Posted: June 28th, 2022

US Foreign Policy

US Foreign Policy
What is the premise of The World: A Brief Introduction and why is Richard Haas uniquely competent and credible to elucidate and advance his assessment of global relationships now?
2. What are the four components of essential knowledge and understanding that Haas asserts are necessary for American foreign policy success and what are the implications of American citizens comprehending and acting upon that knowledge and understanding?
3. Identify, describe and provide examples of three alternatives to the current President’s foreign policy to implement “real” American foreign policy leadership inside and outside the USA and what are the implications of each of these alternatives? Why are Americans largely inattentive to relationships, obligations and complications in foreign policy?

US Foreign Policy

US Foreign Policy
1. Richard Haas, the President of the council on foreign affairs for eighteen years, discusses the world in one of his latest books, which came just before Corona started. Richard Haas’s premise about the world is that we live in a world where whatever happened in history can affect lives today. According to the author, currently, Coronavirus is the major problem, where next time it might be another disease. Years ago, terrorism was the bigger issue, attacking countries, such as the united states. The issue has currently shifted to cyber terrorism, where attackers hack confidential government accounts to manipulate the American election system. The book helps the readers get the answers to the current and past issues and why the world is a complicated space (Cox, and Stokes, 2018). On the other hand, the author explains that various current factors, such as climate change and globalization, are things that the world needs to respond to for a change, but not opt-out. According to Hass, the world cannot be ignored, since we are all connected to the world, there is no choice apart from understanding it for better choices.
Richard Hass is competent to elucidate and advance his assessment of global relationships now is to make people understand the world of economy and every aspect that influence the American economy (Nyshanbayev, and Tolen, 2020). For instance, Hass emphasis on the relationship between the united states and china and how the two nations should build a relationship based on selective cooperation, despite competition. Hass states that” the goal of the united states’ foreign policy is to regain the ties, and not finish or stop the ties. According to the book, Hass explains that cutting ties with the united states would make it challenging for the united states to deal with certain issues, such as dealing with climate change issues in North Korea (Cox, and Stokes, 2018). Richard Hass’s book concerning the world is a platform for bringing change in the united states, especially in strengthening its relationship with other countries to build healthy foreign affairs.
2. According to Richard Hass, foreign policy begins at home, where as much as the world needs from the American leadership, the united states should put its house in order by being disciplines and restrained in activities it wants to do in foreign countries. For American foreign policy success, the united states should promote a collective response to global challenges, advance North American economic integration, and promote energy self-sufficiency. According to Hass, the world is not a domination of one or a particular superpower, but a product of international relations.
The united states citizens can be impactful in foreign policy by being involved and applying the knowledge in learning their communities, which can assist in providing alternative routes for foreign policy development (Gift, and Monten, 2021). On the other hand, the public could use the knowledge to understand international links based on their community and participate in foreign policymaking. The American citizens still uphold Washington’s words that were meant to advise the united states. 1789, words stated that the country should avoid entangling with other alliances, which has been a mindset to many citizens, especially Triumphs followers. The American citizens are still on isolationism, hence not paying attention to the united states’ complications.
3. The three alternatives to the current President’s foreign policy in the united states include re-joining the united nation human rights council and a council representative who is a seasoned human rights defender. Another alternative includes selecting a foreign service office that will represent the united states at the united nations in place of political appointees (Nyshanbayev, and Tolen, 2020). Additionally, the third alternative includes rescind Trumps’ policy concerning the visa ban on the international criminal court staff and appoint an effective, jurist of the state department office of global criminal justice with a better experience. The current united states foreign policy is designed to implement the “real” American foreign policy leadership within and outside the united states.
The alternatives are meant to attain Biden’s promises, such as the goal to develop and repair international alliance and restore American leadership internationally. It will be a challenging journey for the current administration, especially in restoring American leadership abroad, but bringing back the protection of human rights as stated in the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations will be a huge step and provision of Visas ICC staff (Cox, and Stokes, 2018). On the other hand, the current policy will enable the bar American citizens to provide expert advice to the ICC, hence doing away with trumps unconstitutional decisions, especially increasing political capital to be spent on the federal civil suit. On the other hand, the current administration will revive the American support for international justice, especially on the Afghanistan portfolio, which has been an unresolved issue for a long time.
Americans’ largely inattentive to relationships, obligations, and complications in foreign policy have been contributed by the citizens’ attitude, especially after Trump’s policies broke foreign relationships, including the relationship with China (Cox, and Stokes, 2018). The biggest worry in most citizens is that China will be more powerful than the united states due to the ongoing conflict between China, Russia, and the united states. The Americans are aware that Biden has a huge task, especially in understanding the politics of foreign policies and dealing with the COVID-19 challenges and China’s assertiveness.
The Americans understand how challenging it have an agreement between reformists and restorationists and how difficult it may be to depart from Trump’s isolationism. Biden’s democratic aspect of foreign policy is similar to that of Obama, hence expected to follow Obama’s footsteps, especially on national security. According to Ellen Laipson, Biden is “inheriting a country in crisis” and undergoing competing priorities ways and congressional challenges that may not be handled in the middle of the pandemic (Gift, and Monten, 2021). Dealing with economic inequality, recreating the united states’ economy, and dealing with racism are top issues that the citizens expect the current foreign policy to deal with before making other foreign economic and security moves.

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Gift, T., & Monten, J. (2021). Who’s Out of Touch? Media Misperception of Public Opinion on US Foreign Policy. Foreign Policy Analysis, 17(1), 128-139.

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