Posted: August 2nd, 2022

Nessus Software

Nessus software is a widely used free vulnerability scanner tool used by many security experts. Your assignment is to read more about Nessus and write a report summarizing its more important features

Nessus Software
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Nessus Software
The increased number of cyber threats and vulnerabilities has made organizations implement security strategies and policies. Nessus software is one of the security softwares that conducts vulnerability assessment for cyber security threats and system vulnerability (Dickinson, 2018). Nessus software provides security services, such as malware detection, target profiling, discovery of sensitivity data, auditing configuration, and asset discovery. Nessus software is very important, especially in assessing security faults in networked information technology devices. The software plays a vital role in identifying physical and cloud environments vulnerabilities.
Nessus software provides several advantages to an organization, such as providing information about the organization’s current security threats (Dickinson, 2018). Also, the software helps develop security solutions that secure the future of information technology. Nessus software provides a full report of system vulnerabilities after conducting a thorough report that can be used for auditing and policymaking. On the other hand, Nessus software not only asses vulnerabilities but also manage and report any form of threats affecting the systems. The report, however, assists in protecting sensitive data from hackers, for instance, credit card information.
Nessus software also plays an important role in penetration testing, which is an important process in security threat management (Dickinson, 2018). The important fact about Nessus software is that the software can be installed in both Windows operating systems and Linux. The software assists in identifying what software are prone and vulnerable to security attacks, such as the SMB. Also, the software ensures all security standards and compliances are followed to avoid future vulnerabilities and to offer extra security protection.
The steps involved in the scanning process includes, retrieving the scan setting requirements, conducting a host discovery, port scan for every host, service threat detection, threat detection for operating systems, and lastly, identifying the available vulnerabilities (Dickinson, 2018). The main activities conducted by Nessus software are assessment, discovery, reporting, and other advanced services, such as debugging. Nessus vulnerability scanner is a very common cyber security solution that saves organizations from security issues in the future.

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Karabašević, D., Stanujkić, D., Brzaković, M., Maksimović, M., & Jevtić, M. (2018). Importance of vulnerability scanners for improving security and protection of the web servers. Bizinfo (Blace), 9(1), 19-29.

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