Posted: July 26th, 2022



Read Sociology in the Global Community: Life in the Global Village in your text book.

Discuss how you would feel if the customs and traditions you grew up with were replaced by the culture and values of another country. What are some things you could imagine yourself doing to protect your culture?

Response Posts: In addition to your original post, be sure to provide a meaningful response to at least two of your peers’ posts by the end of the week. In your response to your peers, you might offer your ideas on assimilation.
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If my culture is threatened to be replaced by a different culture, my first reaction would be to naturally rebel against the influence. Thus, I would feel a sense of culture shock and confusion in the situation. Anyone in a similar situation would feel the same because of the experience of lacking recognition and respect for the existing culture. It is sensible to always stick to your own cultural beliefs, values, and traditions all the time and always be ready to protect them. For example, if the new imperial culture is against my current dress code and dictates the type of music to start listening to, I would immediately organize a peaceful protest and play the banned music. I would encourage my fellow activists to wear these clothes and insist on firm declarations on never changing our cultural traditions.
Additionally, traditions are the pillars of any culture hence can be expressed in different ways. In my case, I will encourage fellow community members to maintain their food culture and popularize the vernacular language more in communication (Roders, 2011). Besides, I would defend artists in the community by intensifying marketing for their work both internally and externally. Thus, many of the community’s cultural heritage will be stored in people’s homes as portraits and creative wall paintings making it hard for the new traditions and customs to be absorbed. Similarly, I will conduct field research through oral interviews from one house to another and record family trees. This will keep track of them and informed; hence it can help in rebelling against the new culture at the family level.
Concisely, there are many ways that a new culture can be fought. They all require a strategic thinker who should seek out help from other community members. Therefore, teamwork and dedication to the elemental forms of a community’s culture will be beneficial. Hence, I will focus on sensitizing my community members to avoid any imperialist ideas and stick to community traditions and values that they are familiar with by maintaining their traditional cuisines, music, and family structure.

Roders, A. P., & Van Oers, R. (2011). Bridging cultural heritage and sustainable development. Journal of Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainable Development.

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