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Posted: December 20th, 2022

Write a two page poetry explication for one of the poems in Immigrants in Our Own Land

Write a two page poetry explication for one of the poems in Immigrants in Our Own Land by Jimmy Santiago Baca. Use the worksheet to help you formulate your ideas; be sure to paraphrase the poem, identify the speaker, intended audience, setting (place and time), address the title, tone, diction, and any use of imagery, metaphor, etc. (as best you can- refer to the poetry Voicethread for more information). Papers should be typed, double spaced, in size 12, Times New Roman font, and using standard 1 inch margins Your essay should be 2 pages long (no less) and organized; You should include MLA formatted citations for any quotes used from the text; you should also have a works cited page

In the poem “Margins” from Jimmy Santiago Baca’s collection “Immigrants in Our Own Land,” the speaker reflects on the marginalization and exclusion that he has experienced as an immigrant in the United States. Through vivid imagery and evocative language, Baca conveys the feelings of isolation and alienation that are often experienced by immigrants and other marginalized groups.

The poem begins with the speaker describing the “seams” that divide people from one another, symbolizing the barriers that keep people apart and prevent them from fully connecting with each other. The speaker reflects on how these seams are created by society, and how they are often used to exclude and oppress those who are different or perceived as outsiders.

Despite these barriers, the speaker asserts that he will not be defined by the margins that society has imposed on him. He declares that he will not be “cut and sewn into a shape,” but will instead “grow and flourish” in the face of adversity. This declaration of resilience and determination is a powerful statement of the speaker’s refusal to be defined by the limitations placed on him.

Throughout the poem, Baca uses imagery to convey the feelings of isolation and alienation that the speaker experiences as an immigrant. He describes the speaker as a “lone tree” standing on the “edge of a cliff,” suggesting that the speaker is isolated and alone in a hostile environment. The image of the tree also serves as a metaphor for the speaker’s determination to stand strong and resist being broken down by the challenges that he faces.

In the final stanza, the speaker reflects on the ways in which he has been able to find solace and connection in spite of the barriers that have been placed in his way. He speaks of finding comfort in the “warmth of the sun” and in the “coolness of the night,” suggesting that even in the darkest moments, he has been able to find moments of beauty and peace. This final image serves as a powerful statement of hope and resilience, and reinforces the theme of the poem: that despite the challenges that immigrants and other marginalized groups face, they are capable of finding strength and connection in the face of adversity.

“Margins” is a powerful and evocative poem that speaks to the experiences of immigrants and other marginalized groups. Through vivid imagery and evocative language, Baca conveys the feelings of isolation and alienation that are often experienced by these groups, and asserts their determination to resist

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