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Process 2: LASA 1: Defending Children From Media

For his 10th birthday, Greg was given a handheld videogame system. His dad and mother allowed him to pick any two video video games. They knew the video video games might embrace violence, on account of there was a violence rating sign posted on the video video games, nevertheless rationalized that they’d been solely video video games and totally different kids play them. Greg would quickly finish dinner and run as a lot as his room to play his video video games.

His dad and mother had been pleased to observe that Greg cherished their present rather a lot. After each week, his dad and mother seen that he wasn’t turning off the videogames at bedtime, and had begun turning homework in late. He was up so late having fun with that he would not get up for varsity with out argument. His dad and mother decided that adequate was adequate and took the video video video games away. Greg threw temper tantrums and persuaded his dad and mother to buy him a laptop after convincing them that it was important to maintain in school. Greg shortly returned to the similar pattern of habits the place he spent prolonged hours and late nights on the laptop computer. This time, his dad and mother felt a false sense of security that he was doing his homework. Sooner or later, his curious dad and mother decided to scan the laptop historic previous to see what Internet pages Greg was buying. To their horror, they discovered that Greg was spending many hours on-line having fun with interactive, usually violently graphic, video video games on the Internet. He was moreover chatting with totally different “avid players”. Sooner than confronting Greg about his habits, his mother and father agreed to analysis what sorts of intervention strategies could also be on the market inside their neighborhood. They’ve come to you, a behavioral advisor, for suggestion.

Click to Read the Kaiser Family Foundation Study: Generation M2. Media in the Lives of 8- to 18- Year Olds.

Describe the issue of publicity to videogame violence in instantly’s society as related to Greg’s state of affairs. Uncover factors just like:

  1. Prevalence (e.g., age, gender, racial vary, and so forth.)
  2. Given Greg’s developmental stage, what are potential dangers of publicity to media violence? You may need to deal with this inside the context of his cognitive and socioemotional development.
  3. Risk and defending elements, along with predisposition to violence (e.g., are all youngsters who play violent videogames extra more likely to flip into further aggressive? What defending elements might mitigate the potential outcomes for Greg?
  4. Give attention to the potential outcomes if Greg’s habits continues unchecked.
  5. Give attention to sorts of intervention strategies you may depend on his dad and mother to look out at a neighborhood stage, just like in neighborhood amenities, colleges, and social service corporations, to help youngsters like Greg who’re at risk ensuing from ongoing publicity to media violence.
  6. What may very well be plan to recommend to Greg’s dad and mother?
  7. Consider the dangers of publicity to videogame violence with various kinds of violence. What are similarities and variations between videogame violence publicity and the alternative type of violence you chose to match?
  8. What are the costs of videogame violence to the family and the neighborhood and society at big and the alternative kind of violence you chose for comparability?

By Wednesday, January 18, 2017, format your paper in APA (sixth model) mannequin, using data you realized in your textbook and from the Kaiser Family Foundation Analysis to help your response.  Your paper have to be between 4 and 5 pages in measurement. Embody a cover internet web page, abstract, and reference guidelines, which should cite any data used out of your assigned textbook, Kaiser Family Foundation reference, and totally different sources just like on-line course content material materials.

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