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Posted: January 6th, 2023

Implementation of Bar Coded Medication Administration (BCMA) in surgical settings

Bar Coded Medication Administration (BCMA) is a technology that uses barcodes to track and verify the administration of medications to patients. BCMA systems typically consist of barcode scanners, medication labels with unique barcodes, and a computer system for tracking and documenting medication administration.

In surgical settings, BCMA systems can be used to reduce nursing-related medication errors by requiring nurses to scan both the medication and the patient’s identification wristband before administering a medication. This helps to ensure that the correct medication is being given to the correct patient at the appropriate time and dose. BCMA systems can also improve workflow by automating some of the tasks involved in medication administration, such as documenting the administration of medications in the patient’s electronic medical record.

Studies have shown that the implementation of BCMA systems can significantly reduce nursing-related medication errors in a variety of healthcare settings, including surgical units. One study found that the implementation of BCMA in a surgical unit was associated with a 68% reduction in medication errors and a 50% reduction in near misses (incidents that could have resulted in a medication error if not caught in time). Other studies have reported similar findings, with BCMA systems reducing medication errors by as much as 70-80%.

The implementation of BCMA in surgical settings can be an effective way to reduce nursing-related medication errors and improve workflow. By using technology to verify and document medication administration, BCMA systems can help to ensure that patients receive the correct medications safely and efficiently.

Develop an implementation plan of technology to manage the problem and implement it into the NHS to a sample size for testing and evaluating what the six research articles have guided

Context to the assignment: We have to conduct a systemic review of six primary source articles which I have found and appraised. Furthermore, we must develop an implementation plan of technology to manage the problem and implement it into the NHS to a sample size for testing and evaluating what the six research articles have guided. 

My area of research is the Implementation of Bar Coded Medication Administration (BCMA) in surgical settings reducing nursing-related medication errors, with an attempt at reducing medication errors made by nurses and improving workflow. 

Assignment guidelines
Draft assignment
The Caldwell Appraisal tool document – has been completed – labelled articles 1- 6 ( see the six primary articles for reference which are labelled 1-6). However, the appraisal needs to be synthesised and compared in the methods section of the assignment – Please take a look at my start at this for reference in the draft assignment.
Assignment workshop document for further guidance and granular instructions for this project – very detailed
Document with the six chosen research documents – if you google the article titles you be able to see the full articles, 

To action list

Article title – needs completing.
Article abstract – needs completing.
Background – the content is all present and needs polishing.
Methods – I will create a search strategy which reflects the articles I have found. There are other elements to this section, and as mentioned above, the appraisal tool, which I have numerical appraised, the articles scorings need to be presented in a comparative paragraph – strong comparison is a must
Findings must be refined, identify key themes, and be synthesised and strengthened for higher grades. – pls try and streamline the findings to make them support the hypothesis
Implementation – It is more or less complete. It needs Harvard referencing and polishing to have more impact – I would touch on the financial implications of implementing technology and possibly infection control risks of introducing foreign objects into practice …
Evaluation of the implementation – this just needs to be straightforward
Conclusion – needs to be completed.
Referencing throughout needs to be done using Harvard referencing a minimum of 30 – please use strong journal articles from the united kingdom where possible

Assignment Guidance: Implementing Evidence Based Practice (All Fields)
Summative Assessment: 3000 words assignment will be on your chosen area of evidence-based practice, and Pass Mark is 40 %.
You are required to submit a journal style paper outlining your chosen area of evidence-based practice.

As part of this assessment, you should generate a research question, which is specifically relevant to your own chosen field of nursing. You should devise and implement a related search strategy, utilising appropriate databases. The search should end with the selection of 6 primary source research articles. You should review and appraise the selected research articles. You will identify one key area from your literature review that could potentially be implemented in a practice setting. Using an implementation model, you will discuss related issues for successful implementation


Providing safe and effective care through the implementation of digital healthcare technologies –

Structuring the essay
Article title: The title should provide an outline of your chosen area of evidence-based practice, this needs to be concise, accurate and informative and 10-15words long

Abstract: The main question, methods, findings, and conclusions of the review (200–250 advised, but words not included in the overall 3000-word count)
Background: Present the background information related to your chosen area of evidence-based practice and the reasons for your review. Introduce your formulated question using PICO or PEO and clearly state the aim of your literature review (400 – 450 words)
Methods: You will need to look at the evidence base for your chosen topic. This will require an effective literature review and a clear but brief account of your search strategy. This will require the identification of 6 primary research articles. Key words, exclusion and inclusion criteria, utilised databases can be presented as Tables in-text. You should utilise an appropriate appraisal tool, briefly highlight the tool and the results in-text (450-500 words)
Findings: The findings of these six research studies should be stated with an overall summary and synthesis of the results. Note the main points/themes/issues of the literature in relation to your research question (750 – 800 words)
Implementation of best practice: Identify a key issue/intervention from your review of the research findings that could be implemented in clinical practice. Using an implementation model as a framework, consider how you would implement the approach in practice taking into account key stakeholders (900 – 1000 words)
Conclusion: Complete your article with a brief conclusion drawing together the key ideas that specifically answered your research question and summarise implications of your findings for practice (200 – 250 words).

Referencing – should follow Harvard referencing, with a minimum of 30 references
All assignments will be submitted electronically through Moodle according to the guidance below:

Document Layout
* 2.0 line spacing
* Size 12 font Arial
* Page number as a footer on all pages
* Your name must not be on any part of your script

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