Posted: August 1st, 2022

Death in the Play Fences

The micro-thesis is a truncated version of your documented essay. You
will complete a total of three of these. You have the choice of
choosing which ones you want to do. They will be completed after we
have finished the selections in the syllabus. They will be done in a
three paragraph format. Paragraph One: Introduce your theme. For
example if you choose “death” as a theme from the list of themes
provided by your instructor, you should discuss death in a manner that
makes your reader familiar with the term, then incorporate death in
your thesis statement. Paragraph Two: This paragraph should begin with
your topic sentences, which mentions your theme. Then you are to
provide a direct quotation or paraphrase using the 7th edition of the
MLA handbook to document your passage. You make use more than one
direct quotation or paraphrase. Also, in this paragraph you will use
your outside scholarly source to support your argument. This paragraph
may be divided into to parts if you feel your paragraph is becoming
too long. However, it can only be a continuation of the discussion you
began in the first part. Paragraph Three: Your conclusion my provide a
summary of your discussion and must restate the thesis without it
being verbatim. Make sure you compose a clear and concise summary.
Works Cited page: You should have two sources, your primary source and
your secondary source. Do not use Easy Bib or any other electronic
source to complete your Works Cited pager. They are not always
accurate. * Before completing you micro-thesis please make sure that
you have consulted your Writing Tips Sheet.

Death in the Play Fences
Death is the end of life for a person. To many people, death is terrifying. We shake when death knocks at our doors. It leaves scars in our hearts as a result of deep pain and grief for lost family members, relatives and friends. The thought of loneness that a spouse suffers especially after the ceremonies associated with burial have been finished, tears people apart. Death is irreversible. In this play, just like death, life is irreversible and one cannot change the past. The symbolic concept of death is the one that is very important in understanding the character of Troy and his intra-conflicts. In the practical sense, death appeared, taunted and challenged Troy. This essay discusses the physical and the symbolic concepts of death.
The subject of death is both practical concept and a symbolic concept with respect to Troy in the play, Fences. His narrative about death is more of a fantasy than a reality and seeks to emphasize of his potency. In one of the incidences, Troy confronts death, wrestles with it and wins, exemplifying a power that Troy really does not have. Troy cannot in reality change his fate especially of death. Troy’s life is truly a replica of his family’s against his true desire to change the course of family history. He chooses to be as brutal and controlling as his father was because he has conviction that there is no other way to bring up his son Cory, regardless of his love for him. As a consequence, he replicates the mistakes of the erstwhile posterity. While in the pursuit to keep his son off repeating his kind of live and from becoming a garbage collector, he ends up being ruthless and unkind to Cory’s life creating a rivalry between them and finally costing their relationship (Roudané 139).
He wants to change his son’s course of life partly because he is unable to change his own. Bogumil obviously contends that Troy was disappointed and unhappy because he is not able to continue his baseball profession (51). He does not want Cory to go playing football because he is preoccupied with bitterness for his disappointment in his sports career. There is nothing Troy wants to change as much as his baseball career. The only problem with his desire is that the past is fixed and cannot be changed just like death. The foregoing assertion connotes the symbolic meaning of death in the context of this play and forms the bulk of Roy’s interpretation of the nature of death.
In summary, the story takes a different turn from the reality and portrays Troy as someone with the ability to change nature and defeat death. His heart harbors this power has he fails to secure this change for himself and he loses his son, a repetition of history. Troy is unable to accept his challenges and inability to change himself, he maintains his vigilance against death and strives to triumph over it. This situation leaves living without humility or emotional maturity. Cory ultimately leaves the house never to return and Troy stays with a taunt for death to come and devour him.

Works Cited
Bogumil, Mary L. Understanding August Wilson: Revised Edition. Columbia, SC: University of South Carolina Press, 2011. Print.
Roudané, Matthew. “Safe at home? August Wilson’s Fences.” The Cambridge Companion to August Wilson. Ed. Christopher Bigsby. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Print.

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