Posted: July 26th, 2022

Should the US Support Initiatives that Restrict Carbon Emission

Should the US Support Initiatives that Restrict Carbon Emission (or carbon pollution)


Should the US Support Initiatives that Restrict Carbon Emission (or carbon pollution)
Effective federal policies are required to tackle climate change issues, especially in reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The guidelines are meant to strengthen the resilience of the U.S economy towards climate change. After taking over government, President Biden has agreed to reinstate the Paris Agreement, which sets the pace for the U.S to address the climate change. It also seeks to achieve zero emission of carbon before 2030. The new carbon emission initiative or target is known as the “nationally determined contribution”(NDC) (Alola, 2019). The current administration recognizes climate change as a major threat to the national wellbeing. Addressing the issue will open up new job opportunities, promote technological innovations in America, provide union jobs, and promote clean air and drinking water for the people. This essay supports the idea that the U.S should support initiatives that restrict carbon emission or rather carbon pollution.
Supporting View
The U.S should support the initiative to restrict carbon pollution for several reasons. The main reason for supporting the initiative is that restrictions on carbon emission will benefit the global economy of the U.S. This is mainly because air pollution has been the leading cause of millions of deaths. It has also caused major declines in the economy. According to Jiang et al. (2016), the limitation of carbon emissions would reduce the pressure exerted on health care systems by cutting down on the number of deaths thus promoting other forms of investments.
Furthermore, a reduction in the levels of carbon emission will assist boost the economy by lowering over-dependency of the nation towards foreign fossil fuels. The government tends to spend a lot of resources in purchasing foreign fossil fuels, considering that the price of carbon has increased tremendously. Restricting the emission of carbon will play an integral part in promoting social-economic and environmental impacts since carbon emission has led to more destruction. This has resulted in a high cost of maintaining businesses and general public health. As Alola (2019), indicates, failure to restrict carbon emissions will hinder the achievement of the 2025 goals, which aim at promoting economic benefit through the development of a clean power plan.
Additionally, the U.S should support the initiative to restrict the emission of carbon to promote technological advancement, especially when it comes to developing vehicle efficacy and systems that would replace fossil fuels (Jiang et al., 2016). Restriction of carbon emission will boost productivity. This is mainly because production is affected by climate change factors such as a rise in sea level, flooding, and drought which affect sectors such as agricultural production. More so, the emission of greenhouse gases has caused a severe effect on the environment and individual health. Supporting the initiative would play a critical role in preventing global warming, which is caused by the accumulation of gases, such as methane, Nitrous Oxide, carbon dioxide, and other fluorinated gases in the atmosphere. Carbon has been the leading cause of global warming, caused by burning coal, oil, and gas. The gases, however, consist of carbon dioxide, which pollutes the environment.
Another reason why the initiative should be supported is mainly because carbon emission has led to the death of forests and reduced atmospheric visibility. The emission of carbon, including other toxic gases, causes extreme weather conditions, such as drought, smog, and wildfires, leading to the death of forests. Forests play an integral part in daily human life, such as promoting the production of food, providing shelter for animals, and promoting the atmospheric cycle, which contributes to rainfall, suitable for agricultural production. Carbon emission has also led to extreme temperature in the U.S since carbon dioxide radiates heat, affecting the earth’s energy budget balance, raising the planet’s average temperature. Carbon dioxide is a toxic gas that should be restricted and considered the most long-lived greenhouse gas.
The opposing View
According to several scientists, the arguments concerning a temperature rise have not yet been proven. The current discussion concerning climate change and global earth warming is uncertain and might be wrong. According to scientists, the increase in temperature has been contributed by cyclical variation in ocean conditions and not the warming effect caused by carbon as a greenhouse gas. The science behind climate change is skeptical since the rise of global temperature is pure fatalism. According to a report by the United Nations (U.N) environment program, temperatures rise by six degrees at the end of every century despite the actions developed in reducing carbon emission (Chang, and McAleer, 2019). Also, the restriction of carbon will shift the American jobs to countries that do not reduce carbon emission, especially jobs that involve carbon, where also the development of clean energy jobs will cost people working in fossil fuel jobs, which will affect the overall economy. Climate security will affect the USA economy thus hurting the poor.
Another excuse behind opposing the initiative to reduce carbon emission in the U.S is that the reduction process will lead to hike prices of gasoline and oil higher (Chang, and McAleer, 2019). The restriction of carbon emission will decimate families’ budgets due to the development of the global warming bill.
Based on the statistical range and probability, carbon emission is one of the leading causes of human suffering in the U.S. There may be uncertainty on the rate of temperature rise, economic impacts of restriction, and the high price of oil. The fact remains that carbon emission causes global warming which affects the atmospheric cycle thus disrupting the weather patterns leading to extreme temperatures such as high temperature and destructive rainfall (Chang, and McAleer, 2019). It is illogical to stay calm and unbothered because the temperature rise has not yet been proven. The reality is that people are suffering and the best thing to do is develop policies that could mitigate the issue with the available statistical information. The opposing argument is dishonest and tiresome because climate change is global and a big issue to worry about. Also, restricting the emission of carbon will bring forth many benefits compared to ignoring the problem.
The U.N has no choice apart from supporting the restriction of carbon emission which has to lead to premature deaths, low productivity, hospital admissions, heart attacks, respiratory diseases, and declining economic growth. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air-pollution co-benefits are fifty to sixty-five billion, which are more than the compliance cost. Hence, economic growth of the U.S goes hand in hand with the restriction of carbon emission. I would recommend that the U.S should develop strategies such as creating the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) innovation zones which would assist in capturing carbon emissions from manufacturing industries. CCS innovation can be placed in industrial areas, such as Huston Ship Channel.

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