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Posted: December 20th, 2022

TOPIC: Interracial Marriage

TInterracial marriage is a marriage between individuals of different racial or ethnic backgrounds. This can include marriages between people of different races, such as between a white person and a person of color, or between people of different ethnicities, such as between an Hispanic person and an Asian person.

Interracial marriages have a long history in many societies, but in some places, they have faced significant legal and societal barriers. In the United States, for example, interracial marriages were illegal in many states until the Supreme Court struck down these laws in the 1967 case Loving v. Virginia.

Today, interracial marriages are more common and more socially accepted in many parts of the world. However, there can still be challenges and difficulties for interracial couples, as they may face prejudice, discrimination, and misunderstandings from some members of their respective communities or from society at large. It is important for individuals in interracial marriages to be supportive of each other and to find ways to navigate any challenges that may arise.
OPIC: Interracial Marriage
In this final essay, you are given an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned thus far about beliefs, perspectives, and deductive reasoning. Please read the Topic to get an understanding of the Traditional & Popular Beliefs about Interracial Relationships that you will be comparing & contrasting. I. Topic In David Mura’s “Reflections of My Daughter”, he discusses the appearance of self-hate represented in his choice of marrying a white woman. When recalling a poem he wrote entitled The Color of Desire he said, “at one point, the poem asks this question: ‘Father, mother, / I married a woman not of my color. / What is it I want to escape?’” Traditional Belief – Men of color who marry outside of their race “want to escape” from their culture, values and/or themselves. Popular Culture Belief – Men of color who marry outside of their race don’t “want to escape” from their culture, values and/or themselves, instead they are driven by love. II. Prompt You are being asked to write a comparative essay that will investigate the Traditional and Popular Cultural Belief from the topic above for the people of color that you decide to explore. You can change the gender & ethnicity of the subjects, e.g. you can choose to explore how these beliefs apply to Asian Women. You are to research both the Traditional and Popular Cultural Beliefs and based on the facts you discover from that research develop your perspective. I want you to adopt an active perspective about the idea of “escape” vs. love driving people of color into interracial relationships. That is to say, when writing your paper, please share with me how your new perspective will impact your life. Will it affect how you watch movies? Will it affect who you date? Will it affect how you raise your children? Your thesis should be a question that guides you towards your perspective. page1image24336 page1image24496 page1image24656 page1image24816 page1image24976 page1image25136 page1image25296 Your thesis will dictate how you organize your paper. A good essay will reflect substantial research and a strong roadmap also known as an outline. These three basic building blocks, i.e. thesis, research and roadmap are the key to developing an essay that effectively communicates your perspective. III. Key Terms Compare & Contrast – This is a comparative Essay! Be sure to compare and contrast the Traditional Belief to the Popular Cultural Belief within your paper. Theme/Topic – Clearly share your understanding of both the Traditional and Popular Cultural Beliefs for your chosen topic in your introductory paragraph, i.e. show that you comprehend the theme(s) presented in the topic that you choose. Thesis – You are tasked with proposing a thesis that guides you to develop a perspective on the belief presented in your topic. Your thesis should also be included in your introductory paragraph. And this thesis should guide you towards both your perspective and the way that you envision applying your perspective, e.g. if you are considering interracial dating, then developing a perspective could guide you in your decision. Roadmap – Your introductory paragraph should present the roadmap that you will follow to transition the belief presented in your paper into your perspective on the topic. Research – When developing your perspective, please remember to apply deductive reasoning through research and examination of the facts, rather than inductive reasoning. Active Perspective – In the end, the outcome of your research and examination of both the Traditional Belief and the Popular Culture Belief will lead you to a perspective that you can apply to your life in some way. Conclusion – Ultimately, you must articulate your newly developed perspective. While researching for this paper, you may find that your perspective is in sync with the Traditional Belief or perhaps your perspective is more in agreement with the Popular Cultural Belief. It is entirely possible to have developed an alternative perspective on your topic. Either way remember that you must articulate what you plan on doing with your new perspective, i.e. how will it impact your life? LOGISTICS Grading: This essay is 35% of your final grade and is broken down as follows: • Following directions (5 points) • Thesis (3 points) • Support (3 points) • Organization (3 points) • Instructions (5pts) • Response to Prompt (16 points) 2 Directions for Paper 1. Your paper should be no less than 4 full pages and no more than 6 pages 2. 12-point font 3. Times New Roman font 4. Double spaced 5. Standard margins 6. Include page numbers 7. Include a cover sheet (see attached sample provided), which is not to be included in your page count. 8. Include a bibliography included in your page count. 9. Endnotes (sample provided at the end of these instructions) 10. Please choose a specific citing style, i.e. MLA, Chicago Manual Style, etc. 11. 4 Scholarly sources (two of which must be from outside of the assigned books (Half+Half by O’hearn)

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