Posted: July 31st, 2022

Alexandrov Ensemble is a popular and famous ensemble

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Alexandrov Ensemble
Alexandrov Ensemble is a popular and famous ensemble in Russia and across the world. They served during the Soviet times and later began entertaining the modern audience. The excellent characteristics of this ensemble are the coherent unity and good performance. The team played significant roles during the revolutionary time and Second World War. The aim was to giving morale to the soldiers. The history and roles played they played before beginning to entertain audience are important for understanding the ensemble into details.
In the world of advancement in technology and increase in competition, people like showing their talents at the individual level or in a small and sizable ensemble. The Alexandrov Ensemble is a unique choir due to their large number of the members and the stability that it has portrayed since its inception. It is not easy to bringing together the gifted musician to perform together without conflicts and separations within the team. However, Alexandrov Ensemble has managed the task, and they deserved to be honored. Last year December, A Tupolev Tu-154 plane crashed, and 64 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble team died on their way to Russia air base in Syria for the performance of New Year troops (Ivan, np). The successful performance and the good faith and the long stability of the Alexandrov Ensemble Choir have prompted my move to dig a little bit about the choir. The discussion focuses on brief history and roles played before they began entraining the modern audience.
Brief History
The Alexander Ensemble was founded in 1928 with a total of thirteen members, director included. The ensemble is also known as the Red Army Choir. The purpose of creating this military choir was to boost the morale of the fighting troops in the Far East. The role was great, and the team stood to uphold it. The director, Alexander Alexandrov devoted his time and effort in composing both the revolutionary and military songs. The work he did is appreciable. The determination of the members of the ensemble attracted more dancers and musicians, and the size of the ensemble began to increase. The good faith in the ensemble attracted more members, and in 1933, the number grew to 300 performers. It consisted of three distinct forces of a male choir, an ensemble of dancers, and orchestra. In 1929, the ensemble paid a visit to the Far East lands of the Soviet Union to entertain the troops working on the Far East Railway.
The ensemble played various roles raining from entertainment to morale giving depending on the situation of the moment. The ensemble played a great towards the end of the revolutionary period because through singing the soldiers got motived to work and fight. It is said that listening to the choir from the soldiers; a person could get relieved from taking of the Winter Palace. After the end of the revolutionary in Russia, the Alexandrov Ensemble evolved their mission and embarked on the touring across the world in conveying the message and news regarding the communist deal, and this touched the working class of many nations. During the Paris World’s Fair which happened in 1937, the team brought home the first great success. The impact of this first concert resulted to their fame in Paris artistic society during that period.
The choir is also remembered with their defining moment of the Second World War. Colonel Boris Alexandrov took the place of his father in 1946. He was then named the general of a special elite corps who would serve the choir at the hardest moment in the history of the choir. The front got loose, and the advancing rate of the enemy escalated at an alarming rate. The Soviets had to resist, and for the realization of the goal, the Soviet needed an army that was more than bullets and cannons. The dreams and music would mask the thunderous sound of battle. The Alexandrov Ensemble was up to the task. Therefore, it important to remember this ensemble at all times. Under the leadership of Boris, a lot commendable achieved were realized they brought success home from various concerts. President Vladimir Putin through his decree has remembered the work of the first director of the ensemble by returning some of the Alexandrov military songs to be Russian Hymn after they were once Soviet Hymn. The move is significant to honor the memories of Alexander Alexandrov.
Summary and Conclusion
Alexandrov Ensemble is an excellent choir. The choir has served Russia as a nation and conducted concerts in various parts of the world. The history and the roles they have played in the past prove their worth of being invaluable to the Russia and the rest of the world. So the source of their honor is evident.
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