Posted: August 9th, 2022

Psy101 module 1-2 case: | Psychology homework help

Module 1 – Case


There are quite a lot of important and influential figures inside the space of Psychology, along with the subsequent:

Albert Adler                            Alfred Binet

B.F. Skinner                             Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud                        Hans Seyle

Albert Bandura                       Solomon Asch

Jean Piaget                              Erich Fromm

Carl Rogers                             William James

Erik Erikson                             John Watson

Ivan Pavlov                             

Albert Maslow                       


These psychologists had been very influential, and instrumental inside the progress of Behavioral, Cognitive, Developmental, Humanist, Persona, Social, and Finding out Psychology, to name just some. 


Job Expectations

For this case look at, you are to Set up 10 of these important figures in psychology (eight of these ought to be from the first column, and a pair of from the 2nd column) and describe their most significant contributions (time interval, have an effect on on space) and describe their foremost perspective inside psychology. 

This job must be 4-6 pages prolonged, and have at least 2-Three paragraphs for each psychologist.  Your paper must be double spaced, embrace a title internet web page, and a reference internet web page as properly.



Module 2 – Case


Case Job

Now that you just’re conscious of some of the psychologists and foremost theories inside psychology, it is time to apply the viewpoints of Humanistic, Cognitive, Psychoanalytic  and Behavioral Psychology, which might be just a few of the broadest and most usually used theories in psychology.  For this case look at you will check out an event by the use of the lenses of these psychologists.

College violence is a horrible tragedy that has affected many children.  One of many infamous events was the capturing at Columbine Extreme College in Colorado in 1999. This involved two school college students who killed 13 people after which killed themselves.  Most recently there was the tragedy at Newtown Connecticut throughout which 26 people had been killed.

Dr. Humine, is a humanistic psychologist, Dr. Cogent is a Cognitive Psychologist, and Dr. Bean is a Behavioral Psychologist, and Dr. Freed is a psychoanalyst.  Your job is to elucidate how Three of these Psychologists might view school violence from their explicit psychological perspective.  Your paper should embrace a fundamental description of their psychological precept, after which interpret school violence on the entire or choose a specific incident to evaluate additional significantly.   Your paper should current the lens throughout which these psychologists see their habits, and as well as cope with potential treatment selections to aim to forestall further conditions of violence.

Job Expectations

Your paper must be 4-6 pages prolonged, and embrace Three of the 4 approaches and 4-6 references.    

  • Psychoanalytic: Emphasizes the importance of unconscious psychological processes and early childhood, along with sexual instincts.  Believes points could also be hidden all through the uncounsous ideas, and these could also be explored by the use of psycholanalysis.
  • Behaviorism: Maintains that habits is realized by the use of earlier learning experiences or interactions with social environment. Behaviorists don’t traditionally cope with psychological processes on account of they think about that psychological processes are too powerful to take a look at and measure objectively. Behaviorism is worried inside the ongoing controversy of the have an effect on of television and videogame violence on children.
  • Cognitive: Focuses on the psychological processing of data, along with the exact capabilities of reasoning, draw back fixing, and memory. Cognitive psychologists cope with concepts that info and set off habits.
  • Humanistic and existential:  A additional optimistic technique that emphasizes the individuality of each explicit individual particular person and our capability and obligation to make alternatives in our lives, and picture that a person’s free choice, free will, and understanding of the which means of events in his or her life are important.   Individuals is also pushed by goodness and the necessity to self-actualize.

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