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Posted: November 15th, 2022

LibGuide for American Sign Language/ Deaf Culture / Deaf Community

LibGuide for American Sign Language/ Deaf Culture / Deaf Community

“In the format of a LibGuide, to be discussed in class, create a guide to support research and teaching in a discipline or sub-discipline within the humanities, including key resources (in the library and freely available on the internet) and library services.

Your topic will be related to American Sign Language/ Deaf Culture / Deaf Community. You are focusing on how it relates to library services and practices in support of people researching this area, or people looking at this topic from a humanistic/historical/cultural perspective.

For the purposes of this assignment, please use CUNY Queens College library as your “home” library.

Queens College Library

“Headings” will be best for this project to represent the tabs. Must include an Introduction. ”



Please let me know if that makes sense! If not I can allow you to do different topic on humanities:

You may choose a department, such as History, or a smaller topic, such as Medieval History. For the purposes of this assignment, please use Queens College library as your “home” library.

11/14/2022 19:30 – FROM: kasemoji

you could even have two “tabs” per page. so you could have youtube videos and articles on one page and then 3-6 bullet points with media/articles/books to go with it.

11/14/2022 19:25 – FROM: kasemoji

Hello, so it should be in the sense of bullet points and each page would be a “tab” it doesn’t need to be full pages either.

So for example one “tab” could be youtube videos listed with bullet points and then a breif citation explaining how and why the video fits within the lib guide. Another “tab” on another page would be literature/books or articles and then they are listed with the bullet point and a brief citation on how/why it fits the LibGuide.

I’m not sure if a different topic related to humanities would be easier for you, but if you need and extension that kind of trips me up though its not your fault really since I am getting to your message late. I can give you a few extra hours as an extention.

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