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Posted: November 24th, 2022


History 115B Winter 2022
The Worlds of Renaissance Italy

Essay I
Source: Petrarch, The Secret Conflict of My Cares (posted on Gauchospace)

I. What was the secret conflict of Petrarch’s cares and how did he seek to resolve it? (Or did he try to resolve it?)

II. How did Augustinus try to cure Petrarch? Was it effective?


This is an ambiguous text and there are many possible ways to address these questions.

Your essay should be 1400-1500 words and is due Thursday Jan. 20 on Gauchospace. There is a link to turn it in on the tile for Jan. 18 and Jan 20. I will accept late papers until midnight Jan. 23 without penalty.

Be sure to cite the source. Use Rampolla’s Guide (posted on Gauchospace) to be sure to write correct citations. Please be very careful to distinguish between the modern introduction (written by Carol Quillen) and the dialogue (written by Petrarch).

Winter 2022, History 115B

The Renaissance Italy’s Worlds

I’ve written an essay.

The Secret Conflict of My Cares, by Petrarch (posted on Gauchospace)


I. What was Petrarch’s secret cares conflict, and how did he try to settle it?

(Did he try to address the problem?)


II. How did Augustinus attempt to rehabilitate Petrarch? Was it successful?


This is an ambiguous passage, and there are a variety of ways to approach these issues.

Your essay should be 1400-1500 words long and due on Gauchospace on Thursday, January 20. On the tile for January 18 and 20, there is a link to turn it in. I will accept late papers without penalty till midnight on January 23.

Make sure to credit your sources. Make use of Rampolla’s

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