Posted: July 5th, 2022

Discuss the different needs of two C-level

Discuss the different needs of two C-level (CIO, CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, or CSO) leadership roles regarding information systems and why each C-level leadership would need different information systems and what systems they may be able to all utilize.

Information Systems
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Information Systems
C-level leaders have vital roles in relation to information systems (IS) and this call for flexibility in adoption different types of IS of to enhance efficiency. C-level executives entail high ranking employees in an organization and are tasked with making significant decisions concerning their place of work. In this respect, the C-level executives have a critical role in the organization’s information system to ensure that their organization runs appropriately. Chief Officer (CEO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) have vital roles to play in the information system and both levels need different systems and can adopt similar informations system in their operations.
To begin with, the CEO and CIO have vital roles to play in regard to the information system of their organizations (O`Brien and George, 2006). In this case, the information system plays the vital roles of facilitating strategic and operational activities in their workplace. The strategic activities that the Information system play includes decision making on issues that will have current and future impacts of the organization. The management of the information system in the organization determines the types of decisions made and the impact they have. On the other hand, the operational roles of information system entail data analysis, record keeping, and communication. The roles of improves business operations enable an organization to gain a competitive edge and ensure that strategies decision are made.
Consequently, different leaders in the c-level need different types of information to ensure that they attain their different goals and objectives (Chaffey and Gareth, 2010). In this case, the CEO and CIO need to adopt different information systems as they address different people and have different levels of scope in their organizations. Also, both the CEO and CIO need different information systems since both positions have different objectives and goals in the organization.
Finally, both the CEO and CIO employees can use similar information systems since they occupy the same employment level (Lucey and Lucey, 2004). In this case, both the CEO and CIO can adopt a decision support system in their operations (DSS) to ensure that they take the bests decisions in their different capacities.
In conclusion, c-levels executives play different vital roles in regard to the information system. The information system is key to the running of an organization as well as enhancing efficiency. Different types of C-level executives adopt similar or different information system depending on goals and objectives, and scope of their mandate.

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