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Posted: December 6th, 2022

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Health Information Management
304 Introduction to Data Analysis
Assignment #2
Total: 63 Marks
Value: 15%
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to assess your understanding and ability to apply
what you learned about using available coded data, how the data can be presented and used to
support decision-making.
Request: Senior management at your hospital has received funding from the ministry or
department of health to develop a new gynecology program to provide this service in your
geographic area.
You have been asked to provide the senior management team with data that will help them
decide how to allocate these new funds.
Since your hospital has never had a gynecology program prior to receiving this funding, you will
use your “Neighbouring Facility’s” data to help better understand and to project anticipated
needs of this service population. Since your “Neighbouring Facility” has had a gynecology
program for many years, their data will help you estimate volumes of diagnoses and
interventions that your facility should expect to serve once the new gynecology program is up and
You will create a slide deck with speaker’s notes to present this data and your analysis to the
senior management team.
1. You will use the Excel spreadsheet titled “Neighbouring Facility,” saved on Brightspace in the
assignment area. Download the file and save a copy to your computer.
2. You will create a new Excel spreadsheet. You will use this new Excel spreadsheet to create
the tables and graphs, using the data you retrieve from the “Neighbouring Facility” Excel
3. You will filter or create a pivot table to identify the top 5 diagnoses (ICD-10-CA codes and
code titles) and the top 5 interventions (CCI codes and code titles) for your “Neighbouring
Facility’s” gynecology program, by fiscal year and by institution type (day surgery and acute
care inpatient).
” rearning ” a division of ……. HealthCareCAN
2 © HealthCareCAN All rights reserved
4. You will identify how you isolated the data you needed to conduct this analysis – such as, the
data element(s) you used to compile the data.
5. Summarize and compare the data using tables and graphs to help you analyze and report the
6. Create a succinct and concise PowerPoint presentation for the senior management team
which you will present to them.
• Ensure the slides are presented professionally and concisely. Each text slide should have
no more than 5 bullets with no more than 6 words per bullet.
• You must include completely and accurately labelled tables and graphs to illustrate the
data you have compiled and analyzed.
• Explain how this data will help with planning by identifying what staffing, equipment,
materials, and other resources will be required to meet the needs of the anticipated
service population (based on your “Neighbouring Facility’s” top 5 diagnoses and top 5
• Identify and define at least 5 other data elements on which you will report once the
gynecology program is up and running at your facility and explain how this data will help
senior management with planning for this service on a go forward basis.
7. Include detailed speaker’s notes in the PowerPoint file or as a separate Word document for
each slide – explaining the information on each slide of your presentation. You will explain
what is represented on each slide, the data, the analysis and how the data and other
information will help inform their decisions about allocation of resources for this new
program. Include conclusions and recommendations based on the data.
Contact the instructor if you have any questions or if you require further clarification when
completing this assignment.

” rearning
a division of “t,. ‘!. HealthCareCAN
3 © HealthCareCAN All rights reserved
Grading Rubric (information to include in presentation – slide deck with speaker’s notes)
Note: Part marks may be given
Criteria Fully Meets
Expectations (6)
Meets Most
Expectations (4)
Does Not Meet
Expectations (2)
No Evidence
Clear and
summary of
data in Excel
format using
both tables and
(x 2 = 12 marks)
Student has provided an
excellent, clear summary
of the gynecological data to
support decision-making.
Student has provided mostly
clear and complete
summary of the
gynecological data. Some
minor details or
components of the data are
missing or incorrect.
Unclear or inaccurate
summary of data. Both
tables and graphs not
No summary of
the data provided.
Correct selection
of data for
Student has identified the
correct data element to
identify the patient
population and has
retrieved the appropriate
Student has identified the
correct data element to
identify the patient
population or has retrieved
the appropriate data.
Student has retrieved
some data but did not
use the correct data
element to identify the
patient population.
Student does not
understand how
to retrieve and
compile program
presentation –
clear and
The presentation is
excellent and reflects a
very professional format, is
very clear and concise.
The presentation is good
and reflects a professional
format. Is clear and concise.
Could benefit from minor
The presentation
requires improvements
to align with
expectations. Does not
meet required level of
clarity and/or too
cluttered with too many
words on slides.
Presentation is
unprofessional or
very little effort.
presentation –
technical notes
(x2 = 12 marks)
The technical notes
concisely and accurately
explain, in a manner
appropriate for the
audience, that types of
cases are included in the
data and why. Includes the
5 data elements, definitions
and explains how data can
be used to inform decisionmaking.
The technical notes explain
with adequate accuracy, the
types of cases included and
why. May need to be more
concise or written at a level
appropriate for the
audience. Includes data
elements and definitions but
does not explain how data
can be used to inform
The technical notes are
unclear, inaccurate
and/or not
understandable to the
audience. Does not
reflect a clear
understanding by the
student. Includes data
elements but does not
include definitions or
explain how data can be
used to inform decisionmaking.
No technical
notes included.
No data elements
Presentation –
tables and
(x 2 = 12 marks)
Tables and graphs included
are perfectly clear,
presented and labelled for
the audience, promoting
understanding of the data
Tables and graphs included
are clearly presented and
mostly labelled. They are
adequate for the audience
but may require further
Tables and graphs lack
clarity, labelling and
effective presentation.
No tables or
graphs included
or very poorly
” rearning
a division of “t,. ‘!. HealthCareCAN
4 © HealthCareCAN All rights reserved
Criteria Fully Meets
Expectations (6)
Meets Most
Expectations (4)
Does Not Meet
Expectations (2)
No Evidence
Presentation –
Speaker’s notes
(x 2 = 12 marks)
Speaker’s notes are
comprehensive and reflect
a solid understanding of
the assignment objectives,
the data that has been
analyzed and has drawn
logical and helpful
conclusions about the
data’s impact on decisions.
Speaker’s notes are good.
They reflect a good
understanding of the
assignment objectives, the
data that has been analyzed
and has drawn some
conclusions about the data
that could be helpful.
Speaker’s notes lack
detail and show little
understanding of the
data and what
information is required
by decision-makers.
No speaker’s
notes included.
Grammar and
Referencing (3)
The writing is free of errors
and proper APA format is
used for referencing.
There are occasional errors,
but they do not represent a
major distraction or obscure
meaning. APA referencing
is used.
The writing has many
errors that distract the
reader. APA referencing
is used incorrectly.
There are so
many errors that
meaning is
obscured. The
reader is
confused and
stops reading.
APA referencing
is not used.

Key Resources:
1. Use the information in the Learning Guide to help you.
2. Use the “Neighbouring Facility” Excel spreadsheet available on Brightspace to identify volumes
to project resource use and anticipated needs of the service population.
3. Review the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD) Abstracting Manual and the National
Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS) Abstracting Manual to identify at least 5 data
elements (other than diagnoses and interventions) that will be used in your analysis (specify
the data element, define the data element, and explain how the data element will help senior
management with decision-making).
Note: Grammar, spelling and sentence structure and citation of resources using the American
Psychological Association (APA) format, is important. (3 marks)
Upload completed and clearly labelled (i.e., with your name and student number) assignment
(i.e., the PowerPoint presentation – maximum 25 slides, complete with speaker’s notes) to
Note: The speaker’s notes can be a separate Word document or can be included in the “notes”
window of the slide.
” rearning
a division of “t,. ‘!. HealthCareCAN

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