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Posted: September 15th, 2022

M.R. is a 28-year-old female patient in good health

Dialogue #1
Analysis, Symptom and Sickness Administration

Case #1
• M.R. is a 28-year-old female patient in good well being that visits the clinic for the primary time. She not too long ago moved to Florida
from New York because of work relocation. She admits not visiting her PCP ceaselessly however requires medical clearance for her
new clerical place. She is sexually lively, unprotected, in a monogamous relationship. ROS and bodily examination are
unremarkable. What to do? She says she does not see her physician fairly often, however she wants medical clearance for her
new job within the workplace. She is sexually lively, has no safety, and is in a relationship with just one particular person. ROS and the bodily examination are each
unremarkable. Learn how to act?
case #1
• Is there a type to fill? sure or not. If sure, what are the necessities?
• Laboratory work-up:
ØRoutine: CBC w/ differential; CMP; U/A
• Is a 12-Lead EKG required?
• Is a CXR vital?
• Would you do HCG?
• What about different suggestions for screening? Which sort of stage of care is this?
case #2
• A 58-year-old male patient with historical past of HTN and T2DM presents to the clinic for a common examine up. He denies present
symptomatology and his final examine up was 2 years in the past. Along with a thorough bodily examination. Which laboratory check would
count on to be ordered? (Choose all that apply)
qLipid profile
qCardiac enzymes
case #2
• The patient’s anti-HTN remedy consists of Lisinopril 10 mg PO each day and Amlodipine 5 mg PO each day. Are there any findings
bodily or laboratory anticipated from this drugs?
case #2
• You’d have a look at the degrees of Magnesium and Phosphorus for the alternative of Potassium if relevant. Which of the
following checks would come with these two electrolytes?
ØLiver profile
ØLipid profile

M.R is a 68-year-old female, who was admitted to the hospital with…
M.R is a 68-year-old female, who was admitted to the hospital with loss of appetite and fatigue and was evaluated to rule out gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. She states that her stools have been darker than they normally are. patient has a medical history of OA, DM, & HTN. She has no known drug allergies (NKDA) and is a full code. patient says she don’t have the energy to do anything anymore. and don’t know what’s wrong with her.

Vitals on admission:

Temp: 98.7 degree oral

HR: 110

RR: 26, labored

BP: 106/52

SpO2: 91% on room air

Abnormal blood work:

RBCs: 3.8 cells/mm3

Hgb: 8.6 g/Dl

Hct: 34%

Glucose: 210 mg/dL

During the assessment, M.R. says, she is worried about that test tomorrow. I just know they’re going to find cancer. My father died of stomach cancer, and it was horrible!” She denies being in pain but states she is “Very tired”

The patient states she takes regular aspirin every day. She says, “I saw on TV that it’s suppose to prevent heart attacks.”

She is schedule for an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) tomorrow.


Sliding scale insulin for Humilin R SQ PRN

Less than 150 mg/Dl No insulin needed
150-200 mg/dl 4 units
200-249 mg/dl 6 units
250-299 mg/dl 8 units
300 mg/dl or higher Call provider

IV 1000 mL D5 0.45% normal saline (NS) at 50 mL/hr

Midazolam 2.5 mg IV PRN for EGD

Vital signs q 4 hr

2 to 4 L O2 via NC; titrate to keep SpO2 >92%

Clear liquids; NPO after midnight


AC/HS BG checks

Bedrest with bathroom privileges


Stools x3 for occult blood


Explain the relationship between M.R.’s abnormal lab results and her vital signs. Provide possible explanations for the abnormal results.

List at least 3 focused assessments for M.R. before her EGD

What can the RN do to address her fear statement?

What does the RN need to ask M.R. about her medications?

What nursing interventions would you perform for M.R. during her hospital stay?

What patient education does M.R. require currently?

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