Posted: July 27th, 2022

Discussion: Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions

Discussion: Immediate Hypersensitivity Reactions

What evidence suggests that Anna does not have an acute severe infection?
Anna’s vital signs are within normal limits, her blood pressure and pulse are all normal. Acute severe infections however cause low body temperature, chills, fevers and nausea, among others.

If Anna has allergic rhinitis, what type of hypersensitivity reaction is involved?
It looks to be that Anna has an Immediate (Type I) hypersensitivity. This type of reaction can also be called an Anaphylactic Response. These reactions are mediated by IgE that are produced as a response to certain allergens. These antibodies bind to mast cells. The most common reactions are caused by food allergies and other allergens in the environment. (Vaillant, 2020)

A skin test indicates that Anna is allergic to cat dander. Two months ago, Anna’s roommate brought home a cat. Why didn’t Anna’s symptom start when the cat entered the household, rather than 3 weeks later?
Sometimes it takes a while for the body to react to certain allergens, also her type of reaction (type I) is delayed because Anna’s body began sensitizing to the allergens in cat dander. Also, it might have taken a while for the cat to shed enough dander to a level that her body could recognize. Anna is allergic to cat dander, as shown by a test on her skin. Anna’s roommate brought home a cat two months ago. Why didn’t Anna’s problem start when the cat moved in, instead of 3 weeks later?
Some allergens take a while for the body to react to, and Anna’s type I reaction is delayed because her body has become more sensitive to the allergens in cat dander. Also, the cat may have needed some time to shed enough dander for her body to recognize it.

What class of antibodies bind to the mast cells?
The class of antibodies that bind to mast cells are called IgE (IgE | Biochemistry, n.d.)

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