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Posted: August 9th, 2022

Response paper | Psychology homework help

                                    Response Paper Instructions

Having completed the unit of philosophy of religion, you for the time being are ready to answer to an article written by an exact atheist. This textual content titled “On Being an Atheist,” was written by H. J. McCloskey in 1968 for the journal Question. McCloskey is an Australian thinker who wrote a wide range of atheistic works inside the 1960s and 70s along with the e e book God and Evil (Nijhoff, 1974). On this text, McCloskey is every essential of the classical arguments for God’s existence and gives the problem of evil as a trigger why one should not think about in God. Please phrase the subsequent parameters for this paper:

1.      Your venture is to study McCloskey’s transient article found inside the Learning & Analysis folder in Module/Week 7 and reply to each of the questions beneath. Your trainer is seeking an in depth response to each question.

2.      The response paper is to be a minimal of 1,500 phrases (not along with quotes) and must be written as a single essay and by no means solely a document of options to questions.

three.      The thought in your options should primarily come from the property provided inside the lessons overlaying the philosophy of religion unit of the course (Evans and Manis, Craig, and the presentation) and these sources must be talked about in your paper. You are not merely to quote these sources as an answer to the question—reply them in your private phrases.

4.      You might use completely different outdoor sources as successfully, as long as you accurately doc them. Nonetheless, outdoor sources aren’t compulsory. Each of the questions may be answered from the sources provided inside the lessons.

5.      Whereas the utilization of the Bible is not restricted, its use is not compulsory and is discouraged besides you plan to make clear the context of the passage and the best way that context applies to the problem at hand in accordance with the foundations provided earlier inside the course. You are not to merely quote scripture passages as options to the questions. Remember this is usually a philosophical essay not a biblical or theological essay.

6.      When you could possibly quote from sources, all quotations must be accurately cited and quotes from sources will not be going to rely within the course of the 1,500 phrase rely of the paper.  

7.      You might be essential of McCloskey, nevertheless ought to remain respectful. Any disparaging comment(s) about McCloskey will finish in a giant low cost in grade.

eight.      Please phrase that every one papers are to be submitted by way of SafeAssign, which is a plagiarism detection program. This technique is a database of beforehand submitted papers along with copies of papers which have been positioned on the Internet. As quickly as submitted, your paper will grow to be part of the database as successfully. This technique detects not solely exact wording nevertheless comparable wording. Which implies that for many who plagiarize, this can be very doable that can in all probability be discovered. Plagiarism will finish in a zero for the paper and the prospect of you being dropped from the course. 



Significantly, you have to deal with the subsequent questions in your paper:

1.      McCloskey refers again to the arguments as “proofs” and sometimes implies that they’ll’t definitively arrange the case for God, so on account of this truth they must be abandoned. What would you say about this in gentle of my suggestions on the approaches to the arguments inside the PointeCast presentation?

2.      On the Cosmological Argument:

a.       McCloskey claims that the “mere existence of the world constitutes no trigger for believing in such a being [i.e., a necessarily existing being].” Using Evans and Manis’ dialogue of the non-temporal kind of the argument (on pp. 69–77), make clear why the explanation for the universe must be compulsory (and on account of this truth uncaused).

b.      McCloskey moreover claims that the cosmological argument “does not entitle us to postulate an all-powerful, all-perfect, uncaused set off.” In gentle of Evans and Manis’ remaining paragraph on the cosmological argument (p. 77), how could you reply to McCloskey?

three.      On the Teleological Argument:

a.       McCloskey claims that “to get the proof going, actual indisputable examples of design and performance are wished.” Deal with this customary of “indisputability” which he calls a “very conclusive objection.” Is it inexpensive?

b.      Out of your finding out in Evans and Manis, can you provide an occasion of design that, whereas not basically “indisputable,” you think about provides sturdy proof of a designer of the universe?

c.       McCloskey implies that evolution has displaced the need for a designer. Assuming evolution is true, for argument’s sake, how would you reply to McCloskey (see Evans and Manis pp. 82–83)?

d.      McCloskey claims that the presence of imperfection and evil on this planet argues in opposition to “the perfection of the divine design or divine perform on this planet.” Remembering Evans and Manis’ suggestions in regards to the limitations of the cosmological argument, how could you reply to this price by McCloskey?

4.      On the Disadvantage of Evil:

a.       McCloskey’s elementary objection to theism is the presence of evil on this planet and he raises it a lot of cases: “No being who was good might need created a world by which there was avoidable struggling or by which his creatures would (and really might need been created to be able to not) engage in morally evil acts, acts which pretty typically finish in hurt to innocent people.” The language of this declare seems to recommend that it is an occasion of the logical kind of the problem. Given this implication and using Evans and Manis’ dialogue of the logical downside (pp. 159–168, noting significantly his concluding paragraphs to this half), how could you reply to McCloskey?


b.      McCloskey significantly discusses the free will argument, asking “will not God have very in order that have organized the world and biased man to benefit that males on a regular basis freely chosen what’s true?” From what you could have already realized about free will inside the course, and what Evans and Manis says in regards to the free will theodicy, significantly the half on Mackie and Plantinga’s response (pp. 163–166) and what he says in regards to the evidential downside (pp. 168–172), how would you reply to McCloskey’s question?

5.      On Atheism as Comforting:

a.   Inside the remaining pages of McCloskey’s article, he claims that atheism is further comforting than theism. Using the argument provided by William Lane Craig inside the article “The Absurdity of Life with out God,” (positioned in Learning & Analysis for Module/Week 6), reply to McCloskey’s declare.



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