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Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

Various Choice Questions (Enter your options on the enclosed reply sheet)

1. Neighborhood properly being concerns of the 21st century embody ___________.

a. lifestyle sicknesses

b. properly being care provide

c. environmental points

d. The whole above.

2. Variations in properly being amongst utterly completely different populations define ___________.

a. properly being disparities

b. inhabitants properly being

c. lifestyle sicknesses

d. social engineering

three. The group within the US with the precept accountability for enhancing properly being is


a. the Division of Homeland Security

b. the World Properly being Group

c. the Division of Properly being and Human Firms

d. state departments of properly being

4. John Snow’s elimination of a consuming water pump take care of in 1854 in London stopped a


a. smallpox epidemic

b. yellow fever epidemic

c. waterborne sickness outbreak

d. cholera epidemic

5. The Shattuck report marked the beginning of the ___________.

a. implementation of Healthful People 2020 efforts

b. eighteenth century

c. fashionable interval of public properly being

d. properly being helpful useful resource enchancment interval three

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

6. Bodily parts affecting group properly being embody all the next apart from:

a. geography

b. group measurement

c. industrial enchancment

d. Not one of many above.

7. Dr. Edward Jenner effectively demonstrated the strategy of vaccination as a security

in opposition to ____________ throughout the 18th century.

a. smallpox

b. whooping cough

c. measles

d. rubella

eight. In line with the textual content material, all the next have been the primary causes of demise throughout the early 2000’s

apart from:

a. most cancers


c. coronary coronary heart sickness

d. stroke

9. Which firm is a primary medical evaluation center and the federal focus for medical

evaluation within the US?

a. Nationwide Institutes of Properly being (NIH)

b. Amenities for Sickness Administration and Prevention (CDC)

c. Firm for Healthcare Evaluation and Prime quality (AHRQ)

d. Properly being Sources and Firms Administration (HRSA)

10. The ability to arrest any individual who refuses to bear treatment for a communicable sickness

lies with a __________.

a. scientist contained in the NIH

b. group properly being nurse

c. native properly being officer

d. member of the native board of properly being

11. The mission properly being organizations is to ___________.

a. promote extreme necessities observe for his or her explicit professions

b. current corporations to people affected with diversified sicknesses and conditions

c. elevate money for group properly being companies

d. enhance worksite properly being promotion programs4

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

12. The first goal for firm involvement in group properly being is due to ____________.

a. the federal mandates for employee wellness functions

b. their tax standing

c. efforts to keep up infectious sickness fees low

d. the provision of properly being care benefits to employees

13. The most important and most seen worldwide properly being firm is the ____________.

a. Pan American Properly being Group

b. United Nations

c. World Properly being Group

d. Division of Properly being and Human Firms

14. Funding that comes from the federal authorities to the state authorities is named

 ___________ funding.

a. horizontal

b. vertical

c. top-down

d. down-top

15. One in every of many World Properly being Group’s most noteworthy achievements was serving to to


a. smallpox

b. chickenpox

c. polio

d. scarlet fever

16. An occasion of a quasi-governmental properly being group is ____________.

a. the Nationwide Science Foundation

b. a county properly being division

c. the Nationwide Institutes of Properly being (NIH)

d. the American Most cancers Society

17. The observe of assigning matters to therapies or administration groups in a very random

technique is ___________.

a. cohorting

b. double-blinding

c. blinding

d. randomization5

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

18. The nationwide properly being survey that might be a state-based telephone survey of the civilian,

noninstitutional, grownup inhabitants that seeks to determine the prevalence of high-risk

behaviors is the ___________.

a. Nationwide Properly being Interview Survey

b. Nationwide Properly being and Food plan Examination Survey

c. Nationwide Properly being Care Survey

d. Behavioral Hazard Subject Surveillance System

19. An opportunity assertion in regards to the affiliation between a particular sickness and a particular menace

challenge is ____________.

a. an odds ratio

b. relative menace

c. requirements of causation

d. an epidemic curve

20. This time interval is derived from Greek phrases that could be translated into the phrase “the look at of

that which is upon the people”.

a. historiology

b. sociology

c. epidemiology

d. biology

21. In line with the textual content material, waves of the plague occurred what variety of situations in historic previous?

a. 1

b. 2

c. three

d. 4

22. __________ analysis are epidemiological analysis by which the researcher selects a giant

number of healthful matters who share an similar experience, equal to yr of begin or extreme

faculty graduation.

a. Experimental

b. Cohort

c. Observational

d. Descriptive 6

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

23. A pathogenic agent enters a inclined host via a ___________.

a. supplier

b. portal of entry

c. portal of exit

d. reservoir

24. Sufficient meals present and getting frequent practice are examples of ___________.

a. main prevention of noncommunicable sicknesses

b. main prevention of communicable sicknesses

c. secondary prevention of communicable sicknesses

d. secondary prevention of noncommunicable sicknesses

25. Neighborhood efforts aimed towards stopping the recurrence of an epidemic is an occasion of


a. secondary prevention of noncommunicable sicknesses

b. tertiary prevention of noncommunicable sicknesses

c. tertiary prevention of communicable sicknesses

d. secondary prevention of communicable sicknesses

26. What is the third stage throughout the chain of an an infection model?

a. portal of exit

b. pathogen

c. transmission

d. portal of entry

27. Which of the subsequent are indirect modes of transmission?

a. airborne

b. vehicleborne

c. vectorborne

d. The whole above.

28. Etiology is the ___________.

a. treatment for a sickness

b. outcomes of a sickness

c. motive behind a sickness

d. indicators of a disease7

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

29. An occasion of a gaggle gatekeeper is a ____________.

a. politician

b. coach

c. member of the clergy

d. The whole above.

30. The evaluation that focuses on fast observable outcomes of a program is ___________


a. course of

b. have an effect on

c. consequence

d. formative

31. The strategy of accumulating and analyzing data to develop an understanding of the

factors, sources, and constraints of the priority inhabitants to increased develop a properly being

promotion program is ___________.

a. creating an intervention

b. setting relevant targets and targets

c. pilot testing

d. a needs analysis

32. ___________ is the third step in program evaluation.

a. Analyzing the information

b. Reporting the outcomes

c. Planning the evaluation

d. Making use of the outcomes

33. Throughout the generalized model for program planning, ___________ is the 1st step.

a. setting targets

b. creating strategies

c. assessing needs

d. Not one of many above.

34. Which of the subsequent duties is a college nurse, who’s contracted with an outside properly being

firm, a lot much less vulnerable to do?

a. serve in a administration operate for properly being insurance coverage insurance policies and functions

b. current direct properly being care to school college students and employees

c. current screening and referral for properly being conditions

d. The whole above.eight

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

35. AFHK, an organization that works with schools to reinforce food regimen and bodily train,

stands for ___________.

a. Vigorous, Pleasant, Healthful Kids

b. Movement for Healthful Kids

c. Actions for Healthful Kids

d. All for Healthful Kids

36. The ___________ of a properly being curriculum outlines what is going to in all probability be taught.

a. sequence

b. protection

c. scope

d. mission

37. All faculty districts are required to have as a minimum __________ full-time faculty nurse.

a. 1

b. 2

c. three

d. Not one of many above.

38. In 1984, the “gag rule” ___________.

a. barred physicians and nurses in clinics receiving federal funds from counseling

purchasers about abortions

b. barred solely nurses in clinics receiving federal funds from counseling purchasers about


c. barred solely physicians in clinics receiving federal funds from counseling purchasers about


d. was repelled

39. The selection in Roe v. Wade ___________.

a. made it approved for state authorized pointers to ban abortions

b. made it unconstitutional for state authorized pointers to ban abortions

c. resulted throughout the “gag rule”

d. made it simple for ladies to get abortions all through any trimester

40. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be breast-fed for the first

 __________ of life.

a. three months

b. six months

c. yr

d. month9

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

41. __________ may also be generally known as crib demise.

a. FAS



d. LBW

42. ___________ is the third fundamental motive behind toddler demise.

a. FAS



d. LBW

43. The “Once more to Sleep” advertising marketing campaign steered that infants should sleep ___________.

a. on their stomachs

b. on their backs

c. on their sides

d. Every b and c are proper.

44. WIC is a program that offers ___________.

a. medical insurance coverage for ladies and kids

b. supplemental meals and food regimen help to women, toddler, and kids

c. medical take care of low income, pregnant women

d. childcare subsidies for low-income households

45. Adolescents and youthful adults are folks between the ages of ___________.

a. 13 to 22

b. 15 to 24

c. 16 to 25

d. 16 to 23

46. For adolescents and youthful adults, roughly three-fourths of all mortality could also be

attributed to all the next apart from ____________.

a. suicide

b. automotive accidents

c. drug overdose

d. homicide10

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

47. Lots of the bodily menace to properly being for adolescents and youthful adults stems from


a. social class

b. genetics

c. sickness

d. habits

48. An increase in federal tobacco taxes is getting used to help fund ___________.

a. political campaigns

b. the State Youngsters’s Properly being Insurance coverage protection Program (CHIP)

c. Social Security

d. WIC

49. What are the primary styles of most cancers that account for the large numbers throughout the grownup males

age group?

a. Prostate, lung, and colorectal most cancers

b. breast, pores and pores and skin, and lung most cancers

c. prostate, pores and pores and skin, and lung most cancers

d. stomach, breast, and colorectal most cancers

50. Folks between the ages of _________ and __________ fall beneath the grownup age group.

a. 23, 55

b. 25, 60

c. 25, 64

d. 22, 60

51. Consuming, bathing, and toileting are examples of ___________.

a. duties of every day dwelling

b. instrumental duties

c. cognitive duties

d. expressive duties

52. Obligatory vaccinations for elders embody ____________.

a. smallpox and influenza

b. pneumonia and influenza

c. pneumonia and HPV

d. HPV and influenza11

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

53. Further aged women are single versus aged males because of _____________.

a. males are more likely to marry youthful women

b. husbands die at a youthful age than their wives

c. widowed males often are inclined to remarry than widowed women

d. The whole above.

54. __________, considered to be an ideal model for large-scale long-term care facilities for the

elder, was created by Dr. William Thomas.

a. Eden Completely different

b. Paradise Completely different

c. Autonomy Completely different

d. Freedom Completely different

55. Within the current day within the US, practically all of Individuals are generally known as ___________.

a. Caucasian

b. white

c. white, mixed-Hispanic

d. white, non-Hispanic

56. The Race and Properly being Initiative was launched by President ____________.

a. Bush (senior)

b. Clinton

c. Obama

d. Bush

57. _____________ have the very best poverty fees.

a. American Indians and Alaska natives

b. Folks of Hispanic origins

c. Black Folks

d. Pacific Islanders

58. The median income for ____________ has persistently ranked below all racial and ethnic


a. Hispanic or Latino Folks

b. Asian Folks

c. Pacific Islanders

d. Black Folks12

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

59. It was not until 1921 that further emphasis was given to providing properly being corporations to

 ___________ due to the Snyder Act.

a. Hispanic or Latino Folks

b. Native Folks

c. Asian Folks

d. Black Folks

60. A(n) ___________ is a person who flees one house or nation to hunt shelter or security

from hazard in a single different.

a. Alien

b. Immigrant

c. Emigrant

d. Refugee

61. Which of the subsequent is the first out of the six priority areas of The Race and Properly being


a. Coronary heart issues

b. Toddler mortality

c. Grownup and infant immunization


62. Roughly eight% (24 million people) of children and adults within the US have


a. diabetes

b. some kind of most cancers


d. some kind of incapacity

63. ___________ is the primary motive behind incapacity in North America and Europe.

a. Diabetes

b. Psychological illness

c. Motor vehicle accidents

d. Work-related accidents13

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

64. Properly being conditions characterised by alterations in pondering, mood, or habits associated to

distress and/or impaired functioning.

a. psychological illness

b. psychological handicap

c. psychological dysfunction

d. psychological immaturity

65. The fight or flight response occurs all through which stage of the Regular Adaptation Syndrome?

a. the alarm response stage

b. the stage of resistance

c. the stage of exhaustion

d. all ranges

66. The whole following are attainable sicknesses of adaption apart from:

a. bronchial bronchial asthma

b. coronary coronary coronary heart sickness

c. nervousness

d. ulcers

67. In order to reduce stress, one can ___________.

a. eat healthful

b. meditate

c. practice

d. The whole above.

68. Throughout the 19th century, ___________ was personally involved throughout the founding of many public

psychological hospitals funded by explicit individual states.

a. Dorothea Dix

b. William Tuke

c. Walter Freeman

d. Philippe Pinel

69. Deinstitutionalization occurred due to all the next causes apart from:

a. the occasion of antipsychotic treatment

b. approved points

c. lobotomies have been worthwhile

d. monetary points14

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

70. Dysfunction characterised by distinct intervals of elevated mood alternating with intervals of


a. Schizophrenia

b. Bipolar dysfunction

c. Medical melancholy

d. Tardive dyskinesia

71. Irreversible, involuntary, and irregular actions of the tongue, mouth, arms, and legs.

a. Schizophrenia

b. Bipolar dysfunction

c. Medical melancholy

d. Tardive dyskinesia

72. ECT, beforehand generally called shock treatment, is usually used for all the next conditions

apart from:

a. fundamental melancholy

b. extreme situations of bipolar dysfunction

c. chosen situations of schizophrenia

d. overwhelming suicidal ideation

73. In line with this nation, supernatural spirits are believed to set off psychological illness.

a. Denmark

b. Indonesia

c. Tanzania

d. Cananda

74. Psychophysiological issues associated to emphasize embody ___________.

a. melancholy

b. hypertension

c. pores and pores and skin issues

d. The whole above.

75. Deinstitutionalization from state psychological hospitals began throughout the ____________.

a. 1920s

b. 1990s

c. 1950s

d. 1980s15

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

76. Treatment that features intensive, individualized corporations over an indefinite time interval is


a. psychopharmacology

b. managed care

c. psychotherapy

d. psychiatric rehabilitation

77. ___________ has the potential to set off psychological issues.

a. Poor prenatal care

b. A automotive crash

c. Syphilis

d. The whole above.

78. Roughly what variety of teenage women within the US get pregnant as a minimum as quickly as

sooner than the age of 20?

a. one-half

b. 5%

c. 65%

d. one-third

79. The neonatal mortality interval is demise that occurs as a lot as ___________.

a. 6 months after begin

b. 7 days after begin

c. 28 days after begin

d. one yr after begin

80. For group organizing/establishing and properly being promotion programming efforts to be

worthwhile, people ought to ___________.

a. be a part of the planning committee

b. be voluntary people

c. be group gatekeepers

d. change their habits

81. In making a properly being promotion program, __________ are the steps taken in pursuit of a(n)

 ___________. They take care of who, what, when, and by how lots.

a. targets; purpose

b. targets; goal

c. targets; plan

d. Not one of many above.16

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

82. A normal topic of controversy at college properly being coaching is ____________.

a. alcohol

b. food regimen

c. suicide

d. violence

83. Most people has flip into further acutely aware of violence in schools as a consequence of ____________.

a. the promoting and advertising efforts schools have positioned on violence prevention

b. the number of high-profile incidents of violence in schools all through the nation

c. gun administration authorized pointers

d. the Coordinated School Properly being Program

84. An unexpectedly large number of situations of an illness, explicit health-related habits, or

completely different health-related event in a particular inhabitants defines a ____________.

a. pandemic

b. epidemic

c. outbreak

d. plague

85. Usually notifiable sicknesses mustn’t reported to the native properly being division because of

victims recuperate with no evaluation being confirmed.

a. True

b. False

86. The ability of the properly being care system to forestall, defend in opposition to, shortly reply to, and

recuperate from properly being emergencies defines medical preparedness.

a. True

b. False

87. Roughly one-half of pregnancies within the US are unintended.

a. True

b. False

88. Title V is the one federal legal guidelines dedicated to promoting and enhancing the properly being of

our nation’s mothers and kids.

a. True

b. False17

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

89. FMLA gives paid family go away for women and men after the beginning of a child.

a. True

b. False

90. Diseases for which the reservoir resides in animal populations are generally known as anthroponoses.

a. True

b. False

91. Noncommunicable sicknesses have sophisticated etiologies.

a. True

b. False

92. Those who administration, every formally and informally, the political native climate of the group are

generally known as gatekeepers.

a. True

b. False

93. “To help employees study to deal with their stress,” is an occasion of a program


a. True

b. False

94. Electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) has been banned from use within the US.

a. True

B. False

95. Inexperienced Properties are a sort of group dwelling that limit the number of residents and supply a home

moderately than a facility.

a. True

b. False

96. Grownup day care functions are required to produce properly being care corporations.

a. True

b. False18

Remaining Examination

HCA 305 Introduction to Neighborhood Properly being

97. A drug that subdues a psychological affected individual’s habits is named tardive dyskinesia.

a. True

b. False

98. Until not too way back, the federal authorities’s administration in group psychological properly being has been


a. True

b. False

99. Solely about one-third of those recognized with a psychological dysfunction receive treatment.

a. True

b. False

100. Continuous dietary deficiency is a attainable motive behind psychological issues in some.

a. True

b. False



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