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Developmental History Case Study Essay

Little one’s Title: Rita G.Lapid
Date of Interview: November 7 2007
Date of Delivery: June, 20 2003
Age of kid: four
Tackle: 136 Bellemont St. Greenville, Manila
Cellphone: n/a (non-public functions)
College: New Jerusalem College (NJS) Grade: Pre-school, Kinder-1
Trainer: Feminine, Mrs. Rosia Lewer
Referral Info:
Why are you searching for assist for this little one? She has delayed language growth.
Who referred you to our companies? NJS College Pediatrician, Ms. Emelita Zobel
What sort of companies are you searching for? I’m searching for psychological session for my daughter about her delayed speech downside.


Title: Rino S. Lapid
Tackle (if totally different from mom): 136 Bellemont St. Greenville, Manila

Cellphone: n/a
Employment: Civil Engineer
Size of Employment: 10 years
Occupation: Engineer Highest Grade Stage: School Diploma, MA, PhD
Stepfather: n/a

Major Language: Tagalog Secondary Language: English

Title: Magdalene G. Lapid
Tackle: 136 Bellemont St. Greenville, Manila
Cellphone: n/a
Employment: none
Size of Employment: n/a
Occupation: Housewife Highest Grade Stage: School Diploma
Stepmother: n/a
Major Language: Tagalog Secondary Language: English
Major Caregiver
With what adults does this little one dwell? The kid resides collectively along with her dad and mom
How lengthy within the present residing scenario? The kid has began this state since start.

Title of Caregiver: Magdalene G. Lapid
Relationship to Little one: Mom
Tackle:136 Bellemont St. Greenville, Manila
Age: 31
Dwelling Cellphone: n/a Work Cellphone: n/a
Occupation: Housewife
Employer: n/a
How lengthy with current employer: n/a Highest grade Accomplished: School diploma
Major Language: Tagalog Secondary Language: English

Please checklist all brothers and sisters, and every other youngsters residing with the household
Age Intercourse Relationship to this little one residing at dwelling?

Rita G. Lapid ———–Feminine—————–four yrs outdated——————- Solely little one
If major caregiver works exterior the house, please present the next info.
Who cares for this little one when caregivers are gone? The caregiver is mainly the kid’s mom who’s a housewife. If in case the mom is gone, the daddy or the housemaid takes care of the kid.
What number of hours per day is that this little one in a child-care setting? 5 hours per day, four days per week
What number of totally different individuals look after this little one? Normally the mom takes care of the kid; nonetheless, if the mom shouldn’t be out there, the daddy or housemaid assumes the function.
Deliberate being pregnant? Sure
Being pregnant underneath physician’s care: Sure
Variety of earlier miscarriages: n/a
Verify any of the next issues that occurred through the being pregnant
______Issue in conception ______Toxemia _______ Irregular weight acquire
______Measles Verify Extreme vomiting _______German measles
Verify Extreme swelling Verify Emotional issues Verify Vaginal bleeding
______Flu ________Anemia Verify Hypertension
Rh-incompatibility: n/a
Maternal harm:

Describe: n/a
Hospitalization throughout being pregnant:
Cause: For consultations and routine check-up functions
X-rays throughout being pregnant: n/a
Medicines used throughout being pregnant: n/a

Alcohol used throughout being pregnant: no
Cigarettes throughout being pregnant: no
Different medication used throughout being pregnant: n/a

Paracetamol——————————–500mg————————- As wanted
At this little one’s start, what was the mom’s age? 27 yrs outdated Fathers Age?28 yrs outdated
Mom’s age at start of FIRST little one? 27 yrs outdated
Was this little one born within the hospital? Sure
If No, the place? n/a
Size of being pregnant: 9 months and 5 days Delivery Weight: not remembered by mom
Size of Labor: n/a Apgar Rating: n/a
Little one’s situation at start: regular and secure
Mom’s situation at start: regular and secure
Verify any of the next issues that occurred throughout start:
______Forceps used
______Breech Delivery ______Labor Induced Verify Caesarean Supply
Different Supply Issues: n/a
Incubator: No How lengthy? n/a
Jaundiced: No Bilirubin Lights? No If Sure, How Lengthy? n/a
Respiration Issues proper after start: n/a
Supplemental Oxygen: No If sure, how lengthy? n/a
Was anesthesia used throughout supply? Sure If sure, what form? n/a
At what age did this little one first do the next? Please point out yr/month of age.
Flip Over: four mos. Stroll down Stairs: 1- 1 and 5 mos. yr. outdated
Sit Alone: not noticed Present curiosity in or attraction to sound: not noticed
Crawl: 9 months Perceive first phrases: 2 yrs outdated

Sand Alone: 2 yrs outdated Converse first phrases: three yrs outdated, (da-da, ma-ma)
Stroll Alone: 2 yrs outdated Converse in sentences: n/a
Stroll up Stairs: 2 yrs outdated
Was this little one breast-fed? No

When weaned? n/a
Was this little one bottle-fed? Sure When weaned? n/a
When was this little one rest room educated? 2 yrs outdated Days: fluctuate Nights: fluctuate
Did mattress wetting happen after rest room coaching? Sure If sure, till what age? three yrs. outdated
Did bed-soling happen after rest room coaching? No
Has this little one skilled any of the next issues? If sure, please describe.
Strolling problem: No
Unclear Speech: Sure

My daughter’s speech is considerably delayed. She solely speaks the phrases ma-ma or da-da, however she nonetheless can’t varieties any phrase.  As well as, she began talking these phrases very late.
Sleep Drawback: No
Feeding Drawback: No
Underweight Drawback: No
Consuming Drawback: No
Obese Drawback: No
Colic: No
Issue studying to Journey a Bike: Sure

My daughter is having a tough time driving her bicycle. She appears to play with it however not like every other children. She simply stairs on it, touches it and each time we place her on the bike, she will get upset. It’s a bit bizarre to have a conduct like that.

Issue Studying to Skip: Sure

I’ve not seen her skipping ever since. I don’t know why. She solely performs along with her dolls and appears to be introvert when it comes to her conduct.

Issue Studying to Throw and Catch: Sure

She doesn’t play throw and catch. If a ball for instance is thrown to her, she simply appears to be like at it and dodges it.
Throughout this little one’s first 4 (four) years, have been any particular issues famous within the following areas? If sure, please describe.
Consuming: No
Motor abilities: Sure

She strikes much less steadily and doesn’t present any lively participation in class, different youngsters and even inside the home. She simply performs along with her dolls, which appears to be her solely world.
Sleeping an excessive amount of: No
Mood tantrums: No
Extreme crying: No
Sleeping too little: No
Failure to thrive: No
Separating from dad and mom: No
Which hand does this little one used for writing or drawing? Proper Consuming? Proper
Has this little one been compelled to alter writing hand? No
Childhood Sicknesses/Accidents
Please test the sicknesses this little one has had and point out age, yr and month
Measles: No      Rheumatic fever: No

German measles: No Diphtheria: No
Mumps: No Meningitis: No
Rooster pox: No Encephalitis: No
Tuberculosis: No Anemia: No
Whooping Cough: No Fever above 1040: No
Scarlet Fever: No Damaged bone: No
Head harm: No Sustained excessive fever: No
Coma or any lack of consciousness: No
Has this little one ever been on any treatment for six months or extra? No
Please point out whether or not this little one at present has any of the next issues.
Respiratory Cardiovascular Gastrointestinal
______Frequent colds ­­­­_______Shortness of breath _______Extreme vomiting
____Power cough ___Dizziness with bodily exertion _____Frequent diarrhea
________Bronchial asthma ________Exercise restricted because of coronary heart _______Constipation
______ Hay fever ________Situation ______Abdomen ache ______Sinus situation ______Coronary heart murmur
Genitourinary Musculosketetal Neurological
Verify Urination in pants/mattress _______Muscle ache ______Seizures/convulsions
______Ache whereas urinating ________Clumsy stroll Verify Speech defects
______ Extreme urination Verify Poor posture _______Bites nails
______Robust odor to urine _______ Different muscle issues _____Sucks thumb
______Tics/twitches______ Bangs head Verify Rocks forwards and backwards
Allergy symptoms Pores and skin
________Allergy to drugs 0Frequent rashes
________Allergy to Meals 0Bruises simply
________Bowel actions in different allergy symptoms

_____ Sores
_____ Pants/mattress

_____Extreme pimples
_____ Itchy pores and skin (Eczema)

Speech Listening to Imaginative and prescient

______ Ear infections

______ Imaginative and prescient issues
Verify Unclear speech

______ Listening to issues

______ Glasses/contacts
Delayed speech Different speech issues _______Ear tubes
Date of most up-to-date speech examination: August 20, 2007
Date of most up-to-date listening to examination: n/a
Date of most up-to-date imaginative and prescient examination: n/a
Little one’s Doctor: Emilta Zobel
How typically does little one see physician? My daughter is having her check-up twice each 6 months since final yr.
Is that this little one at present on treatment? No
Has this little one ever been bodily or sexually abused or uncared for? No
Has this little one ever had psychological counseling or remedy? No
Has this little one ever had a neurological examination? No
Has this little one ever had a psychological or psychiatric examination? No

Developmental Evaluation

            Beginning out with the temporary background, the consumer is the one little one of the couple with one housemaid residing collectively within the capital metropolis of Manila. The kid, having the first concern of language growth delays, has been advisable by the college pediatrician for a psychological session. The first breadwinner of the household is the daddy who is definitely a civil engineer, whereas the mom resides solely in the home because the housewife. The care of the kid is distributed among the many three people in the home; nonetheless, the first care is given by the mom herself. The kid is finding out in a personal faculty, NJS, in a kinder-1 preschool degree.

            Within the preliminary assertion talked about by the mom, the kid is alleged to be having delayed speech downside; nonetheless, different fields of kid growth are regular within the case of the kid. Upon evaluation of care supply, it has been concluded that the kid receives particular parental consideration of the mom within the little one’s earliest years. The care of the kid is subjected to 3 necessary personas with housemaid because the final possibility of care facilitator. In such case, we are able to conclude that the care wanted by the kid is sufficiently supplied by applicable important people.

There have been no conception anomalies famous within the evaluation section; therefore, scientific or congenital contributors are more than likely unfavourable when it comes to little one situation impact. Nonetheless, the mom has had extreme swelling, emotional issues because of private causes, slight vaginal bleeding famous and prevalence of hypertension. A few of these indicators and signs are mostly related to pre-eclamptic impact (Erickson, 2005 p.23), though the mom has not indicated any doable analysis of pre-eclampsia throughout being pregnant.

            Language growth may be affected by drug consumption throughout interval of being pregnant particularly throughout occasions of crucial mind growth significantly through the 1st quarter of the being pregnant (Johnson & Eviritt, 2000 p.216); nonetheless, the one drugs that has been famous is Paracetamol, which apparently shouldn’t be anymore important because the consumption is just throughout occasions of fever. As well as, the being pregnant has not suffered any important medical difficulties other than the next talked about.

            Analyzing now the developmental options of the kid, the speech developmental delays are the evident options of the kid. The kid has spoken her first phrases on the age of three yrs outdated, which is meant to be lower than one yr outdated. Furthermore, the kid has not spoken any full phrase, however solely baby-talk phrases, da-da or ma-ma. The mom talked about that the kid speaks much less steadily, which is opposite to the traditional language growth of a kid that’s, supposedly, talking greater than 2000 phrases on the age of 1 (Philipps & Guilherme, 2004 p.12).

Throughout the evaluation of the cues that may take part within the relationship of such impact, different behavioral alterations are noticed. The kid manifests inappropriate introvert behaviors which can be normally present in some delayed psychological and/ or psychological impaired situation. The kid is having difficulties driving bicycle in addition to skipping; nonetheless, the issue, mainly, shouldn’t be because of motor impairments however reasonably because of substantial cognitive and psychological within the essence. Different related issues should not evident within the little one, particularly bodily in origin.

One other manifesting deviation on the kid’s conduct is primarily associated on her social character. The kid enters faculty with different children; nonetheless, as said by the mom, the kid possesses an isolative conduct that tends to take away her consideration in direction of mingling with other forms. As an alternative, the kid focuses imaginative play in an object, significantly her doll.

If we analyzed the given assertion when it comes to half data, the kid has by no means had any unfavourable experiences previously, akin to trauma, rape or accident, which can have triggered this sure conduct. The consumer has by no means had any bodily impairment or a illness which will have contributes to this psychological manifestations. Furthermore, the kid shouldn’t be into treatment, therapy procedures or psychological supervision that goals to grab the scenario. In actual fact, that is the primary time that the kid is having her psychological evaluation; nonetheless, she has had preliminary check-ups that resulted to referral for psychological examination.

Along with the consumer’s evaluation, she additionally possesses poor postural options famous on her again, and urination in mattress, though this has been alleviated only in the near past by trainings. Furthermore, the consumer has manifested enigmatic conduct akin to rocking forwards and backwards with much less notion on her surroundings.

Discussing now doable dysfunction pathology, the case of the affected person has big selection of prospects when it comes to dysfunction growth. The next two circumstances are the closest; nonetheless, nonetheless requires additional validation and evaluation of the consumer options. The primary is the potential of Asperser’s Syndrome development, which is primarily evident because of her poor social capability, delayed language development and imaginative play with enigmatic behavioral flaws. Second, is language growth delay, which entails the first concern of the affected person that’s speech delay.

Within the evaluation of doable Asperger’s syndrome growth, the affected person entails the first indicators of the situation such because the impairments in language, social participations and imaginative play. Nonetheless, the one validated impairment is the speech delay. Different impairments are resulted by the parental remark, which apparently, nonetheless requires additional evaluation on the kid. The kid might exhibit these behaviors as because of situational causation, which occurs to be unfamiliar with the dad and mom, or a behavioral altering household scenario that displaces the traditional conduct of the kid.

This can be troublesome to diagnose as of now since, the case of the kid doesn’t help the most important and particular behaviors related to the situation. Though if the kid progresses in this kind of developmental sample, she might purchase maladaptive conduct akin to introversion, social self-degradation, self-infliction, and worst of all, additional development in direction of Asperger’s situation.

When it comes to language growth delay, the kid possibly be evidently having such developmental deficit; nonetheless, different signs are contradicting the assertion, since behavioral isolation shouldn’t be current if the case is solely language growth downside. Nonetheless, the likelihood remains to be there that the kid is simply experiencing this growth lag, and with additional trainings, might help enhance language growth.

The next implications are primarily based on crucial interpretation and evaluation of the gathered knowledge from the psychological evaluation historical past taking. It doesn’t, nonetheless, conclude that the consumer possess the featured circumstances. Though, this are the probabilities which will incur to the kid if behavioral patterns progress.


Erickson, T. (2005). Pediatric Toxicology: Analysis and Administration of the Poisoned Little one. McGraw-Hill Skilled.

Johnson, M., & Eviritt, M. J. (2000). Necessities in Replica. Blackwell Publishing.

Philipps, A. M., & Guilherme, M. (2004). Crucial Pedagogy: Political Approaches to Language and Intercultural Improvement. Multilingual Issues.

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