Posted: June 28th, 2022

The Impact of COVID 19 Restrictions on People in Ireland

Make sure the essay is 950 words. I need atkeast 4 reliable and reputable references sources and it has to Irish because the essay is about ireland.
The title of the essay is discuss the impact of covid 19 restrictions on people in ireland since the beginning of the pendamic if there is any problem please make sure to contact me ASAP thank you I just have enough time to finish this essay.
The essay is about discuss the impact of covid 19 restrictions on people in Ireland since the beginning of the pendamic


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The Impact of COVID 19 Restrictions on People in Ireland
The essay discusses the impact of COVID 19 restrictions on people in Ireland since the beginning of the pandemic.
According to the records of the most recent census in 2016, there were four million, six hundred and eighty-nine thousand, nine hundred and twenty-one people in Ireland. There happens to be a heavy concentration of population in Dublin and the Mid-East region around Dublin, and about forty-three thousand percent of the population lives there (The Irish Times, 2020). Due to the emergence of the COVID 19 pandemic, Ireland was forced to lock down the country to prevent the disease from spreading rapidly. Some precautions were introduced and enacted in which every citizen was bound to adhere to them. Some of the restrictions placed in Ireland include, number one, from one other household, only a maximum of six people is allowed to visit private homes and gardens.
Two, there should not be any social or family gatherings except for funerals and weddings. Three, there should be no indoor gatherings that should be organized, but the outdoor gathering is allowed up to a maximum of fifteen people. Four, everyone has to remain in their counties apart from those who must travel for education, work, and other essential purposes. Five, people should work from home unless if they must head out. Six, childcare services, schools, and early learning should remain open. Higher education institutions should also be open, but protective measures should be put in place, and steps in limiting the congregation should be taken. Seven, for there to be enough public transport for the essential workers and essential work only, people are advised to walk or cycle where possible.
The lockdown due to COVID 19 pandemic has affected Ireland in various ways. One of them is the culture. The people of Ireland were used to having annual festivals like the St Patrick’s Day parades, which were called off because of the concerns that they would be of threat to the people’s health (Barrington, 2019). Galway happens to be the last Irish city to cancel such events since the local politicians had deferred deciding until the government forced it upon them by canceling all parades. The cancellation of the 2020 Lisddonvarna Matchmaking Festival, which was meant to take place on the fourth of September, made a loss worth two point five million euros to the town’s economy.
Number two is education, which was also affected since some schools were closed down, and the pupils were given the authority to self-isolate. The Department of Education had promised to introduce the School Inclusion Model for the allocation of Special Needs Assistants in schools. That was to start in September 2020 but was canceled due to the cancellations of meetings resulting from a lockdown and the absence of therapists called to help the Health Service Executive in battling against COVID 19. The leaving certificates examinations were also canceled, and a guide that would help calculate the grades online was introduced. Later on, there were coding errors identified in the Leaving Certificate calculated grades system, which led to its failure. The Royal Irish Academy of Music and the Department of Culture, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht canceled all activities after Galway and Donegal were significantly affected.
Number three was the health and nursing home care. There was a cancellation of the non-urgent hospital appointments and non-emergency surgery to give room for the hospital in handling the rise of COVID 19 cases. Stricter visitor restrictions were put in place with the hope of deterring the COVID 19 infections. In March, there was a case of a mistaken patient who had been referred to a particular hospital for a cardiac unit assessment but was taken to the COVID 19 ward before the doctors realized their mistake and took her to the right place. Private hospital facilities were in control of the state for the duration of the pandemic. Rooms that were meant for treating other patients with different ailments apart from COVID 19 were transformed to accommodate the COVID 19 patients. Cancer screening and cervical checkups were canceled for a while. That was hard for cancer patients because that is another critical disease that required special attention.
The nurses would return to their vehicles ready to go home to find that their cars had been clamped due to the long working hours. On the twenty-third of June, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization announced that Ireland had the highest COVID 19 infections among healthcare workers in the world. There was a lack of supplies, which prompted locally made surgical masks, robes for barristers and clerics, hand sanitizers, and surgical scrubs, among others. The health workers had to buy their own sanitary clothing instead of the hospitals to provide for them. There was also a lack of enough staff, or preferably personnel, as more and more patients kept being brought in. that made the hospitals start hiring even the already retired nurses and doctors and those health workers working part-time. The nursing homes had banned children (Comas-Herrera, Zalakaín, Litwin, Hsu, Lane, and Fernández, 2020). several deaths were reported in nursing homes in the Dublin suburbs of Milltown and Castleknock and others like Portarlington, Belmullet, and Dundalk.
Three is the policing and prison sector, which was influenced by the lockdown in various ways. The Irish police had to shift its way of operation to give room for the increased officers’ presence in public. The immigration permission was increased up to two months, and there was a temporary release of prisoners (Curran, 2020). There was a shutdown at the Irish Naturalization and Immigration Service on Dublin’s Burgh Quay because of the virus. Asylum seekers were rendered homeless; they were from the east of the country. These asylum seekers had spent time in the hospital with the virus, and one man had been forced to spend more time in the hospital while another was left to fend for himself. The prison measures put in place included visible marks for social distancing, closure of recreation halls and the gym, feeding of the inmates in smaller groups, and canceling of the visits from outside.
In conclusion, there were other sectors that were greatly affected by the COVID 19 lockdown like religion, politics, sports, media, and the economy. Most of the effects were felt on the economy part. On the fourteenth august, the Government of Ireland approved a package meant to support businesses and Ireland’s economy, especially in counties like Laois, Kildare, and Offaly. According to the European and Social Research Institute’s latest quarterly economic commentary, Irelands’ domestic economy has suffered a greater extent than most European peer countries. It adjusted the unemployment rate up to an average of sixteen point eight percent average up from five percent last year. That is a considerable number. Many people have lost their jobs because the economy can no longer sustain their salaries because of the lockdown.

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