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Case studies presentation | Psychology homework help

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to teach a gaggle of medical school college students taking a part of their grand rounds. There must be not lower than ten slides in your Microsoft PowerPoint along with a title slide and a slide itemizing your whole sources for creating this slideshow. You will need to additionally create speaker notes for each slide of your presentation, which embrace the precept talking elements for the topic addressed on the slide.


Save the presentation as AU_PSY350_M3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.ppt. Submit your challenge to the M3 Challenge 2 LASA 1 Dropbox.


In order to create your slideshow, consider the two case analysis after which reply the questions following each case analysis:

Case Look at 1: Isaac is a fifty-nine-year-old man. Quite a lot of months previously, he noticed a slight tremor in his fingers. He assumed this to be a typical consequence of rising previous. The tremor, however, steadily worsened, along with some muscular stiffness and slowness in initiating movement. The tremor was further pronounced when he was not voluntarily shifting. Isaac was referred to a neurologist, who acknowledged him with Parkinson’s sickness. After visiting the neurologist, Isaac and his family ask you to further make clear this dysfunction. Isaac moreover asks about L-dopa as a remedy—the neurologist had talked about L-dopa as an environment friendly medication nevertheless had in its place prescribed selegiline:

  • What are the indicators of Parkinson’s sickness?
  • What are the doable causes? Be sure you give attention to every hereditary and environmental parts thought to contribute to this sickness.
  • What parts of the thoughts does this sickness affect?
  • Why do you suppose the neurologist prescribed selegiline in its place of L-dopa?

Case Look at 2: Sabrina is a twenty-seven-year-old woman who recently underwent a corpus callosotomy. Initially after surgical process, when given a verbal command, Sabrina demonstrated marked apraxia of the left hand. However, the extent of this downside diminished over time. Reply the subsequent questions on this client:

  • What dysfunction was most actually being dealt with by this operation, and the way in which is the surgical process carried out?
  • In what method is the surgical process anticipated to help Sabrina?
  • What are the risks and benefits of the surgical process? Consider these to the risks and benefits of an alternate remedy. If the selection have been yours, which could you advocate? Make clear your dedication.
  • What was responsible for the apraxia?
  • What does the low cost in apraxia indicators inform us about hemispheric specialization?

Linked is suggestions on making a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. For this challenge and all Dropbox assignments, you are required to cite, at a minimal, the online course and the textbook for the course. Additional sources are welcome. Scholarly sources are hottest and is likely to be found throughout the Argosy School on-line library. For revered web sources, seek for .gov or .edu web sites versus .com web sites. Do not use Wikipedia.

Challenge 2 Grading Requirements

Most Elements

Described the indicators of Parkinson’s sickness. Talked about what parts of the thoughts this sickness impacts.


Talked about hereditary and environmental parts thought to contribute to Parkinson’s sickness.


Analyzed the the explanation why selegiline was prescribed in its place of L-dopa.


Talked about the dysfunction being dealt with by the corpus callosotomy and the way in which the surgical process is carried out. Outlined how the surgical process will help Sabrina.


Analyzed the risks and benefits of the surgical process and an alternate remedy and outlined your suggestion.


Outlined the explanation for the apraxia.


Analyzed what the low cost in apraxia indicators reveals about hemispheric specialization.


Used customary presentation parts.




Presents the rubric for this assignment.

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