Posted: July 31st, 2022

Effect Of Personality On Effective Communication Essay

Psychologists have give you completely different definitions so far as character is anxious. Nevertheless, most of them are likely to comply with the truth that, character is the person’s distinctive sample of ideas, patterns of thought, emotions and conduct that are likely to persist over time and scenario, (Morris & Meistos 1998p 442). Accordingly, Morris and Meistos have discovered that character as described within the above definition has two elements, that’s, it’s a distinctive sample of an individual- these tenets that isolate or inform a person from one other.

Secondly, that character has a spell, that’s, they persist via time and throughout conditions. The final instance merely signifies that character is steady and enduring. In response to James Kalat, in his introduction to psychology, the phrase character has been derived from the Latin phrase persona which implies ‘masking’, (Kalat, 1990 p 467). It traces its roots from the theatres of historic Greek and Rome the place actors wore masks to point their emotions- whether or not they had been joyful, unhappy and even indignant.

The usage of the phrase character, nonetheless, has a completely completely different which means from the phrase masks. In response to James Kalat (1990), a masks may be put and be eliminated once more after the play, however character as we noticed within the definition above, signifies one thing steady and enduring. Personality additionally consists all constant methods wherein the conduct of 1 particular person differs markedly from that of one other particular person. Of the a number of psychologists who’ve wrote about character, Sigmund Freud (1856- 1939) and Karl Jung are probably the most notables ones.

Sigmund Freud really held the opinion that our conduct is predicated on unconscious instincts. A few of these behaviors are aggressive and damaging; whereas others reminiscent of starvation, thirst, self-preservation, and intercourse are vital for the survival of the species. Sexual instincts in accordance with Freud simply don’t imply erotic sexuality conduct but in addition want to nearly any type of pleasure. Consequently, Freud regarded the sexual instincts as probably the most central within the growth of character.

James Kalat (1990) has discovered that this side from the Freudian idea may be very very important for the institution of a full particular person. Subsequently in accordance with him the way in which we talk, handle others and common relationship are decided from innate by our character. Morris and Meisto, of their psychology an introduction have discovered that Carl Jung, who was a scholar of Freud, had a special route so far as character is anxious, (Morris & Meistos 1998, p 442).

In response to them, though the 2 believed within the position of unconscious in figuring out human conduct, Jung fell out with Freud’s view that the Id is the will for sexual pleasure which is led by the ego, Jung emphasised that the unconscious is the supply of energy vitality manifested by the ego, (Morris, Maisto 1998, p 447). Additional, Jung emphasised that the unconscious a part of character can break down into the private unconscious and the collective unconscious. Subsequently, in accordance with James and Maistos (1998), character may be stated to regulate the entire particular person.

Patterns of life which embody conduct, feelings, and communicational points reminiscent of talking, listening, listening to and noise are all manifestations of character. Communication, as has been discovered by James (1990), relates straight with character of an within the sense that it’s a course of wherein one has to listen to and perceive the views and concepts of one other. Generally feelings are aroused in the midst of communication course of. Feelings right here can imply that the entire course of could make one joyful or unhappy, delighted or anxious,

A very good instance of a communication course of wherein feelings take a centre stage is that this extract taken from a play by this Nigerian play author, Wole Soyinka in his 1965 play, the Highway. Salubi: Six o’clock I wager. I don’t know the way it’s, however regardless of once I fall asleep I get up it strikes six. Now that may be a miracle. Samson: There may be miracle someplace however not what you say. Possibly the sight of you utilizing the chewing stick Salubi: Look Samson, it’s early within the morning. Return to sleep if you’re going to begin once more. (He begins to place his chauffeur’s uniform).

Samson: Who lend you uniform? Salubi: I purchase it with my very own cash. (Samson goes over, feels the material). Samson: second hand! Salubi: so what? Samson: not less than you may need washed it. Have a look at that blood stain- has somebody smashed your enamel? Salubi: garbage, no washing powder. Samson: all proper, all proper. However you’re a humorous particular person. Humorous like these avenue idiots. How can anybody purchase uniform when he hasn’t bought a job? Salubi: impression. I take uniform to impress all future employers. Samson: With that smear on the entrance?

Salubi: (angrily going over to Samson) Go thoughts your personal enterprise you jobless tout. ( Qtd Soyinga . W, 1956 PP 2-Three) In such a dialog with the likes of Samson no significant understanding can happen. There may be proof of character with Samson seemingly proud lounging his assault on the seemingly low standing of the colleague. Ultimately, a misunderstanding is clear, and at last they a get away. For a person who all the time has an excellent self impression, and is often assured and guaranteed, could also be fairly insecure particularly one to at least one.

Which means that efficient passage of the message may not ultimately happen. Individuals launched to celebrities have been identified to stutter, flutter or be struck dumb. A person engaged in a two particular person colloquy should really reckon with a number of photos. First, he sees himself as he feels he’s. He additionally feels himself as he needs the opposite would see him. And at last he sees himself as he suspects the opposite particular person actually does see him, (Abernathy, 1959 p 7). As an example the foregoing, suppose you as a scholar go to see one among your favourite academics.

You see your self as considerably better-the-average college students, although you might be certain how properly you might be mastering this specific topic. In the meantime you dream of being a famous person scholar that your teacher will robotically consider you when matter of particular awards is talked about. Additionally, nonetheless from the tone of 1 or two feedback he has made worry that the instructor sees as fairly poor. This suspicion bothers you a fantastic deal as you put together to speak to him. When there’s a extensive hole between these photos stress develops, and most definitely a wholesome and significant dialog can be affected.

The listening to and listening points of communication are interfered with simply due to nervousness and stress grip, (Abernathy, 1959 p eight). A younger man or lady ready to fulfill a person, whether or not or not in place of authority, have all the time had stress due to the way in which they understand this particular person and likewise their character. Adults ought to in essence be made to know that their character impacts the way in which they’re perceived by the younger era. You possibly can think about you being addressed by a person with a distorted character like within the case of Samson above.

Personality in essence impacts all points of communication, however most vital listening and listening to. Moreover, if our adults understood the character of the younger era they’re required to be addressing, for instance, they need to know the related info to relay to the youngsters. Ever heard of the generational hole! Distinction arising in the way in which the youthful era comes to know the older era is definitely vested within the character as expressed by the 2 generations.It’s useful that in future adults ought to perceive us! ( Abernathy, 1959 p 10)


Abernathy, E. (1959). Fundamentals of Speech Communication. Mc. C. Brown Firm Publishers. Hayes, D. (1998). Effective Verbal Communication. Berkshire: Horder & Stoughton. Soyinka, W. (1965). The Highway. Nairobi: Oxford College Press. Kalat, J. W. (1990). An introduction to Psychology. Belmont: Wadworth Publishing Firm. Morris, G. M. & Maisto, A. A. (1998). Psychology: An Introduction. New Jersey, Prentice-Corridor.

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