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Posted: November 12th, 2022

MGMT2000 – Assessment 3

MGMT2000 – Assessment 3, Part 2 Individual report task sheet and structure
Assessment: Individual report
Item to be submitted: Individual report
Where to submit: Turnitin portal under Assessment tab on Blackboard.
(We provide one draft link to check TurnItIn similarity report and 1 final submission link)
Word count: 3,000 words +/-10%
References: A minimum of 12 peer-reviewed journal articles cited in Chicago 17B style.
Weighting: 30%
Important notes
Cover page, Executive summary, Table of content, Reference list, and Appendices are NOT included in the word count.
The inclusion of tables and / or diagrams to support your discussion is OPTIONAL. Tables and diagrams should be included in appendices and referred to in the main body of the report.
First person expression is only allowed in Part B – Teamwork reflection.
Referencing style: Chicago 17B
Referencing guide:
Formatting guidelines: Times New Roman/ Arial font, size 12 for the text and 14 for headings; normal margin (2.5-3 cm all around); double or 1.5 space for all paragraphs; number the pages and page numbers should be in line with the right margin at the bottom of each page.
Recommended structure: A report (click on the link to access library guide on report writing) with headings and subheadings to address the following:
Cover/Title page
Executive summary: a summary of all key findings of the report. It should provide a brief but concise overview of the whole report. The main problems and recommendations should be summarised in this section.
Usually written in present/past tense with the length of around 10% of the total word count. Structure suggestion: A report (click the link to access the library’s report writing guide) with headings and subheadings addressing the following:
Title/cover page
Executive summary: a summary of the report’s key findings. It should provide a brief but comprehensive summary of the entire report. This section should summarize the main issues and recommendations.
Usually written in the present/past tense, with a word count of around 10% of the total.
Table of contents with numbered headings and subheadings, as well as page numbers Create a new page for it.
Introduction: Star
Table of content: numbered headings and subheadings and page numbers. Start a fresh page for it.
Introduction: Start a fresh page for it. Brief overview of the purpose and structure of the report.
Part A – Case analysis: around 2,000 words
Case summary: Provide a brief general overview/synopsis of the whole case study. Make sure to describe the situation clearly but keep this section short.
Case analysis: In this section you should analyse the main issues from the case study as related to any 3 topics/themes (from the topics/themes of employee motivation, decision-making, power, influence, conflict & negotiation, and leadership in organisational settings). Use any relevant OB theories and concepts related to the 3 topics/themes you choose.
In writing this section, it is important that your arguments are supported by evidence obtained through your research. A mix of practitioner and scholarly journals may be helpful in providing evidence to support your analysis and subsequent recommendations.
Recommendations: Generate ideas and solutions to the problems identified in the critical analysis section. Several possible options should be suggested and evaluated. All recommendations need to be evidence based and draw from relevant OB concepts and theories. The recommendations need to be aligned with the problems identified in the previous section.
Part B – Teamwork reflection (click on the link to access library guide on reflective writing): around 1000 words
Reflection on team development: You will reflect on and critically evaluate your group dynamics using either ‘Tuckman’s Model’ or ‘Punctuated Equilibrium Model’ of team development (around 500 words).
Read on ‘Tuckman’s Model of team development (p285 of McShane et al., 2019) and ‘Punctuated equilibrium Model of team development (p285-286 of McShane et al., 2019) to decide which model is more applicable to your team development process.
Critically evaluate the team development process of your team. Did your team move systematically from one stage to another or miss some stages? What were the implications of this team development process on the quality of your team work?
Reflect on what you will do differently the next time you do a team project.
Reflection on your team role(s): You will reflect on and critically evaluate your own performance and contribution to the case study analysis process within the group using the concept of ‘team roles’. This will provide you an opportunity to reflect on your role in the team (500 words).
Read on team roles on p278 of your textbook (McShane et al., 2019).
We have also provided a link to take Belbin Team role test (click on the link to take the test here) on Blackboard in Learning Module 4.
Critically evaluate your role(s) in your team. Discuss what was done well or not done so well by you and the reasons behind it.
What did you learn from this exercise? What will you do better the next time?
Conclusion: A brief summary that brings together the major points of the report. The conclusion should NOT introduce new ideas that have not previously been discussed.
Reference list: use a minimum of 12 peer reviewed journal articles. You can also use other sources of information – industry reports, academic books, or news articles but they are not counted in the minimum requirement. Please follow Chicago 17B format.
Appendices: some additional information (if any).

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