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Criminal Justice and Interpersonal Communication

Respond to ONE discussion topic questions below. Your responses should apply the unit concepts and connect the concepts to the discussion questions.

Due Dates
1. Initial posts: Respond to ONE topic question below by Wednesday, 11:59 pm CT. All responses should address all parts of the topic question.
2. Response posts: Respond to at least two other students’ posts by Sunday, 11:59 pm CT. If differences of opinion occur, debate and support your viewpoint professionally.
It is very important that you post in each unit’s discussion because your postings do count as part of your class participation score. Discussions make the class more enjoyable and informative for all.
Unit Topic Discussion Questions
1. Describe and discuss how the corpus delicti of a crime differs from the statutory elements that must be proved to convict a particular defendant of committing that crime.
2. Explain the legal concept of insanity defense distinguishing it from psychiatric explanations of mental illness. Do you believe this is a valid defense? Why or why not? Use the information you have learned thus far in the course to solidify your answer.

Unit 2 – Discussion
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Are you a good listener? Personal communication improvement ultimately comes down to substituting effective behaviors for the behaviors you have determined to be ineffective in your communication with others. Seldom do we simply stop “doing” a behavior, which has become a habit with us. We are more likely to improve when we have a better behavior to do instead.
This unit, when you’re with someone who needs understanding or they just want to share their day, be generous and say to yourself: for the next 30 seconds, (or 5 minutes, or whatever) “I will forget my own concerns and give this person my full attention.”
Share with us what happened and if you noticed any change in how the conversation went.
What specific course concepts from your readings relate to your listening example? How can you use these concepts to improve your own listening skills?
You should respond to a minimum of two classmates’ posts.

Unit 2 – Journal Entries
Submit Assignment
• Due Sunday by 11:59pm

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Journal Suggestions
You are to keep a journal throughout Units 1-6 of this course. Journal entries should document observations of interpersonal communication interactions throughout each week. You will post a minimum of two journal entries per week. Each entry should provide an analysis of your communication. Each journal entry should answer one of the questions below (you will answer two questions each week). Entries should identify a relationship to a course concept or term and finally summarize how the interaction could be improved.
Remember, to document your observations, relate to course concepts and indicate ways to maintain or improve.
You should clearly label each entry and post them in one word document or use the text entry feature in Canvas. If you submit two different posts, it may appear that your first post disappeared but your instructor will be able to see each submission. Each entry should be approximately 150-200 words.
This Unit’s Journal Entries
This unit, while observing your own communication patterns, or that of the people around you, try to find examples that reflect the following:
• How satisfied are you with your self-concept? How satisfied are you with your current level of self-esteem? How does this impact your communication with others?
• The Johari Window is a tool to help you understand who you are. Review the model page 56 and develop the model as it reflects your perception of your 4 selves.
• Do you have the need to be perfect, to be strong, to please others, to hurry, or to take on too many responsibilities? Discuss your self-destructive beliefs and how you can replace them with more positive ones.
• Provide an example of the ways men and women differ in their listening behaviors. DeVito offers some excellent material on listening, based on the reading, what are some of your own strengths and weaknesses? What can you do to improve your listening skills?
• How can you improve your listening behaviors on the job or in school? With a significant other? A parent? A child? A friend?

This is the book that is being used.
Password: Beto1996.
The Books are called Criminal Justice a brief Introduction and Interpersonal Communication
Criminal Justice and Interpersonal Communication
Student Name

Criminal Justice and Interpersonal Communication
Topic Discussion Question Two
Legal insanity in criminal justice systems means the mental state of a person when committing a crime. Legal insanity defense cvan be accepted if the person lost their reasoning capability or diagonised with a mental illness at the time of committing the crime. According to the law, the court may judge the accused as innocent because the defedant could not distinguish between right and wrong or could not control their action due to the mental disorder (Math, Kumar, and Moirangthem, 2015). According to the legal dictionary, an insane person is a person that cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. Mostly insanity is characterized by low level of intelligence and inability to reason like a normal human being. In case a person is considered mentally ill, during the criminal case, a plea of not guilty is presented because based on insanity when the accused committed the crime. Although the definition of criminal insanity is different in various jurisdictions, some jurisdictions use the MNaghten rule, others the model penal code, and the impulse test.
On the other hand, mental illness, according to the American psychiatric association, is a health condition that leads to changes in thinking, behaviors, and emotions. Mental illness leads to distress and affects a person’s normal functioning based on their emotions, personal life, and relationships. The insanity defense is a valid type of defense because the accused could not distinguish between right or wrong during a crime commission. Additionally, the defendant had a mental disorder that influenced how the brain works, affecting the ability to think straight, control emotions, and behave morally (Math, Kumar, and Moirangthem, 2015). According to t research, a mental disease is considered psychosis and not neurosis. According to the current thoughts, there is no definition for mental disease, but a mental disease is a social maladjustment and legal incompetence.
Unit 2-Discussion
Listening in communication is the act of mindfully hearing another person and understanding the words uttered. Listening is essential in every conversation, especially in building relationships and in solving problems. Additionally, listening involves providing undivided attention to someone else, according to Carl Rogers (Krivosheyeva, Zuparova, and Shodiyeva, 2020). According to Stephen Covey, seeking to understand others is more important than seeking to be understood. Most of the time, people judge behaviors for not listening carefully to what people are saying. Listening to a person share their desires and concerns for thirty seconds without interrupting is another level of listening. Listening for thirty minutes and giving the person full attention is not quite easy, especially when most information about the day is relatable (Krivosheyeva, Zuparova, and Shodiyeva, 2020). After about twenty seconds of listening and giving full attention, the conversation changed, and the attention shifted. What disrupted my listening skill was a topic that was so relatable, and I found myself talking about it instead of listening.
The rule of good communication is listening, then speaking when the other person is done speaking. To become an attentive listener and avoid interrupting, the speaker is learning to focus on the speaker but looking them directly in the eyes. If the mind wanders, learn to back to the conversation. Additionally, don’t interrupt before the speaker finishes to talk. Interrupting before the speaker finishes talking shifts the conversation and the focus, which is not right (Krivosheyeva, Zuparova, and Shodiyeva, 2020). On the other hand, listen for key messages, and show the speaker you are listening to. For instance, some of the signs to show you are listening are nodding the head, leaning forward, and acknowledging the other person. Also, be prepared to listen in mind to avoid interruptions. Through the above concepts, one can learn and improve listening skills for long hours without interrupting.
Journal Entries
You don’t need to be perfect, strong, please others, or take too many responsibilities to fit in. Self-defeating believes that are associated with panic and anxiety, especially when one does not fulfill various beliefs. Everyone has belief systems that influence their attitude towards themselves and towards others. Self-defeating believes those beliefs or negative views concerning the world and oneself, mostly anxiety and panic attacks (Chevarie-Cossette, 2019). Some of the most common self-deafening beliefs include the need to achieve something so bad, perfectionism, and the constant need for approvals. In case the self-defeating beliefs are not satisfied, a person can e left hurt, anxious, and bitter with other peoples. For instance, those with the belief that they need to achieve . People with self-defeating thoughts are never satisfied with themselves; for instance, the perfectionists will never be fulfilled and accept their imperfections. (Chevarie-Cossette, 2019). To change self-defeating thoughts, an individual can learn to develop beliefs and goals that are more realistic and less provoking. Also, replacing negative thinking with positive thinking, having relationships with positive people, and avoiding mistaken beliefs at all costs.
Self-concept is also known as an encompassing awareness about oneself, which is developed based on the perception created from life experience, and knowledge gained. How you think of yourself at a given moment is important, according to Carl Rogers. I am not so contented with my self-concept because I feel my current self-concept is hoped by the experiences I have encountered, affecting my self-esteem (Karwowski, and Lebuda, 2017). My current self-esteem level is above average, although not satisfied at the moment. Having a positive belief about myself has boosted my self-esteem, hence having confidence and being optimistic. My level of self-esteem has helped me get out of my comfort zone and solve issues and work towards my goal.
On the other hand, the level of self-esteem has enhanced positive decision making and knowing how to react at a given moment. The current self-esteem level is not where I want it to be; hence I need to shift to a healthy self-concept (Karwowski, and Lebuda, 2017). The level of self-esteem has affected my communication with others, especially wanting to hear what pleases me as a way of avoiding stress. Developing a healthy concept assists in having self-confidence and choosing healthy conversations that boost our self-esteem.


Chevarie-Cossette, S. P. (2019). Self-defeating beliefs and misleading reasons. International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 27(1), 57-72.
Karwowski, M., & Lebuda, I. (2017). Creative self-concept: A surface characteristic of creative personality.
Krivosheyeva, G., Zuparova, S., & Shodiyeva, N. (2020). INTERACTIVE WAY TO FURTHER IMPROVE TEACHING LISTENING SKILLS. Academic Research in Educational Sciences, (3).
Math, S. B., Kumar, C. N., & Moirangthem, S. (2015). Insanity defense: Past, present, and future. Indian journal of psychological medicine, 37(4), 381.

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