Posted: August 1st, 2022

Chicano Studies

The Book Is:
Bixler-Marquez, Dennis. Et all. Chicana/o Studies: Survey and Analysis. 4th ed. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 2014.
ISBN 9781465225665

Précis/Study Guide: Reading Response requires detailed attention and will follow the standard method used for the MLA essay: well-developed writing, to include an introduction with thesis statement, several detailed paragraphs in ascending order of importance, and a satisfying conclusion.

Appropriate length is considered to be between 750 and 800words. Since size does not connote quality, focus on developing and covering the following areas in your essays:

– an introduction detailing your topic and your approach;
– at least THREE original questions you’ve generated and answer completely throughout your writing;
– an interpretation of the material (this is your analysis/how the piece relates to the course);
– your reactions—how it made you think/feel/understand related concepts;
– your final thoughts on the materials. I’d like to learn as much as possible about your thought processes and your application of the materials.

Précis are used to understand course materials and to ensure consistent and lively discussions. DO NOT SUMMARIZE the READINGS.
Chicano Studies
Chicano Studies was founded in the 1960s during the change s in the United States society structures were occurring. It focuses on the origin of the Mexican population in the United States, discussing their culture and other related temporary issues. The primary goal of the founding of the Chicano studies was to give students a foundation that will encourage them to pursue in-depth studies in various fields, including education, social science, humanities, history, culture, and socio-economic and political. This paper provides an analysis of Chicano Studies as a discipline.
The study on the topic tries to answer three major questions regarding Chicano Studies as a discipline, including the origins of Chicano Studies, how the discipline was formed, and what contributions and issues are associated with Chicano Studies as a discipline. The origin of Chicano Studies was born in the 1960s as the changes occurred in the United States societal structure. As various groups questioned their role in society concerning various issues that were then undergoing in society, such as inequality, opportunities in work, education, race, and health, they considered an alternative of solving the issues facing them. Chicano Studies, in the beginning, was associated with California due to the high population of Mexican that resided in the State and the impact of the Chicano Studies student movement that was determined to develop programs and defended their existence (Bixler-Marquez et al., viii). To affirm their existence, Chicano Studies students are also involved in political organizations, such as the Mexican American Youth Organization (MAYO), the United Mexican Ameri- can Students (UMAS), and the Movimiento Estudi- until Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA). The political platform provided the students the opportunity to confront institutions that lacked sensitivity with regard to the socio-economic issues. The events conducted by the Chicano Studies student movement were essential in forming the Chicano Studies programs in various states, including New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and Colorado.
The formation of the Chicano Studies discipline came into shape after the formation of departments, centers, and programs that resulted in discussions that were based on the formation of the Chicano paradigm that reflected the perspectives of Chicano. The studies aimed to ensure restoration of human dignity, the socio-economic transformation of the Chicano community, and contribute to the achievement of the full potential of Chicano students ((Bixler-Marquez et al., xi). The growth of publications and press saw the establishment of academic journals that enable the Chicano Studies to publish scholarships that gave access to mainstream academia. The foundation of the Chicano Studies paradigm and various research studies that were by the Chicano scholars open a way to establish teaching programs such as social science, humanities, arts, education, and community activism.
The contribution and issues in Chicano Studies is another aspect covered in this study. One of the issues with Chicano Studies is that it does not focus on gender with male dominating. Chicano Studies mainly focused on race and class, which was considered the best way to address the subordinate position of Mexicans in the United States. The discipline in Chicano Studies did not give priority to awareness of sexism and gender which is considered vital in the studies programs. Another issue associated with Chicano Studies is that it lacked preparation for the new generation, developing the discipline based on cultural resistance and social change. With the new generation coming in, Chicano Studies lacked the teaching, research, and structural objectives that saw the teaching field being more developed than the research field. Despite the issues, Chicano Studies made contributions in various aspects. It contributed to a high number of Latino communities accessing higher education (Bixler-Marquez, xiii). The achievements made by Chicano Studies saw the Maximization of Mexican American students and the development of various professionals, such as lawyers, teachers, counselors, and community workers. Chicano Studies research centers were of huge importance as they contributed to providing funding to faculties and provided the means of conducting research.
The material of Chicano Studies reflects some of the significant concepts that a university requires. Through the analysis of Chicano Studies as a discipline, one gains a better understanding of the requirements and structures that a higher education institution requires to focus on to achieve a sustainable environment for the students and the community. The material creates a perspective that makes one consider significant issues, including race, gender, class, and sexuality, that exist in the current institutional structures. With the Chicano Studies paradigm having been founded on such concepts, it provides an opportunity t understand the importance of an interdisciplinary that embraces local, national, and global framework.
The material provides an analysis of significant perspectives regarding the process of empowering students. The material explores social justice and democracy perspectives, which offers students the opportunity to prepare for their role as global citizens. The material can be applied in developing interdisciplinary, transformative, and relevant curriculum that is learned and researched based that cover dynamics in the United States society and identity issues, such as gender, race, and class, which are currently affecting the U.S. historical and cultural aspects.

Work Cited
Bixler-Marquez, Dennis. et all. Chicana/o Studies: Survey and Analysis. 4th ed. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 2014. ISBN 9781465225665

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