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Posted: January 9th, 2023

Matthew, age 13, and his mothers have arrived in the pediatric unit

The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate effective non-pharmacological and psychological pain management techniques.

Matthew, age 13, and his mothers have arrived in the pediatric unit for evaluation of his chronic pain related to cancer. Matthew is a bright, articulate young man who appears pale, anxious, and extremely uncomfortable. He is still rating his pain at a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) 20 minutes after receiving a dose of morphine sulfate IV, which should have provided quick and effective relief. The primary health care provider is ordering a pain consult. Until the pain management team arrives, Matthew’s nurse asks you to suggest some non-pharmacological or psychological pain management techniques for Matthew. You work with Matthew on three different techniques and give him and his mothers an educational brochure that describes each of the techniques, explains how to do the techniques, and explains why the techniques are beneficial.

make the patient education brochure you have just given to Matthew and his mothers. Complete a literature search and choose three age-appropriate, non-pharmacological or psychological pain management techniques you believe would be of greatest benefit for Matthew. Give a thorough description of each technique, explain how to do each technique, and explain why each technique is beneficial. As with all written patient education material, remember to consider the reading level of your patient audience and evaluate your brochure for readability. Include the Readability Index Score at the bottom of your brochure.

Dear Matthew and mothers,

We hope this brochure helps you in managing Matthew’s chronic pain. Here are three non-pharmacological and psychological pain management techniques that may be beneficial for him:

Progressive muscle relaxation: This technique involves tensing and relaxing different muscle groups in the body. To practice this technique, start by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath and tense the muscles in your toes for 5-10 seconds. Then, exhale and slowly release the tension in your toes. Move on to the muscles in your feet, then your calves, thighs, and so on, working your way up to the muscles in your face. As you tense and relax each muscle group, try to focus on the sensation of the muscle relaxing. This technique can help reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation.

Guided imagery: This technique involves using your imagination to create a peaceful and relaxing scene in your mind. To practice this technique, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine a place that feels calm and peaceful to you. This could be a beach, a mountain, or a meadow. As you visualize this place, try to focus on the sights, sounds, and feelings that you experience there. You can also try imagining a warm, soothing light surrounding you and filling your body with a sense of peace. This technique can help distract you from your pain and promote relaxation.

Distraction: This technique involves focusing your attention on something other than your pain. To practice this technique, try finding activities that engage your senses and distract you from your pain. This could be listening to music, watching a movie, or chatting with a friend. You can also try using your hands to do something, like drawing or knitting. This technique can help reduce the intensity of your pain and improve your mood.

We hope these techniques help Matthew in managing his chronic pain. Remember to always consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new pain management techniques.

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