Posted: July 5th, 2022

Sociology Paper

Governor Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment and 5 different inappropriate behaviors. He is also involved in a nursing home scandal, the nursing homes death tolls and many issue regarding Nursing homes during the beginning of COVID 19 and now.
Briefly explain what the scandals are?
In detail discuss what the collective response (how the public is reacting) to these situations involving Cuomo. Analyze the public’s reaction using sociological theories such as interaction, emotional, traditional, instrumental, irrational. You can also use William Ury’s getting past no 5 steps of breakthrough.
1. Dont react
2. Go to the balcony
4. Step to the opponent side
5. Reframe
6. Build a golden bridge
To prove your point. Use a few sources to aid in proving your point as well

Sociology Paper
Cuomo’s handling of the coronavirus has created debates between democrats and republicans. Most people have called Cuomo to resign from the post or face impeachment due to the rise of deaths in the nursing home. Most people have taken advantage of the pandemic, lacked accountability, truth, and justice due to the lockdown regulations. In a corporate conference, Cuomo confessed to sexually harassing three women making the public furious and concerned about his leadership and ethics (Covert, Bryce, page 12-19). According to a recent report from a local news platform, it is very devastating to know that Cuomo maintains power even before the scandals. The paper discusses Cuomo nursing home scandals, the public reaction, and collective response based on William Ury’s approach.
Cuomo’s accusations began with the poor administration of COVID-19 deaths in the nursing home and sexual harassment of women, such as Lindely Boylan’s accusation through a post on Twitter. The other case involves Charlotte Bennet’s case, who accused Cuomo of asking about their sex life and involvement in sexually inappropriate behaviors. Another case is Ann Ruch, a thirty-three-year-old, who accused the governor of trying to kiss them and touch her cheeks. More cases began to unfold after the death during COVID-19. Most cases of sexual assault unfolded after the leading case of the deaths, where Andrea Stewart proposed that Mr. Cuomo resign (Covert, Bryce, page 12-19). Four females accused Mr. Cuomo of sexual assault, where the fourth lady accused the governor of touching them inappropriately, although the governor kept denying the accusations.
One of the most critical rights that the nursing home residents adhere to is the right to access of environment without any violation or abuse. The residents’ rights are mainly violated when they face various forms of abuse, such as negligence, intentional mistreatment, disrespect, and violence. The potential types of abuse include sexual abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, neglect, and not providing basic needs, financial abuse, exploitation, and manipulation. Sexual abuse is an effective form of abuse and violation in nursing homes, such as in Cuomo (McCullough, Kathleen, page 2653). Sexual abuse and harassment can inform oral intercourse, unwanted touching, complete and painful intercourse, and the use of sexually provocative words and non-verbal cues, which can affect the victim physically and mentally. Most of the time, the person harassed or assaulted is often the vulnerable, such as women or people with insufficient or no knowledge concerning consent.
According to the sexual violence experts, the accusations of Cuomo should be taken with seriousness since the effects of sexual harassment are excellent, including an effect on a person’s mental health (McCullough, Kathleen, page 2653). On the other hand, sexual harassment undermines women’s profession and education, especially at the workplace. The Cuomo scandal has become a criminal act (Bjelajac, Željko, and Aleksandar Filipović, page 383, 399). According to most state members, the governor can no longer lead people, especially during the pandemic where the state is fighting for economic recovery. According to the state members, the lieutenant governor can serve the state better than Mr. Cuomo. More people have come forward to protest for the governor’s resignations, which sixty-five democrats and fifty-six republicans support (Covert, Bryce, page 12-19). The assembly judicial committee interviewed the witnesses to get more information concerning the case. The reports concerning the investigation were made in the administration office.
The public reaction can be explained through several sociological theories, such as instrumental theory, emotional theory, interaction theory, and irrational theory. Based on the instrumental theory involves the application of accurate empirical predictions that assist in resolving the issue. The public uses the instrumental theory in solving the issue, which is based on the external reality concerning sexual harassment, compared to scientific realism (Covert, Bryce, page 12-19). Instrumentalism is used to make the world a proper place, where the members of the react by making all efforts to see the governor out of authority.
Rationalism is another theory applied by the public, where the state members hold the point of reason and make the public make decisions concerning Cuomo’s resignation based on the available time and knowledge (McCullough, Kathleen, page 2653). The nursing home scandal of Cuomo has caused mixed emotions towards the states’ members, mainly because sexual harassment is such as humiliating act from such a leader. The public is driven by emotions of lack of trust, fear, and betrayal. The theories of emotions include the appraisal theory, the attribution theory, expectation states theory, and identity theory (Covert, Bryce, page 12-19). The public’s reaction depends on the public’s prior expectations towards the governor; being a noble and respected person in society, the public did not expect such abuse and violation of human rights, such as the right to life and liberty.
Mediators can resolve the case of Cuomo through five steps of breakthrough, don’t react to the balcony, step to the opponent’s side, reframe, and build a golden bridge. , the five steps would assist in solving the issue (Bjelajac, Željko, and Aleksandar Filipović, page 383, 399). For instance, Going to the balcony is a step that would help the conflicting parties control their emotions, especially when one party begins to fight. Going to the balcony gives the conflicting parties time to reflect and thin about own interest, and assist in keeping an eye to the prize. Before negotiating the two conflicting parties, a favorable climate is required, where anger and hostility should diffuse before resisting the attack (Covert, Bryce, page 12-19). Stepping aside is a way of respecting the public’s opinion and acknowledging the governor’s authority and the competence of the public.
Reframing is another step that involves changing the game through using the words used to cause trouble and using them to deal with the problem. Reframing gives the problem a chance to be the solution instead of providing new solutions to the issue. Building a golden bridge provides a good platform and a chance for the conflicting party to agree and decide concerning the issue (McCullough, Kathleen, page 2653). Creating a golden bridge can be done by incorporating the public’s ideas and satisfying the unmet needs of the public, such as human needs. Educating the public concerning the cost of conflict would help reduce resistance, which is a way of using power to educate them instead of commanding or threatening the public.

Work cited
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