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Nursing Informatics

Develop a project plan that details the project timeline, activities, and resources. Write an essay w/ 1000 words addressing the following: Please expand more on each topics using the notes provided.

Identify the stakeholders and project drivers.

-Nurse processing consult
-Technical Team-IT
-Community Providers
-Project Managers
-Insurance payers

Discuss project milestones, timeline, tasks, activities, and resources. (Please expand more)

-Attend the team/stakeholder meeting, present an overview of the proposed project and the support required by the team. Discuss the proposed topic and further discuss the problem statement, goals and objectives and desired outcomes of the project.

-Request and obtain information from stakeholders including work flow documents, policies and procedures and other reference data related to the project.

-Work with the workflow/software design team to develop a solution using the productivity data file collected from the stakeholders. Work with the coding manager and supervisor to gain agreement on the data entry screen, database, and report designs.

-Develop Training Materials – Present training materials for each step of the process.

-Conduct a stage roll-out of specialties. Prioritize testing of implementation of project program to specialties.

-Implement training programs- Hold training sessions for initial team members and providers.

-Develop a project communication plan that will detail how decisions will be communicated to the stakeholders (internal and external).

-Determine a start date.

-Implement/Deploy the upgrade e-Consult system- Monitor original aims and benefits

Discuss project methodologies and processes used in the design and management of the project.
(Please expand more)

-Would like to use the Integrated Project Management Method.
Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics
Nursing informatics professionals work with several stakeholders that assist in bridging the gap between technical work and clinical work (Hübner,et,al.,2016). The stakeholders play an important role in project development by focusing on the patient’s safety and improving the workflow. The type of stakeholders includes nurse processing consult, the community providers, insurance players, helpdesk, project managers, and specialist (McCormick, and Saba, 2015). Nursing informatics specialists use the latest technology, such as the electronic health record to keep patients, and physicians connected.
Also, the specialists determine the requirements in the healthcare system to enhance efficiency through the correct technology solutions (Hübner,et,al.,2016). The technical team in the field assist in offering training on the latest information technology and update physicians on the advancing and new technologies. On the other hand, project managers play an important role in planning and implementing clinical information systems into the system. The project manager determines the requirements of the projects through the system development life cycle and application of advanced skills in the nursing informatics competency assessment.
Additionally, the help desk assists in taking providing services, such as informatics knowledge and offering assistance in case of technical issues. A help desk is also known considered as a reporting centre for anything related to informatics. Stakeholders and project drivers in the nursing informatics play a very vital role in supporting the project. Community health providers promote and protect the community against diseases, educate the community about chronic and infectious diseases. Also, the community improve the healthcare system, provides direct care, and institute wellness programs for the community. The stakeholders will have a well-developed training program to create awareness on the new developing information systems and their importance in the organization. Also, the stakeholders will have a communication plan that will enhance communication between the project manager and other stakeholders.
Timeline, tasks, activities, and resources are the three project milestones that assist in the scheduling of the project. The project will start in in a month, where an E-consultant circuit will be used to offer consultation services in case of any question from the stakeholders(Hübner,et,al.,2016). The E-consultant circuit will be used by the help desk to offer the required information concerning the project. The project can use the system development life cycle (SDLC) in developing information technology in a healthcare system. The timeline phase is the style most important phase in introducing the main concepts in the project (Hübner,et,al.,2016).
A project timeline is concerned with very important aspects, the time taken for the whole project to be completed. Having a timeline assist in identifying and preparing for the requirements through the requirements development methodology (CRDM). For instance, a timeline consists of the beginning and the end dates of project phases and delivery dates. The task milestone involves the process involved in implementing information technology. For instance, arranging the most urgent tasks for early completion to the less urgent according to the project timeline.
The task determines the stakeholder’s deliverables and their role in the project. The task milestone is the main process of project development that requires proper planning. The critical tasks in a project must be completed within a specific time, or the task will be blocked (Kwak,et,al.,2017). Activities in the project involve all key practices in the project. The activities are an implementation of the tasks identifies, such as the roles of stakeholders. The activities should take place according to the designed timeline. The activities are the main implementation of information technology systems, such as electronic health records into the system. Besides, resource acquisition involves placing dates that resources will be acquired, such as the information technology system acquisition (Kwak,et,al.,2017). The resources are assigned to a task; for instance, a project editor is an essential resource that completes the project through editing. A resource milestone identifies the resources required through resource milestone events that keeps track of the resources required.
Informatics projects require a waterfall project plan methodology that is vital in the implementation of information technology. The waterfall plan methodology is widely adopted and requires the healthcare system to identify the systems and software required in the system (Egbert,et,al.,2016). The methodology begins with the collection and analyzing the information technology requirements. The waterfall methodology consists of specific types of stages, where each process is completed before moving on to the next.
The processes, includes the requirement, analysis of the requirements, design of the information systems, implementation process, testing the information systems, deployment, and maintenance process, for instance, the need for a training program concerning the developed systems for project members and other workers (Egbert,et,al.,2016). Nursing informatics is very critical, and require a well defines plan methodology that is easy to use, have a rigid structure, well documented. The waterfall methodology is very critical for the implementation of nursing informatics because the project is simple, have fixed requirements, and the project may go through resource change (Egbert,et,al.,2016).
The essence of the paper is to discuss project development in nursing informatics. The project entails the implementation of information technology to improve and enhance clinical processes—for instance, the use of the implementation of diagnosis systems and electronic health record systems (McCormick, and Saba, 2015). The paper consists of a well-defined milestone, project methodology and the stakeholder’s involvement in the project—a nursing project focus on the role of nursing informatics in promoting quality healthcare services. The project involves the implementation of intelligent systems, application of information technology in nursing, telenursing, and electronic patient’s health records. The scope of the project should provide informatics knowledge, competence skills, and well-defined informatics skills. The project will improve work efficiency and better services to patients.

Egbert, N., Thye, J., Schulte, G., Liebe, J. D., Hackl, W. O., Ammenwerth, E., & Hübner, U. (2016). An Iterative Methodology for Developing National Recommendations for Nursing Informatics Curricula. In MIE (pp. 660-664).
Kwak, S. Y., Kim, Y. S., Lee, K. J., & Kim, M. (2017). Influence of nursing informatics competencies and problem-solving ability on nursing performance ability among clinical nurses. The Journal of Korean Hübner, U., Shaw, T., Thye, J., Egbert, N., Marin, H., & Ball, M. (2016). Towards an International Framework for Recommendations of Core Competencies in Nursing and Inter-Professional Informatics: The TIGER Competency Synthesis Project. Studies in health technology and informatics, 228, 655-659. academic society of nursing education, 23(2), 146-155.
McCormick, K., & Saba, V. (2015). Essentials of nursing informatics. McGraw-Hill Education.

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