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Posted: December 27th, 2022

Explain the main tenets of Psychoanalysis

Knowledge Review Question

1) Explain the main tenets of Psychoanalysis. Identify 3 ways Psychoanalysis influences the practice of psychology today.

2) Discuss the main views of Neofreudians. Identify 3 ways that Neofreudians influences the practice of psychology today.

3) Describe the concepts of Humanistic Psychology. Identify 3 ways Humanistic psychology influences the practice of psychology today.

4) Discuss the main views of Biological Psychology. Identify 3 ways that Biological Psychology influences the practice of psychology today.

5) Summarize Cognitive Psychology. Identify 3 ways that Cognitive Psychology influences the practice of psychology today.

Psychoanalysis is a theory of personality and a method of treatment for psychological disorders that was developed by Sigmund Freud. The main tenets of psychoanalysis are:
The unconscious mind: Psychoanalysis posits that much of our mental life is unconscious, meaning that we are not aware of it. The unconscious mind is thought to contain our repressed thoughts, feelings, and memories, as well as our instinctual drives, such as the sex drive and aggression.

The structure of the mind: Freud proposed that the mind is divided into three parts: the id, the ego, and the superego. The id is the primitive, instinctual part of the mind that seeks pleasure and avoids pain. The ego is the rational, realistic part of the mind that mediates between the demands of the id and the constraints of the outside world. The superego is the moral component of the mind that internalizes society’s rules and values.

Defense mechanisms: Freud believed that people use various defense mechanisms to protect themselves from anxiety and other negative emotions. These mechanisms include repression, which involves forgetting or blocking out unpleasant memories or experiences, and denial, which involves refusing to acknowledge the existence of something unpleasant or undesirable.

Three ways in which psychoanalysis influences the practice of psychology today include:

The concept of the unconscious mind: Psychoanalysis introduced the idea that unconscious processes can have a significant influence on our behavior, thoughts, and feelings. This concept is still widely accepted in psychology and is studied in areas such as personality theory and social psychology.

The use of free association: Psychoanalysis emphasizes the importance of exploring a patient’s thoughts and feelings through free association, in which the patient is encouraged to say whatever comes to mind without censorship. This technique is still used in some forms of psychotherapy, such as psychoanalysis and its derivatives.

The focus on the therapeutic relationship: Psychoanalysis places a strong emphasis on the relationship between the therapist and the patient, and the role that this relationship plays in the therapeutic process. This emphasis on the therapeutic relationship is evident in many contemporary approaches to psychotherapy.

Neofreudians are a group of psychoanalysts who developed and expanded upon the theories of Sigmund Freud. Some of the main views of Neofreudians include:
The importance of social and cultural influences: Neofreudians often place greater emphasis on the role of social and cultural factors in shaping personality and behavior, as opposed to the purely biological and instinctual drives that Freud emphasized.

The role of the ego: Neofreudians view the ego as a more active and influential force in personality than Freud did, and they see it as playing a central role in the development of the self.

The importance of relationships: Neofreudians often emphasize the importance of relationships in shaping personality and mental health. They view the development of the self as being closely connected to the quality of early relationships and attachment patterns.

Three ways in which Neofreudians influence the practice of psychology today include:

The emphasis on the social and cultural context: Neofreudians helped to bring attention to the role of social and cultural factors in shaping personality and behavior, and this emphasis on context is evident in many contemporary approaches to psychology, including social psychology and cultural psychology.

The focus on the ego: Neofreudians helped to shift the focus of psychoanalysis away from the id and superego, and towards the ego. This shift has influenced the way that psychologists think about the role of the ego in personality and behavior.

The importance of relationships: Neofreudians emphasized

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