer-reviewed articles and professional and
government websites. Current means less than five years old.
Use these research guides for help in identifying scholarly and authoritative sources:
Nursing Doctoral (DNP) Research Guide.
Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Health Sciences.
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1/2/23, 11:31 PM Assessment 6 Instructions: Project Charter – Secondary Review … 2/4
Note: The assessments in this course must be completed in the order presented; subsequent assessments
should be built on both your earlier work and your instructor’s feedback on earlier assessments. If you choose
to submit assessments prematurely, without considering and integrating your instructor’s feedback, your assessment
may be returned ungraded, resulting in your loss of an assessment attempt.
This assessment has been identified as a Signature Assessment.
Signature Assessments will be graded by your faculty within six (6) business days.
Signature assessments serve a dual purpose: to meet the competencies in the course where the signature
assessment appears; and to acquire skills needed to demonstrate competencies specific to the completion of the
Doctoral Project Report. Learners must successfully meet the established criteria for demonstrating competence on
this assessment in order to successfully complete the course (see University Policy 3.4.07 Grading). Completion of
this course is a program-specific requirement. Consequently, learners must pass this course in order to remain in
good academic standing (see University Policy 3.01.04 Academic Standing).
This assessment also includes review by a Secondary Reviewer to ensure the work meets doctoral expectations for
writing, content, connection to the discipline, scholarship, quality, integrity, and ethical compliance. Secondary
review is both an essential program expectation and important opportunity for learners. A hallmark of doctoral
learners, in particular, is openness to critique and responsiveness to feedback. Like any scholarly endeavor (e.g.,
journal article, book chapter, or dissertation), the doctoral project will benefit from the integration of feedback from
a reviewer and a process of ongoing revision at each stage of development. Learners may also reasonably expect to
incorporate revisions and refinements of components of earlier completed signature assessments as they advance
through the program to ensure the coherence and alignment of their completed project. A doctoral-level project
should, therefore, be viewed as a work-in-progress that is not completed until the final Dean review and approval is
As you begin work, you may find the following activities helpful to completing a scholarly, successful Project Charter.
Note: These activities are not mandatory; they are optional:
Seek out free writing workshops and other resources available through the Capella Writing Center. The
Writing Center’s workshops address such topics as: correct APA usage, paper organization, synthesis of
material, and so on.
Note: Remember that this keystone course will help determine whether you are ready to proceed with
your doctoral project. You will want to do everything you can to ensure that your critical thinking,
research, and writing skills are at the doctoral level.
For this assessment, you will populate the three parts of the Project Charter template with detailed information. Use
the Project Charter Proposal Checklist [PDF] to ensure all content is included. Faculty will use the checklist to
provide additional feedback.
Part I includes these sections:
Project Name.
Project Site.
Contact at Site.
Executive Sponsor.
Gap Analysis.
Evidence to Support the Need.
Project Aim.
Part II includes these components:
Team Leader.
1/2/23, 11:31 PM Assessment 6 Instructions: Project Charter – Secondary Review … 3/4
Team Members.
Communication Plan.
Consider questions like these in your communication strategy: Will you hold an in-person or
video conference-kickoff meeting? How will you communicate with all involved parties (email,
telephone, periodic meetings, project tools, et cetera)?
Planned Intervention(s).
Proposed Outcomes.
Part III includes these sections:
Data Collection and Management.
Data Analysis.
SWOT Analysis and Business for Project.
In addition to populating your Project Charter, create a data collection sheet and submit that along with your Project
Charter. A data collection sheet is a tool that is used to collect and organize data. It can also be defined as a
worksheet that helps you to collect, process, and make sense of information from multiple data resources. For your
data collection sheet, please create it in Excel. This will be used for collecting and analyzing your data.
Additional Requirements
Format: Use the Project Charter Template provided.
Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall
Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.
Citations and References: Include current scholarly and/or authoritative sources to support your ideas.
Current means no more than five years old.
Title page: Develop a descriptive title of approximately 5–15 words for your project. It should stir interest, yet
maintain professional decorum. Ensure that your title page conforms to APA format.
Reference page: Include a final reference page that adheres to APA format.
Data Collection Sheet: Make sure you also submit the data collection sheet you created.
APA formatting: Follow APA formatting and style guidelines for citations and references. For an APA
refresher, consult Evidence and APA.
Note: Submit your Project Charter Template Word file as an attachment to this assessment, but do not include any
supplemental materials. Attach the Word file only.
Note: Retain a copy of your approved Project Charter in a place convenient for you, not in the courseroom. Once
the course is complete, you will no longer have access to the courseroom. In NURS-FPX9901 you will need to submit
your approved Doctoral Project Charter as part of your first assessment and as part of your IRB application.
Competencies Measured
By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course
competencies and scoring guide criteria:
Competency 1: Finalize a project charter to address a clinical or organizational problem or take advantage of
an opportunity for improvement within a health care setting.
Clearly describe the people who will be involved in and affected by a project.
Clearly describe an overview of all aspects of a project plan.
Clearly describe the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to a project plan.
1/2/23, 11:31 PM Assessment 6 Instructions: Project Charter – Secondary Review … 4/4
Clearly describe the ethical considerations, constraints, external dependencies, and communication
strategy of a project plan.
Clearly describe the outcome measures related to a project plan.
Clearly describe the data collection procedures related to a project plan.
Synthesize scholarly, authoritative evidence supporting each part of the project charter.
Describe a project that could, within 8 to 12 weeks, produce a meaningful, sustainable change in
practice or process that can be empirically evaluated, with minimal or no risk to participants or the
Competency 4: Address assessment purpose in a well organized text, incorporating appropriate evidence and
tone in grammatically sound sentences.
Write clearly and coherently using communication style and vocabulary appropriate for scholarly work.
Correctly reference and cite scholarly and/or authoritative sources.
Use the scoring guide to understand how your assessment will be evaluated.

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