Posted: August 1st, 2022

Theme-Based Analysis

Theme-Based Analysis
Migration has been in existence for a while and can be linked to the history of the world, slavery, war political crisis and natural disaster. By combining all the factors, they result in immigrants and refugees who undergo several challenges in their quest for survival. The research is aimed at outlining factors that lead one to become an immigrant or a refugee and some of the differences and similarities that exists between the two texts as well as the consequences of refugees to a given nation
The text by Gyasi’s Homegoing outlines several issues that are related to refugees. The plight of the refugees and the immigrants are well described. The situation in the book can be compared to what happened in other countries which had a large number of refugees such as Haiti. Freedom for Haiti did not translate to it being a state free from foreign influence. According to Gyasi, “there is more at stake here than just slavery, my brother. It is a question of who will own the land, the people, and the power” (Gyasi, 93). The author describes that the people are still under the control of foreign countries, therefore, increasing instability in the nation. For instance, Francois Duvalier who was 29-years and Jean-Claude cause terrorism in the country as their government was corrupt resulting in thousands of deaths. Deborah Rosen wrote in her book that “ keep in mind that racism also served the tangible and intangible economic and political interests of the whites in various ways”( Rosen 103). The happenings can be compared to what happened in the nation because the whites used both the Black African and the people of the country to improve on their lives and success.
The wars resulted in several people becoming refugees and immigrants. Thus, the main area of focus the interest in which the foreigners had on Africa. The foreigners were targeting African resources such as sugar, salt, gold iron, copper, diamond bauxite, silver, petroleum, among others. The resources and raw materials that existed in African made foreign countries such as England, France Germany among others develop an interest in Africa. Yaa Gyias in one of the statements mentioned that “The British had no intention of leaving Africa even once the slave trade ended” (Gyasi, 93).
The instability that existed as a result of foreign invasion led to the fear of being killed among the people. As a result, several people fled from their homelands. People feared both crossfire and poverty. The text outlines how the country was highly hit by the scenario in which many people fled the country by using a boat when the war ended. Some of those who fled could not reach their destination but some who managed to reach developed bad memories following the experiences. The situation is similar to those refugees mentioned in Nguyen’s book. The similarities existed between refugees and asylum seeker though they were not the same in totality. Both of them had a fear of being killed because of differences in race religion or opinion. The host country should recognize those who seek the asylum and therefore they are guaranteed as displaced people. Some of the issues that were assumed are the traveling that one had made between the countries or if one had experience through interaction in either work or school. Most of the refugees flew to the USA, and they were later detained. Life in such conditions was not bearable because of the racism that existed in the host country. The people had bad attitudes toward non-whites. The harsh treatment led to the deaths of some refugees, and Edwidge Danticat uncle died, and he stated that “Was my uncle going to jail because he was Haitian? (Danticat 223).
Racism existed, and it was mentioned my Yaa Gyais novel Homegoing. Yaa Gyasi stated that “Weaknesses is treating someone as though they belong to you. Strength knows that everyone belongs to themselves.”(Gyasi, 38). In both texts, the authors hail from different parts of the world, and each had unique struggles through their situations were similar. Both of the authors were forces out of their land by the whites, and both were forced to drop their believes and cultures and adopt the European culture. There is a distinction between people who entered the US in 21 century and 1970s in which there was a large number of refugees.
In the 21st century, the policies on immigration do not only allow the white people but anyone who is affected provided that the person is in line with the United Nation’s policies. In the past decades, the refugees passed through harsh conditions. The people are using the same vessel (boat) to enter the host country but the treatment if fair as compared in the 1970-2000. In 1970 there was a large number of refugees. Today refuges can enjoy other rights such as education, which was not the case during the past. Refugees can now attend the school which results in competition in institutions such as universities and at the workplace. By acquiring education, the refugees will bring a positive impact to the county and the world at large. Nowadays, it will be incorrect for one to assume that the refugees have no impact on the economy. Several people perceive refugees as lazy and trouble makers, but this is not the case. The refugees should enjoy similar rights as for any human being.

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