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The Effects of Discrimination -to Kill a Mockingbird Essay

“In the event you imagine that discrimination exists, it can.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo. Discrimination has been round for the reason that starting of time. In Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, the narrator, a younger woman by the title of Scout, comes to comprehend all of the differing types of discrimination. Her father Atticus is a lawyer and fights for the rights of others; Scout is taught by her father at a younger age, that discrimination is faulty. With the steerage of her father, she sees what can occur when prejudice attitudes are taken too far, and the way it can have an effect on the lives of individuals.

Some of the categories of discrimination that Scout encounters all through the novel are race, age, and social standing. Initially, a particular person can actually alter somebody’s life by being prejudice in the direction of them as a result of it dehumanizes and humiliates them; nevertheless that is laborious to alter when years of prejudice, discrimination, and racism are current in society.

Consequently, when individuals drop the necessity to level out others variations and decide them on superficial issues, individuals have a higher understanding of each other.

Usually in life, individuals do issues with out absolutely pondering of the results and the way it will have an effect on the opposite particular person. That is the primary intuition, and normally occurs naturally with out absolutely pondering it by. Nevertheless, this hurts the particular person emotionally, and creates issues like racial rigidity. Finally, individuals discriminate as a result of they’re insecure, and really feel the necessity to really feel higher about themselves. Folks additionally really feel the necessity to level out one other’s variations as a result of they’re unusual to them, and don’t absolutely perceive the sweetness of being distinctive.

Equality between women and men might be the oldest sort of discrimination there’s. Girls have been handled with out respect, on account of their gender. Girls are anticipated to behave correct, and to do what they’re instructed. All through the e-book To Kill a Mockingbird, gender discrimination is prevalent with the character Scout. Her aunt Alexandra continuously factors out the truth that Scout’s conduct may be very unladylike. Alexandra is fast to name out at the truth that Scout ought to put on clothes and never her overalls. This turns into hurtful to Scout as a result of all she needs is her aunt’s love and approval. Scout additionally begins to develop into citizen by her brother. He continuously rags on her as a result of she’s a woman. When the youngsters are youthful, Scout is seen extra as her brother’s equal, however as Jem matures and grows aside, he too turns into extra essential of Scout’s conduct and actions.

“Scout, I’m tellin‘ you for the final time, shut your entice or go dwelling—I declare to the Lord you’re gettin’ extra like a woman each day!” –Jem Finch. Jem makes use of this as a derogatory time period in the direction of Scout, as a result of he is aware of that she takes offense to it. When Jem makes use of this, Scout instantly does what Jem needs as a result of she’s too proud to again down, and likes to show Jem fallacious. Jem is exhibiting superiority as a result of he’s her older brother, and likewise the very fact he’s male. When Jem begins to develop up and grows other than Scout, he tells her she must develop up and begin performing like a woman. This hurts Scout as a result of she takes satisfaction in her tomboy angle, but in addition the truth that she has acted extra like a male to realize her brother’s respect. Lee units the novel in Alabama within the 1930’s to point out the significance of performing like a southern belle.

The women are nicely dressed, have social golf equipment, and know their place inside society. By way of Scout’s expertise, racial prejudice is the primary sort of discrimination, however Lee is exhibiting that gender discrimination has the identical quantity of impression. She’s additionally exhibiting that turning into prejudice begins at a younger age. Scout is simply six when her household begins to voice their opinions on her conduct and making an attempt to alter who she is as a particular person. This leads Scout to must cling on to what makes her distinctive, and likewise makes her resentful in the direction of her aunt and brother all through the e-book. Whereas Scout personally encounters gender discrimination, it doesn’t have the best impression on her.

“What good is social class and standing? Truthfulness is measured inside. Pleasure in a single’s standing is like poison – holding it in your hand and consuming it, you shall die.” Standing is one thing that the person craves. The potential to be considered and listened to as a result of you’ve got some kind of energy. There are individuals excessive on the standing scale, after which you’ve got those that sit in on the underside; these individuals are referred to as trash. Individuals are disgusted to see them, and normally can’t even naked to have a look at them. Folks do no matter they must do to achieve the highest; lie, cheat, steal, simply to have some satisfaction inside themselves. Although, if the person has to sin with a view to get there, how a lot satisfaction would individuals actually have? Others damage and sacrifice members of the human race with out realizing how a lot harm they’ve executed.

Humanity repeatedly hurts one different and turning into additional aside. Within the e-book To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout encounters social standing discrimination when she decides that she’s going to befriend Walter Cunningham after feeling dangerous about being prejudice towards him. Her aunt Alexandra, stops Scout saying that Walter wasn’t appropriate sufficient to play with, primarily based on his upbringings. “The factor is, you possibly can scrub Walter Cunningham until he shines, you possibly can put him in sneakers and a new swimsuit, however he’ll by no means be like Jem”. This confuses Scout as a result of she’s lastly made a grownup choice, and since Walter is white. Scout understands that Walter was raised in another way than her, however doesn’t care. She is a little one and simply needs to make mates. Within the city of Maycomb, the Ewells are thought of the city’s white trash. They stay subsequent to the city dump, have little cash, and no mom. The children are uneducated, the daddy is an alcoholic, and spends the reduction checks on alcohol. When Mayella kisses Tom, her father is extraordinarily upset, and Mayella regrets her actions. She blames Tom for her actions as a result of she is simply too ashamed to confess it to herself.

Mayella makes use of this as an excuse as an try and hold her dignity, and to not fall any decrease on the social ladder. Lee is exhibiting that each human must be understood and accepted. By way of the character Mayella, she reveals a woman that’s hungry for love and a spotlight, and a burning need to be accepted inside society. Although Mayella is doing this to guard herself, Atticus manages to show her to the individuals of Maycomb. Mayella won’t ever be like a Finch. “As you get older you’ll see white males cheat black males each day of your life, however let me inform you one thing and don’t you overlook it- at any time when a white man does that to a black man, regardless of who he’s, how wealthy he’s, of how effective a household he comes from, that white man will at all times be trash.” -Atticus Finch. Mayella

All through the e-book, Scout has come into context with discrimination. Scout learns that discrimination can damage and impacts the lives of individuals, and the one approach to change it’s to not be a half of it. Atticus is a massive affect in Scout’s life with this. He reveals her that she must be the larger particular person. Racial discrimination. One of essentially the most felt hates all over the world. Individuals are judged as a result of of their ethnicity and heritage, and never on what form of particular person they’re. Racial discrimination was widespread within the Southern States earlier than and after slavery was abolished. Even after slavery was abolished, Caucasians felt the necessity to present African Individuals that under no circumstances had been, or would they ever be equal. Caucasians felt that they had been higher than African Individuals as a result of of their pores and skin shade and felt the necessity to deal with them with completely no respect. Caucasians referred to as African Individuals had been referred to as hurtful names reminiscent of “darkie”, “nigger”, and “negroe” with out realizing the .

Within the e-book To Kill a Mockingbird, racial discrimination may be very prevalent within the character’s hometown, Maycomb. Racism turns into recognizable throughout Tom Robinson’s trial. Tom is convicted of raping Mayella Ewell, although Atticus had confirmed that Tom was harmless and the jury had restricted proof to show Mayella harmless. Atticus says he has by no means had a jury take into account a black man’s case as they did with Tom’s. The jury knew what was proper, however nonetheless went with the data that they’ve at all times identified, not making an attempt to problem it.

The jury damage Tom and his household by convicting him. Tom misplaced his self-worth, and his household must stay with out their father and his monetary help. Scout can also be responsible of being racist. All through the e-book, Scout makes use of the time period, “nigger,” a couple of occasions. Scout picked up these phrases in school, the place these children had realized them from their mother and father. Within the novel, Lee is making an attempt to level out how society, and oldsters poison the minds of younger youngsters. Youngsters aren’t born prejudice, they’re both influenced by their friends or mother and father. These children develop with the angle that this conduct is suitable as a result of that’s all they’ve ever identified. These children develop into adults they usually use their racism as an excuse to try to lift themselves greater on the social scale.

Many of us can’t rely the quantity of those who we’ve damage on our fingers. Folks have damage others in many alternative methods, whether or not it’s with phrases or bodily actions. Society doesn’t cease to suppose of how this may have an effect on the sufferer with their violence. It’s an preliminary motion to simply prejudge others earlier than even attending to know them. These individuals must stay with the damage that has been inflicted on them, and the fixed reminder that they’re thought of nugatory. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout realizes the harm that discrimination can do to others. This teaches Scout to take others emotions into consideration and be taught to empathize.

Scout additionally decides that she needs to begin to make a change. Scout refuses to make use of hurtful phrases and learns to not decide others earlier than she will get to totally know them. When individuals be taught to simply accept others for who they’re, and even taking the time to take a seat and take into account what it’s prefer to be that particular person, they absolutely don’t perceive how they impact and severely damage others. If individuals sat down and thought of the results of their actions and phrases, individuals would join to one another higher. As the nice character Atticus Finch as soon as stated, “You by no means actually perceive a particular person till you take into account issues from his level of view – till you climb into his pores and skin and stroll round in it.”

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