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Posted: December 27th, 2022

The effect that covid has had on the implementation of key OB and HR processes

Individual Summative assessment NBS7024a
Written essay coursework evaluating post covid, the effect that covid has had on the implementation of key OB and HR processes.
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the implementation of key organizational behavior (OB) and human resource (HR) processes. Some of the ways in which COVID-19 has affected these processes include:

Remote work: Many organizations have implemented remote work policies in response to the pandemic, which has required them to adapt their OB and HR processes to support remote employees. This has included developing new communication and collaboration tools, as well as implementing policies and procedures for managing remote workers.

Health and safety: COVID-19 has placed a greater emphasis on health and safety in the workplace, which has required organizations to implement new policies and procedures to protect their employees. This has included measures such as social distancing, mask-wearing, and enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols.

Talent management: The pandemic has disrupted traditional talent management practices, such as recruiting and onboarding. Organizations have had to find new ways to attract and retain talent, such as using virtual recruitment and onboarding processes.

Employee engagement: The sudden shift to remote work and the increased stress and uncertainty caused by the pandemic have had an impact on employee engagement. Organizations have had to find ways to maintain employee engagement and morale despite the challenges posed by COVID-19.
Coursework Weighting 100% (1750 words)
Blackboard Submission date 09.1.23 (before 15.00 hours)
Please note: You can not complete the individual piece of work if you have not completed the research log, peer review, presentation slides and script as these need to be included with your summative assessment,
You will have been allocated one of these questions to prepare a 10 min presentation to explore and answers. The questions are detailed below.
Questions are:
1. What is effective organisational leadership and how has it changed post covid? (Please use theoretical concepts and organisational/industry examples to evidence your argument).
2. Communications has changed post-covid and with the advent of new technology. What are the strengths and weaknesses of these changes for organisations? (Please use theoretical concepts and organisational examples to evidence your argument).
3. AI is being used in recruitment and selection. What are the concerns around inclusivity and diversity of AI and how can these be managed in organisations? (Please use theoretical concepts and organisational examples to evidence your argument).
4. Post covid in the war for talent competition for the best university graduates has increased. How can organisations recruitment and selection processes be tailored to best attract and retain these Generation Z university students? (Please use theoretical concepts and organisational examples to evidence your argument).
Written essay with Headings.
In the written essay with headings you will provide an individual analysis and evaluation of your own group presentation argument. This argument will address post Covid the effect that covid and other changes have had on the implementation on OB and HR topics and processes. You will critically analyse the implication this argument could potentially have for theoretical analysis (existing OB/HRM theories) as well as for organisational people practice. You will be expected to use organisational examples in your analysis that you had used previously in your group presentation but this evaluation will be developed further in your written work to assess the relevancy.
There is also an element of self-evaluation where you reflectively review the performance of yourself in your presentation and your contribution. You will discuss how this could be improved, and this evaluation could relate to presentation content as well as presentation style for yourself (see sample in summative assessment tab in blackboard to check you are including the reflective elements demanded for this section).
You will need to provide a written essay with headings which:
1. Identify and define the elements of the theory/theories that are relevant to the original presentation question and your argument which you have developed further to the presentation.
2. Provide a justification for one’s approach in answering the presentation question using academic material and literature to develop an evidence-based theoretical argument.
3. Provide a critical appraisal of the strengths and limitations of using the theory with specific reference to an organisation/organisations used in the presentation to illustrate its relevancy in practice.
4. Include an overall evaluation of the theory and its effectiveness in organisational practice; from which you can make recommendations if appropriate to question. (1-4 points 1400 words)

5. Include a reflective review of your own presentation and performance. (350 words) This self-evaluation will also include recommendation of how now having completed the presentation you personally could have improved this presentation (see sample)
6. Bring in new references to support new material as required
7. Includes a copy of the presentation slides and script. (Appendix)
8. Includes a copy of the Research Log (Appendix)
9. Includes a copy of the original peer review. (Appendix)

Word length 1750 words. Harvard referencing to be used. See postgraduate handout for instructions of using Harvard referencing in the text. The template for the Research Log will help you keep track of academic materials that you can use in your essay. A minimum of 15 academic sources to be used, practitioner sources are extra but good to have.

Marking Criteria
• Requires a further development of your argument in regard to your presentation topic. This will need to include a justification for the approach you are taking to answer the original question.
• A critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the theory/theories presented.
• The organisational example/examples will then be used to illustrate how the theory works in practice (or not)
• Then there will be final evaluation of the theoretical relevancy to practice and its effectiveness. You may also include any recommendations you would make if appropriate to the original presentation question.
• A reflective review of the groups’s presentation highlighting through self-evaluation how you could improve the presentation performance.
• Harvard referencing used throughout and evidence of judgement made in choices of sources. Minimum of 15 academic sources used.

Module learning outcomes achieved are A 1-4 and B 1-4

A) Subject specific skills
1. Understand the challenges of people management and organisational practice
2. Realise both soft and hard aspects of management
3. Apply key frameworks from organisational behaviour and human resource management to business scenarios.
4. Acquire the knowledge to apply key HRM/OB functions

B) Cognitive and key skills you will develop include:

1. Critical thinking and appraisal: organising thoughts, analysis, synthesis, critical appraisal. This includes the capability to identify assumptions, evaluate statements in terms of evidence, detect false logic or reasoning, identify implicit values, define terms adequately and generalise appropriately;
2. Problem solving and decision making: establishing criteria, using appropriate decision techniques including identifying, formulating and solving business problems; the ability to create, identify and evaluate options; the ability to implement and review decisions;
3 Communication skills: effective participation in discussions, listening, negotiating and persuading or influencing and expressing opinions in a clear and coherent manner whether written or spoken.
4. Personal effectiveness: self-awareness and self-management; time management; sensitivity to diversity in people and different situations; the ability to continue learning; Learning through reflection on practice and experience.

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