Posted: July 7th, 2022

Assignment 11 Typical modern medicine remedies

Assignment 11 Typical modern medicine remedies

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) are health care approaches that are used outside the typical modern medicine remedies. These two approaches are different, complementary is referred to when conventional medicine and another approach is used together, while alternative does not use conventional medicine. (NIH, 2017) Complementary practice includes the use of natural products and mind/body practices. Natural products that are used include herbs, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. Mind and body practices include yoga, meditation, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques, Spiritual healing, traditional Chinese medicine, Therapeutic touch and T’ai chi. (NIH, 2017) The typical person who uses CAM balances their health through equalization of mind, body, and spirit. (Falvo, 2011). Those who uses natural product like herbs strongly believes in it. My father of late back in the days when I was in Africa will boil “fever grass” and give it to us to drink when we have headaches. He will insist for us to boil and drink fever grass even if we have taken Tylenol.

A research conducted by American nurse today, found aromatherapy helpful in reducing nurse stress in the workplace. (Reynolds, 2018). Aromatherapy uses extract from plants to balance, complement, and promote the health of body and mind. Nurses participated in a stress test and a reduction of stress levels was revealed compared to baseline before, during and after the test using aromatherapy (Reynolds, 2018). A study done by American Nurse Today found that aromatherapy helps nurses feel less stressed at work. (Reynolds, 2018). Aromatherapy uses plant extracts to balance, support, and improve the health of the mind and body. Nurses took a stress test, and before, during, and after the test, aromatherapy showed that their stress levels were lower than they were at the start (Reynolds, 2018).
There are people of various background and culture that uses CAM therapies and treatment. CAM is mostly noted to be used by women and patients of higher education with good incomes (National center for complementary and integrated health, [NCCIH], 2017). CAM therapies is used for different type of illnesses including cancer, arthritis, lung disease cardiovascular disease and intractable pain. Some of the use of CAM is also associated with cultural values and believes when it comes to healing.

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