Posted: July 7th, 2022

Reflection Paper on Learning Psychology

Week 2 Overview
Do you know what is involved in researching a paper? This module will discuss the research paper process as well as how to find good sources to cite.
Learning Objectives
Upon completing this module, students will be able to:
• Name the research paper process
• Explain and apply the CRAAP test
• Narrow the topic
• Identify the different types of sources

• Microsoft Office 2016 for Dummies
o Part 2: Working with Word
 Chapter 5: Typing text in Word
 Chapter 6: Formatting Text
 Chapter 7: Designing your pages
Week 2.5:
Academic Writer Database
• Academic Writer A digital platform for composing research papers and managing references in APA Style through full integration of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Individual user accounts are required to write papers and save references.
Week 2 Viewing Assignments
Watch the following Academic Writer Tutorials – LEARN tab- Quick Guides
• Verb Tense
• Tone
• Conciseness
• Clarity
• Continuity
• Types of Student Papers
• Gender
• Sexual Orientation
• Racial and Ethnic Identity
• Disability
• Age
• Historical and Interpretive Accuracy

LEARN tab- Sample Papers
Davis: “What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness? A Practice Review of Psychotherapy-Related”

Gianoli: “Treatment for Comorbid Borderline Personality Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorders: A Review of the Evidence and Future Recommendations”

Gianoli: “Treatment for Comorbid Borderline Personality Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorders: A Review of the Evidence and Future Recommendations”
This sample literature review examines the existing treatment options for patients diagnosed with both borderline personality disorder and an alcohol use disorder. The title page demonstrates the format for multiple authors affiliated with a single university. The paper features a two-level heading structure as well as tables that summarize the included studies.

Week 2.5 Link above

Reflection Paper on Learning Psychology
Institutional Affiliation
1) What was old information?
This is the background information on a particular topic that provides the latter’s context. It is through the old information that the researcher gets to understand the research subject and its importance. Scholarly researchers that have looked into the research subject do present this old information which becomes a fundamental base for the researcher to build upon their research.
2) What was new information?
This is information that has never been presented within the research field. The new information has been developed from the utilization of the old information in a new and creative way to lead to the generation of new concepts, perspectives, methodologies, and even understandings. Previous research could be synthesized and analyzed to the extent that it brings forth new outcomes that have not been ventured into. A presentation of new information requires the use of the right cues in order to ensure that the audience captures and understands it, considering they are hearing it for the first time.
3) What is causing you grief?
Currently, I am grieving the death of a loved one who has been an essential part of my life, especially in terms of growth. This was a person that has been part and parcel of my life endeavors, and their input was very fundamental. Therefore, losing them at a very early age when we were working on our dreams took a toll on me since I have lost a considerable part of myself in life. The grief has caused me to be preoccupied with the loss that I lose focus on doing what I am supposed to do and an inability to experience joy, especially when remembering the good times we created.

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