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Posted: December 7th, 2022

Cripping Spaces: Creative Depiction of Ableism

LSO350: Disability Conversations: A Place to Start
Cripping Spaces: Creative Depiction of Ableism Final Assessment

Cripping Spaces: Creative Depiction of Ableism


Part ONE:
Here, you will create a Visual Article demonstrating the knowledge you’ve learned in this course.
Imagine you run an accessibility blog (like the work we’ve been following along with disabled activist Alice Wong) where you like to talk about topics of activism and ableism. You become aware of a conference happening in your city on the topic of disability in healthcare. When you investigated the conference, you noticed:
1. The conference only seems to focus on physical disabilities.
2. Does not address accessibility resources/services.
3. Focuses on negative attributes of disability.
4. Is not hosted in an accessible location/venue.
5. Is being advertised with a tag line “Every Body is Welcome – Disability in Healthcare for all Bodies.
6. Panelists are all presumably able-bodied and mostly white.
You’ve attempted to connect with the conference organizers and venue but have had no success. You do see that the conference has a social media presence and even has a trending #hashtag.
Your task is to create a visual article to raise awareness about the importance of considering disability access at this particular conference.
You should have at least 1200 words of written content in your visual article.
As we have read and heard many disability narratives in this course, you should draw from at least, a minimum of five different narratives (including at least one guest lecture) to demonstrate your knowledge of course content.
You will also use Autistic Access Needs: Notes on Accessibility where you are being asked to think about accessibility with a wide range of users in mind. For example, consider ways in which people experience spaces who may have sensory and cognitive access needs. We are moving beyond physical barriers. How do spaces make you feel as a contributing citizen or not feel as one? What are the diverse experiences of disability?
Include at least four recommendations that would make the conference more accessible and identify who will benefit from these changes besides disabled folks.

Creating your visual article resource:

Please review the Video Walkthrough provided by Julio Palacios for a demonstration on how to create your digital media assignment (visual article).
About the Sandbox:
Sandbox support is available for digital media assignments. If you’re looking for additional support for your visual article, you can take advantage of any of these free sandbox resources.
Reviewing the Creating Websites and Finding Free Images, Audio & Video self-guided modules are a good way to start your assignment
Attending a Creating Websites webinar will introduce tools and helpful hints that can help you create a visual article
You can always book a digital media appointment with the Sandbox for technical help with your visual article
Feel free to email the Sandbox with any of your technical questions or for troubleshooting support.

Due Date(s):

Please upload your visual article due date #1 is November 28 at 9am (ET).
Finally, publish and share your visual article to SafeAssign, as well as the wiki page (found in the assignment folder) so that we can view each other’s work.


 Include in your visual article:
o Respond to the issues of ableism in the above-named conference for reference as a starting point to your visual article.
o a minimum of FIVE different narratives (including AT LEAST ONE guest lecture) to demonstrate your knowledge of course content
o this article: Autistic Access Needs: Notes on Accessibility,
o Include at least four recommendations that would make the conference more accessible and identify who will benefit from these changes besides disabled folks
o Content will be a minimum of 1200 words, no more than 1500 words total (excluding your reference page)
 Follow APA guidelines (12-point font, formatting and cite your sources). Please only use (san serif) fonts for accessibility.
 Please respond to all questions and demonstrate your knowledge using ONLY the readings and course material (this includes anything helpful from your annotated bibliography if you sit fit)
 Edit your work before submitting.
 Deductions for grammar, spelling errors
 Late submissions will be deducted 5% per day, up to 1-week.
 Submissions will not be accepted 1-week after the due date.

Crucial Notes: Please follow academic policy on academic honesty. Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated in this course.
Notes on APA referencing for this assignment: Since you are not uploading a word doc, please follow APA formatting in the visual story as per the instructions. You are required to reference all work in APA in your visual article.
Important Information about Submissions
 To submit your assignment to this submission portal, please watch this instructional Blackboard video on YouTube.
 Terms of Submission: By submitting my work to this online assignment portal, as a student of Seneca College, I have upheld the Academic Integrity Policy and acknowledge that the work submitted is my own and without any additional assistance that would compromise my learning. If the performance on this task does not meet my expectations, I will reach out to my professor.
 *All sources, including the reading, used must be cited in a References section at the end of the editorial and all documentation in the References must be cited in-text in the written portion of the assignment.
 Assignments that contain plagiarized content such as undocumented information, lacking in-text citation or any other form of plagiarism will receive an automatic failing grade and a report to the Academic Integrity Committee.

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