Posted: July 7th, 2022


Educational requirements
• Bachelors of science in nursing degree
Certification /Licensure: Yes
• They get licensure after successful completion of an approved nursing education meeting all state requirements. They must also have passed the national council licensure examinations or the state board test pool examination. One must hold a current and active RN license in another state, a U.S territory, or Canada.
Continuing educational requirements: Yes
• Registered nurses are required to complete thirty contact hours of continuing education every two hours and pay renewal fee to maintain an active licence.
Advancement potential within this career
• A registered nurse will grow through vigorous practise and good results will make her grow and be known
• A registered nurse can also continue her studies to become a nursing practitioner and expand her work scope
• A registered nurse can also venture into private nursing at families, homes and registered nursing homes for the old.
Areas of specialties within this career
• Advanced practise nursing
• Cardiac nursing
• Flight nursing
• Telephone triage nursing
Salary: Variable
• The median expected annual salary for registered nurse is $68,540. However, one can get more money depending on the number of other nursing jobs one does on the side.
Work environments: Several Possibilities
• This will depend on the area of specialty. However, it is mostly in hospitals and nursing homes however, a nurse can work in planes, military camps, home healthcare agencies, rehabilitation centres, dialysis centres, outpatient facilities, and many other several working environments.
Job responsibilities:
• Registered nurses provide various services depending on their areas of specialisation and their work environment. The general responsibilities are stated below:
 They provide care for the patients and also aid the physicians in providing treatment to patients in various medical settings.
 Monitoring, recording and reporting symptoms or changes in a patient’s condition.
 They also maintain accurate patient’s reports and medical histories.
 They also administer medication and treatments to patients and observe reactions and side effects of the drugs
 They perform diagnostic tests
 They prepare patients for examination
 Advice patients and their families on various health conditions
Work hazards and physical demand:
• Nurses face potential exposure to infectious diseases, toxic substances, back injuries and radiation.
• They are subject to hazards such as stress, shift work, and violence in the workplace.
• They also subject to physical strain due to lots of work that demand standing and lots of rushing
• They are also subject to mistreatment especially in the homes and other working environments that don’t know their working scope
Is travel involved: Yes
• Nurses travel from their homes to the hospital normally. But depending on the work environments international and local travels can be involved. For example flight nurses and military nurses travel much more than other nurse. Nurses may also travel to nursing homes and their various work environments.
What I personally like about this job
• I love this job because it involves helping people and saving lives. It is such an inspirational journey and such a fulfilling job
• Secondly the job allows me to grow in all aspects. I can grow emotionally through my interactions with my patients and the many experiences I will get during my operations. I can also grow career wise as I may continue studying and be a nurse practitioner.
• The job also helps me embrace various values that are essential in life such as patience, persistence and many others
• The job has helped me to know how to relate with people of different cultures and ethnicity and that’s why I love it.
What I personally don’t like about this career
• The career can be overwhelming. This is because of the traumatising situations and works that you have to do hence you need to be strong.
• The career is very engaging and you are always on call.
• The career may need a lot of travelling and this may obscure some projects that one may have.
Professional Websites:
Personal summary
This career fits my personality very well. I have always had passion in helping other people and this was since my young ages. I get a feeling of fulfilment when I help other people and regardless of the pay I can still help people. The wellbeing of other people makes me happy and this motivates me more in all my works. I have always been keen on details and very careful which comes in hand.
Institutions that offer this career within my state
• University of California- Los Angeles
• San Diego state university
• California State University-Sacramento
My educational path
This being the first admit program, I have enjoyed going through the process. I feel motivated to continue with my studies and become a nurse practitioner and help in the medical fraternity. I plan to register for a master’s program which will take me two years to complete. Once I excel in this, I will have expanded my work scope and can even be able to open my own nursing home.

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