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Posted: November 24th, 2022

PRAC 6635: Clinical Skills Self – Assessment in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner


Week 2 Practicum Experience plan


Walden University

PRAC 6635: Clinical Skills Self – Assessment in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
A Clinical Skills Self-Assessment in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing is a tool used by psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) to evaluate their competency in providing patient care. This assessment can help PMHNPs identify areas for improvement, track their progress, and ensure they maintain the necessary skills to provide quality care to their patients. It may include evaluations of their knowledge, communication skills, physical examination skills, diagnostic reasoning, and treatment planning abilities. The goal of a Clinical Skills Self-Assessment is to support the ongoing professional development of PMHNPs and promote patient safety.


Dr. L

12/21/ 2021

Practicum Experience Plan


Your Practicum experience includes working in a clinical setting that will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed as an advanced practice nurse. In your practicum experience, you will develop a practicum plan that sets forth objectives to frame and guide your practicum experience.

As part of your Practicum Experience Plan, you will not only plan for your learning in your practicum experience but also work through various patient visits with focused notes as well as one (1) journal entry.

Complete each section below.

Part 1: Quarter/Term/Year and Contact Information

Section A

Quarter/Term/Year: Winter 2021

Student Contact Information

Name: M S

Street Address: 1365 West 43 Street

City, State, Zip Hialeah, Fl 33112

Home Phone: N/A

Work Phone: N/A

Cell Phone: –



Preceptor Contact Information

Name: MM

Organization: Private

Street Address: 3430 NW 90Street

Miami, Florida 33147

Work Phone: 90 Cell Phone:


Professional email:

Part 2: Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives

Refer to the instructions in Week 2 to create individualized practicum learning objectives that meet the requirements for this course. These objectives should be aligned specifically to your Practicum experience. Your objectives should address your self-assessment of the skills found in the “PMHNP Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form” you completed in Week 1.

As you develop your individualized practicum learning objective, be sure to write them using the SMART format. Use the resources found in Week 2 to guide your development. Once you review your resources, continue and complete the following. Note: Please make sure each of your objectives are connected to your self-assessment. Also, consider that you will need to demonstrate how you are advancing your knowledge in the clinical specialty.

Objective 1: To improve my assessment technique on mental status of patients.

Planned Activities: To assess not less than 90 mentally disabled patients within the practicum period to improve my knowledge on the effective assessment techniques for such patients.

Mode of Assessment: The mode of assessment for the objective is focused assessment that provides details to specific body system associated with problems of a patient.

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

· To identify professional boundaries in the workplace and acknowledge the required therapeutic relationship with patients.

· To interpret mental status of an individual based on an assessment performed.

Objective 2: To identify appropriate practices that guides medication plan for patients in the clinical setting.

Planned Activities: I will consult other clinician on the appropriate evidence-based practices that are supposed to be implemented in a workplace and also search and evaluate the available practices and implement the chosen practices.

Mode of Assessment: The mode of assessment for this objective is through an observation of what evidence-based practices are applied and how they are used and utilize the DSMV

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

· Develop a list of appropriate evidence-based practices

· Incorporate DSM V in clinical care

· Use evidence-based practices in improving care

Objective 3: To accurately evaluate the response of a patient towards care provided and use the information to make decision on how to modify the care.

Planned Activities: I will monitor patients under care, conduct interview on the patients to understand their views on the care and develop appropriate care plan based on the information

Mode of Assessment: The assessment mode for this objective is through observation and use of DSM V and other resources provided

PRAC Course Outcome(s) Addressed:

· Develop plans that improves patients’ care

· Analyze the patients views to come up with adequate information of care programs

· Accurate modify care for specific patients.

Part 3: Projected Timeline/Schedule

Estimate how many hours you expect to work on your Practicum each week. *Note: All of your hours and activities must be supervised by your Preceptor and completed onsite. Your Preceptor will approve all hours, but your activities will be approved by both your Preceptor and Instructor. Any changes to this plan must be approved.

This timeline is intended as a planning tool; your actual schedule may differ from the projections you are making now.

I intend to complete the 144 or 160 Practicum hours (as applicable) according to the following timeline/schedule. I also understand that I must see at least 80 patients during my practicum experience. I understand that I may not complete my practicum hours sooner than 8 weeks. I understand I may not be in the practicum setting longer than 8 hours per day unless pre- approved by my faculty.

Number of Clinical Hours Projected for Week

Number of Weekly Hours for Professional Development

Number of Weekly Hours for Practicum Coursework

Week 1

9, 8, 4

Week 2

24, 8, 4

Week 3

24, 8, 5

Week 4

24, 5, 5

Week 5

12, 5, 5

Week 6

11, 5, 5

Week 7

10, 5, 5

Total Hours (must meet the following requirements)

160 Hours

Part 4 – Signatures
Student Signature (electronic): monica castelao Date: 12/23/21

Practicum Faculty Signature (electronic) **: Date:

** Faculty signature signifies approval of Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)

Submit your Practicum Experience Plan on or before Day 7 of Week 2 for faculty review and approval.

Once approved, you will receive a copy of the PEP for your records. You must share an approved copy with your Preceptor. The Preceptor is not required to sign this form.


Early, B. P., & Grady, M. D. (2017). Embracing the contribution of both behavioral and cognitive theories to cognitive behavioral therapy: Maximizing the richness. Clinical Social Work Journal, 45(1), 39-48.a

Erickson, M. E. (2017). Modeling and role-modeling. Nursing Theorists and Their Work-E- Book, 398.

PRACTICUM EXPERIENCE PLAN 5 is the running head.

Plan for Week 2 of the Practicum Experience

M Sis a model and actress.

Walden University is a private university in the United States.

PRAC 6635: Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Clinical Skills Self-Assessment


L, Dr.


Plan for Practicum Experience


Working in a clinical setting as part of your Practicum will help you obtain the knowledge and abilities you’ll need as an advanced practice nurse. During your practicum, you will create a practicum plan that outlines the goals that will frame and steer your experience.

You will not only plan for your learning during your practicum experience, but you will also work through several patient visits with focused notes and one (1) journal entry as part of your Practicum Experience Plan.

Fill in the blanks in each section.

Part 1: Year/Quarter/Quarter/Quarter/Quarter/Quarter/Quart

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