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WEEK 11: “I Want to Write an American Poem.” (Handout)—précis

The Book Is:
Bixler-Marquez, Dennis. Et all. Chicana/o Studies: Survey and Analysis. 4th ed. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt, 2014.
ISBN 9781465225665

Précis/Study Guide: Reading Response requires detailed attention and will follow the standard method used for the MLA essay: well-developed writing, to include an introduction with thesis statement, several detailed paragraphs in ascending order of importance, and a satisfying conclusion.

Appropriate length is considered to be between 750 and 800words. Since size does not connote quality, focus on developing and covering the following areas in your essays:

– an introduction detailing your topic and your approach;
– at least THREE original questions you’ve generated and answer completely throughout your writing;
– an interpretation of the material (this is your analysis/how the piece relates to the course);
– your reactions—how it made you think/feel/understand related concepts;
– your final thoughts on the materials. I’d like to learn as much as possible about your thought processes and your application of the materials.

The author stresses the need to reimagine and rewrite America, especially for the Mexicano Indian person. His writing goal is to present a poem that will focus on the individual’s being and his place in the world that determines the relationships he will have with other persons in the same space. Also, the written piece will be his contribution to the causes of Indian and Compassion, justice, and social changes. Therefore, as the author emphasizes, it is prudent that the life and cultural riddle that a Mexican American faces can only be solved by rethinking America, the individual self, and rethinking the American writing.
1. Why does the writer insist on presenting his explorations and presentations?
According to the author, writing a poem would allow him to turn things on their head or on the side, which is its ideal function (“To America with love”, 6). Every person that will read the poem will get an opportunity to fully grapple with the author’s reflections and engage in a rare and collective conversation on and for America.
2. Why does the author choose to go back to Mexico and undertake his new quest of understanding his identity?
The author indicates that he looks to a reinvention of the Mexican Southlands and his place position, which he holds as a brown man from “El Norte”. Also, considering that the poem will be spoken of and for America, it is impossible to do that without questioning himself from his position. The possibility of grasping what Ameria is in the ability to recollect oneself as a member of the disinherited Indian and American family and resign oneself to the new, conflicting, fictive kinship system that he originated from (“To America with love”, 7). The author also indicates that the search for “authentic “American” descriptions and manner of speaking is a double search that will entail going into the indigenous territories and within oneself.
3. What model of American writing sir Rigoberta Menchu provides, especially for those that want to venture i9nto poetry writing?
In her gut-wrenching autobiographical account of India living in the highlands and Guatemala’s city centers, the author provided the role of the poet and the enterprise of the writer. She states in this kind of writing which the present author wants to venture into. It is prudent that one looks into all the disasters and fatalities, have no fear while dealing with the constant, relentless oppression, understand the language of the marginalized and the oppressors, offer assistance to the exploited communities, break through the established borders while constantly fighting and forgiving (“To America with love”, 9). In this kind of content and provision of bordered lines of information, the written poetry speaks louder of the Mexicano’s experience while not sidelining what has been written before.
Understanding this piece written demonstrates a gap between each Mexican immigrant within the United States, especially those born there. These individuals are often told repeated stories of their original homes, the experiences of former generations, and what forward looks for them. However, this person will still have a quench that will seek to further their identity and even understand America more. While it might not put the American country in a good light, the objective is not to cause conflict but rather have better answers apart from what has been written in history books.
The written piece did exude mixed reactions from me on the first read. However, after going through it several times, I got to understand the author. The author will understand the cultural contradictions, political indictments, social change happening in America, justice affecting the Mexican immigrant, and achieve a personal awareness. His focus is on rethinking his individuality, America, and American writing. Therefore it is only through an exploration of oneself from their origin that these issues can be handled.
Additionally, thinking through the thought process of this author, there is a manner in which this person wants to present his work to the Mexicanos people. It goes beyond wanting to contribute more knowledge but instead develops a conversation on and for America. This will have to start from where this person comes from. As they come into the country, they could have better explorations and reflections in engaging in the collective conversation. The individual will have achieved a better understanding of concepts such as the nation, ethnic symbols, cultural practices, and literary systems.

Works Cited:
“To America with Love,” I want to write an American Poem: Benjamin Alire Saenz” .

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