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Juvenile Program Proposal

Assignment: Juvenile Program Proposal


We have discussed many issues within the juvenile justice system. Many of you already have had thoughts about different programs that you feel would be useful to help juveniles. Maybe it is a program to help troubled youth before they get in to trouble. Maybe it is a program for juveniles that have been adjudicated in court are required to attend. It could be a program for juveniles that have committed a sex crime or for victims of crimes. What is it that you are passionate about? Bullying? Mentoring program? Sexting help? or is it something else?

Directions and Grading Criteria:

The proposal should be in paragraph form.

This is your program proposal! You may view other programs for reference.

Graded items included in your essay: Make sure to view your rubric for more grading details.

APA format including title page and reference page. You should have a minimum of 5 references. The references do not have to be scholarly articles. (5 points) An abstract is not needed.

What is the name of your program? What is the program and what will be the goal of your program? Why is the program needed? Conduct research into the problem. For example, if your program helps pregnant teens, then conduct research on the problem. (15 points)

Who will be accepted in the program? (Before the juvenile gets in trouble or condition of court order from Judge? or will it be something else?) (10 points)

What will be the criteria to be accepted in the program? For example, a referral from a parent, teacher, law enforcement officer? One adjudication in court, two, three…(10 points)

How many juveniles will be maximum number of juveniles in the program at any one time? Keep in mind, most programs start small and as they succeed grow larger. (5 points)

What ages will be in the program? If you have a big gap in the ages, you may need different areas to meet. For example, younger juveniles can assault or bully younger juveniles. (5 points)

Will you have males, females or both? Males and females mixed together can lead to relational issues. (5 points)

How many staff will you need per juveniles? Will they be volunteer or paid? How will you make sure they are suitable to be around juveniles? background checks? interviews etc…(5 points)

How will the students get to and from your building? Where will you get your building or room? Will you buy, rent or something else. Will you have buses, funding for taxis, parents responsibility? Keep in mind that many parents do not have vehicles and city buses may not run in their areas. (5 points)

Juvenile Program Proposal

Juvenile Program Proposal
The program is known as a parental training program, which is an intervention strategy for families. The program’s goal is to assist youths at risk of developing delinquent behaviors or are already involved in delinquent behaviors (Zelaya, 2020). The programs assist youths by addressing family risk factors that lead to delinquency in children, such as training parents on controlling and disciplining adequate discipline techniques. The program is needed to reduce the juvenile delinquency rate in society, especially through assistance from parents. According to research, parenting has been reported to be the most impactful practice in determining children’s behavior, and according to Gottfredson and Hirschi’s theory of self-control (Meldrum,et,al.,2016). Poor parenting practices lead to the development of anti-social behaviors in children and adolescents, which might affect the child into adulthood (Moitra, Mukherjee, and Chatterjee, 2018). Poor parenting leads to aggressiveness in children, and violence, leading to negative consequences throughout a child’s life.
On the other hand, aggressive and anti-social behavior leads to poor school performance, rejection by families, and peers (Farrington,et,al.,2017). The child, however, ends up getting into drugs in teenagehood and frequent loggerhead with police officers. Nevertheless, the youths tend to be involved in gang formation and other criminal activities, such as drug dealing, which affect their stability later in life. For instance, the youths end up not dropping out of school, do not get a stable job or a stable marriage later in life. According to Moffit’s theory, if the youth is an LCP, the youth might not drop crime or change, but if the youth is an AL, the youths might drop criminality After closing the maturity gap. Parents play a major role in modifying and modeling inappropriate behaviors (Moitra, Mukherjee, and Chatterjee, 2018). The program is important in family management, such as enhancing proactive discipline, monitoring, supervision of children, and limiting settings that could lead to delinquency. (15 points)
The program will consist of parents in the community, behavioral and psychological counselors, community leaders, and religious leaders (Farrington,et,al.,2017). Before the juveniles get into trouble, the program will involve the law in serious cases that the program cannot handle. In the court’s decision-making, the program has set some orders according to the juvenile’s condition (Burke,and Loeber, 2015). For instance, the program ensures the teenager is in the right mental state, whether it requires counseling or whether the child is a product of poor parenting or negligence. (10 points)
Since the program is tailored to a selected audience, the group only accept members boys and girls between the age of seven, and nine. Mostly, parents and children will be from disadvantaged families (Farrington,et,al.,2017). The focus on family sessions will strictly require teenagers between the ages of three and fourteen. In contrast, parenting with love limits sessions will require teenagers between the ages of ten and eighteen. Also, the program will accept referrals from teachers, law enforcement, and parents. (10 points)
Since the program is at the beginning stage, parents will be required and the same number of juveniles. Most of the juveniles will be accompanied by parents, especially those involved in gang membership, drug use, and the recent case of criminality and violence. The program will grow with time and host many juvenile delinquency victims and parents who need counseling services to control and discipline children (Moitra, Mukherjee, and Chatterjee, 2018). (5 points)

The program will generally require juveniles in three age groups. One, between the age of seven to nine, ten to fourteen, and fourteen to eighteen (Burke, and Loeber, 2015). The juveniles will be divided into special sessions, which will require three rooms for the meeting. The juveniles will be separated because different matters will be discussed according to the age of sex education to children between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Also, to avoid bullying and violence towards the younger juveniles.
I will have both Males and females mixed for both parents and juveniles because parenting and delinquency impact both genders. Relational challenges may emerge, but I could separate various sessions for only boys or girls to avoid that. Also, supervision and counseling will promote discipline and avoid relations issues.
Three staff per juvenile will be effective, although a little costly. Also, one staff per parent will be enough for counseling and training sessions in training parents (Burke, and Loeber, 2015). The program will have volunteers, interns in counseling, and criminology to assist train and address parents’ issues. I will make sure the staffs are suitable around the parents and juveniles by considering age, where staffs catering for parents should be adults at least from the age to twenty. To ensure the staff is suitable, interviews will be the best strategy before recruitment, looking into an individual morality, education, and experience.
Students and parents will walk, use a bus into the building. The building will be constructed in one of the community properties, where a school in the neighborhood will assist with a bus that will be used to carry parents since most do not have vehicles.
Funding will be from county funds for youths and less privileged (Burke, and Loeber, 2015). Also, the program will conduct fundraising that will assist raise money. Additionally, grants and donations will be accepted from parents and community members.
The program will have a book of records that will be retaining every information and activities conducted in the program. The record will be used to analyze the program’s participation and achievement monthly (Burke, and Loeber, 2015). The program will have a book, and a computer, for maintaining the program’s activities. The computer will be necessary for saving information written in the bool to avoid loss of data in case of crisis. Also, in case of a computer cyber-attack, or physical disruptions, the book will play an important role in safeguarding the program’s daily activities and achievements.

Burke, J. D., & Loeber, R. (2015). The effectiveness of the Stop Now and Plan (SNAP) Program for boys at risk for violence and delinquency. Prevention Science, 16(2), 242-253.
Farrington, D. P., Gaffney, H., Lösel, F., & Ttofi, M. M. (2017). Systematic reviews of the effectiveness of developmental prevention programs in reducing delinquency, aggression, and bullying. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 33, 91-106.
Meldrum, R. C., Connolly, G. M., Flexon, J., & Guerette, R. T. (2016). Parental low self-control, family environments, and juvenile delinquency. International journal of offender therapy and comparative criminology, 60(14), 1623-1644.
Moitra, T., Mukherjee, I., & Chatterjee, G. (2018). Parenting behavior and juvenile delinquency among low-income families. Victims & Offenders, 13(3), 336-348.
Zelaya, A. M. (2020). A Review of Common Treatments and Their Effectiveness to Reduce Juvenile Recidivism (Doctoral dissertation, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology).

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