Posted: July 19th, 2022

Legislation Grid

Legislation Grid

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Legislation Grid

Health-related Bill Name
H.R.7666 – Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act of 2022
Bill Number H.R.7666
Description The bill was introduced by Rep. Pallone, Frank, Jr. [D-NJ-6] 5/6/2022. The purpose of the bill is to propose amendment of the public health service act to reauthorize certain mental health and substance abuse programs (, 2022).
Federal or State? Federal
Legislative Intent The legislative purpose of the bill is to amend of the public health service act to reauthorize certain mental health and substance abuse programs (, 2022). The purpose is to expand the access to mental health and substance abuse programs.
Proponents/ Opponents Proponents:
The supporters of the bill believe that reauthorizing mental health and substance programs will be beneficial to low income families. The objective is to widen the scope of the healthcare services for the affected groups with mental health issues and drug and substance addiction.
The opponents of the bill believe that expanding the healthcare services through reauthorizing the mental health issue is an additional cost to the government. The opponents are pessimistic that the bill will change the landscape of mental health and drug addiction. They believe that the bill does not address the real issues regarding mental health and drug and substance.
Target Population The target population is people with mental health issues and drug and substance addiction.
The department of human and health services.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Status of the bill (Is it in hearings or committees?)
The bill has been introduced and placed on the union calendar for further action.

General Notes/Comments

Mental health issues and drug and substance addiction are health issues that affect millions of people across America. Restoring hope for millions of people through amendment of the public health service is essential. The goal of the act to reauthorize certain mental health and substance abuse programs to benefit Americans of all ages.
Part 2: Legislation Testimony/Advocacy Statement
The purpose of the legislation is to reauthorize specific mental health and substance abuse programs. The goal is to ensure people across different states can access mental healthcare services. The dynamics of the Covid-19 pandemic show the rising number of people at risk of mental health issues due to job losses, high cost of living, and risk of losing property and savings (Knopf, 2022). It is easy for people to plunge into substance, alcohol, and drug abuse to seek comfort. The legislation is timely since the country needs to enhance the delivery of mental healthcare services and substance and alcohol abuse treatment.
My position about the legislation is that it is timely due to the millions of people at risk of anxiety and depression. Reauthorizing treatment and expanding the care network will eliminate the risk of preventable deaths. Reauthorization effectively gives access to millions of people at risk of suicide and depression (Makwana, 2019). Research shows that healthcare services are vital in saving lives, changing lifestyles, and educating people (Knopf, 2022). The provision of healthcare services for mentally challenged people will increase the number of people the government can reach and provide free and professional care.
The opposing views base their argument on the allocation of funds. The objective is first to evaluate past mental health and alcohol, drug, and substance abuse to determine the weaknesses. The knowledge will provide a better platform for making an informed choice. I would describe the opposing side as an insensitive argument that does not consider the health of millions of people missing out on healthcare services meant for mentally ill people and addicts of alcohol, drugs, and substances. The legislation requires support from diverse stakeholders to increase mental healthcare services and alcohol and substance abuse, especially during the post-pandemic era.

References (2022). H.R. 7666 — 117th Congress: Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act of 2022. Retrieved from
Knopf, A. (2022). Mammoth bipartisan bill would revamp SAMHSA programs. Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly, 34(19), 1-4.
Makwana, N. (2019). Disaster and its impact on mental health: A narrative review. Journal of family medicine and primary care, 8(10), 3090.

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