Posted: August 1st, 2022

Improving Resident Safety in Nursing Homes

Improving Resident Safety in Nursing Homes
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Improving Resident Safety in Nursing Homes
Quality service delivery is a struggle of every health care center in the US with no known Care Center being an exception on this aspect. The nursing home facilities have many inadequacies that require quick intervention to uphold their service provision. There are various aspects of the service provision that apparently need improvement to better the service delivery. The health safety of residents in a nursing is very important in reducing the occurrences of injuries that may increase the cost of treatment and hospitalization.
The Purpose of This Program
The purpose of this project is to propose a change of culture amongst health care professional and providers in nursing homes. The project proposes that the nurses be taught to treat residents with the dignity and respect they require for their temporal stay at the nursing homes. Additionally, this project considers the role of the nursing quality and performance improvement department in ensuring that nurses treat residents with the proposed levels of dignity and respect for residents in this project.
The Target Population/Audience
This project has a wide range of audience. The first group in the health providers. The nursing homes management should take heed of the proposals herein so that they may ensure that their clients (residents) enjoy the high quality services by the nurses who will then treat them with dignity. They are the financiers of this projects in their own facilities and they can only do this adequately and willingly when they have an in-depth knowledge of what it is. The second group of audience are the nurses. These are the key players in the implementation of this projects as they are the people involved in the physical execution of the proposals. The success of this project in any facilities largely depends on nurses. Lastly, the customers (residents-to-be) may also use this proposal to make a choice on the nursing homes to join. Most of the people would like to be in the nursing homes where they are treated with respect and dignity and the aged people’s safety is ensured.
Benefits of Implementing This Program
This project will help develop a culture change among health care professional thus will improve the quality of healthcare facilities by a double fold. According to Nieva and Sorra (2003), the healthcare staff will change their focus from simple service delivery to the provision of services that are resident-centered. The viewers base on the fact that the aged people in the nursing home require compassionate and friendly interactions with the healthcare specialists. Regulations outlining the level of respect a resident is treated with will ensure that the provision of the individualized care best suits people’s quality of life. Dignity, autonomy and quality of life are some of the aspects to which much attention should be put on ensuring that the nursing home residents have a piece of mind in their stay at the facilities (Beaulieu, 2012). The management of the facilities needs to update and enforce their policies on how their health care staff practices this great duty. Several initiatives and projects will be carried out to help acquaint the staff with the necessary knowledge required for the optimum provision of resident-centered healthcare. Good nursing home which upholds the values and views of the residents will be achieved.
Notwithstanding, out of this project, the quality assurance and performance improvement department in nursing homes will always be on the alert. The department would be able mobilize the best practices in the nursing home care provision and identify and use the technological assistance in advancing the new quality assurance measures. Standards developed to meet the technical, and quality requirements of nursing home quality policies will also compare well with the social ones grown under similar parameters. An expandable scope, allowable for this department, will ensure that the health care center meets the changing quality requirements with a lot of ease. With improved capacity to execute their duties, the department of quality assurance will be able to meet at least national standards of quality healthcare providers.
The Cost for This Project
The cost of this project is not very high. It is largely dependent on the size of the facility and the number of nurses at work. The employees are to be paid a commensurate remuneration so that they are motivated to do a good job even in absence of motivation. The nurses too, before the commencement of this program will need a training on how to get footage from the CCTV cameras employed to track the residents within nursing home facilities and the alarm systems that will alert the health care providers in case the residents are in danger (Berwick, Godfrey & Roessner, 1991).
The cost of buying the security cameras and the alarm systems will depend on the type and the company though I bet it is relatively expensive. The cost of installation of the cameras and the alert systems will be very high suppose the facility is going after high quality services. The good news is that the service will be rewarding there later. The people carrying on the training for the nurses are also to be paid for the services thy will offer in addition to the payment for the consultancy services that will be offered within the period that the nurses will still need monitoring.
Assessment of the Project
The quality of life is a goal for all nursing homes but it is vital to put up measures that track the performance of the nursing staff on the issues regarding the quality of life. The assessment of whether the project is working may be done by arrangement of interviews on the perceptions of the residents regarding service delivery and the responses from such interviews analyze for the performance. Re-evaluation of the whole project will help improve on the efforts

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