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Posted: December 2nd, 2022

Certification and Licensure in Texas

In Texas, certification and licensure refer to the process by which a professional organization or government agency verifies that an individual has met certain qualifications and is authorized to practice a specific profession or trade. This process can include education, training, and/or testing requirements. Examples of professions that require certification or licensure in Texas include doctors, nurses, teachers, real estate agents, and electricians. The specific requirements and process for obtaining certification or licensure can vary depending on the profession.

Certification and Licensure in Texas
APRNs are certified in Texas through the national certifying bodies under the Texas Board of Nursing. The Bodies include Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. Adult Nurse Practitioner and American Nurses Credentialing Center (Kleinpell et al., 2018). The certification process takes up to three months. The certification process will require an individual to earn BSN, ADN, graduate degree, or bridge program (Moreno & Peck, 2020). Applicants will need to pass the jurisprudence exam and the NCLEX-RN.
The application process can be done online or by filling all the required paper applications. Individuals must include the official transcripts in the application documents, and evidence of current certification (Kleinpell et al., 2018). It is essential to attach a Compact RN license and “Consent to Release Information” form. Individuals will be required to attach a check or money order of $100 for APL and $150 for APL with prescriptive authority (Moreno & Peck, 2020). Applicants will make the payment to the Texas Board of Nursing.
The primary resource website for the nurse licensure office is the Texas Nursing Board Website. Nurse practitioners can access the website using the link The website has been serving nurse practitioners for 100 years since its inception in 1909 (Kleinpell et al., 2018). Nurses can access all the information they require about their service, changes in policies, renewal of policies, and introduction of new modalities of work.
Nurse practitioners in Texas are not allowed to practice as independent healthcare professionals. Individuals with graduate degree programs are not allowed to practice independently as caregivers (Moreno & Peck, 2020). The nurse practitioners can be allocated different physicians to supervision different roles including signing death certificates, prescribing medication, ordering laboratory tests, and referring patients to specialists (Spetz et al., 2019). Nurse practitioners are not allowed to practice independently without physician oversight (Spetz et al., 2019). It is unlike in other states that provide unlimited opportunities for nurse practitioners to exploit their potential in the healthcare sector.
According to the Nursing Practice Act in Texas, nurse practitioners should have written delegation consent from a supervising physician (Moreno & Peck, 2020). The agreement is called a collaborative agreement that is effective for monitoring the conduct of nurse practitioners (Kleinpell et al., 2018). The relationship with a physician is required to enhance the accuracy of the outcomes.
A nurse practitioner will require to sign a practice agreement with the state to authorize the actual practice. Currently, the state regulations indicate that the practice is limited (Moreno & Peck, 2020). A nurse practitioner will need to sign an agreement of practice under a physician within a 75-mile radius (Kleinpell et al., 2018). Nurse practitioners agree to have prescription delegation consent to ensure legal practice.
The nurse practitioner will need to apply for a Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) license from the Texas Board of Nursing (Spetz et al., 2019). It will be important to show proof of updated licenses and adherence to the set standards.
Nurse practitioners are only allowed to prescribe controlled substances only if they are working in collaboration with a physician. A nurse practitioner cannot independently prescribe controlled substances due to the law that requires supervision (Kleinpell et al., 2018). The collaborative practice agreement should outline the ability of a nurse to prescribe controlled substances. For instance, if the nurse practitioner has a history of abusing controlled substances it will be difficult for a practitioner to allow them to prescribe the drugs (Spetz et al., 2019). Nurse practitioners are allowed to prescribe drugs only a 90 day supply involving patients 2 years and older.
Nurse practitioners can participate in legislative and advocacy activities if they are working in collaboration with a physician (Spetz et al., 2019). It is essential to practice through the APRN Alliance and abide by the sets standards and procedures.

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