Posted: June 28th, 2022

201 Evac Plan mod 7

201 Evac Plan mod 7

201 Evac Plan mod 7
Occupancy category
A building can either be based on the type of construction or occupancy. Depending on occupancy, Blue Lagoon Bar and Grill/Amenity Center under the assembly building category is used for social purposes. An assembly building can incorporate a group of people or congregations for recreation, amusement, patriotic, social, travel, religions, or anything else similar to that. The Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill is located in the Balmoral Amenity Village, inside a clubhouse (Blue Lagoon Bar & Grill). It overlooks a two-acre crystal clear lagoon with a restaurant and a luxurious setting, and a full-service bar. The Restaurant holds private weddings, parties, and corporate events.
2. Human behavior
Engineers, or rather architects, are known for manipulating a building’s scale and size, texture, and color. Humans can control lighting, views, and HVAC for effect, but the impact of the physical and sensory event is specific and cannot be overstated. The environment of a building’s occupants includes social factors like colleagues, family, and friends. This kind of environment influences the occupants’ behavior and motivates them to act in a particular manner. The environment also influences the mood, and for instance, a bright light improves health outcomes like sleep, depression, and agitation (Buso, Fabi, Andersen & Corgnati, 2015). Structural plans like floor plans can impede the occupants of an assembly building like Blue Lagoon. If the table arrangement is wrong, that can upset the occupants.
Floor plans can be hazards in assembly buildings in case of an emergency evacuation. They are designed in a complex manner that attracts customers (Dong, Yan, Li, Jin, Feng & Fontenot, 2018). Evacuating from such a building might be troublesome as it might cause a stampede. Blue Lagoon is a restaurant and a bar, so most of the occupants are attendants, waiters, and customers who are either under the influence or minding their own business. Such buildings’ floor plans should be designed to enable actions from numerous anticipated hazards in ensuring life and structural safety in case of an emergency evacuation, like in a fire. When occupants of an assembly building are given verbal instructions, they are likely to delay when an alert is received and when a protective action is taken.
Therefore, it is good to keep up to date on emerging emergency preparations. There should be updated floor plans, seating arrangements, and server training. The plan has to be well specified, and that can easily change to any variables required to be addressed. The strategy has to be tested first to ensure that it is not outdated or too vague. In an assembly building like a restaurant, drills need to be run frequently. That means before opening or after closing to avoid occupants being affected. Decorations and art could also be hazards if they fall off. Drills should be structured to prevent security fatigue with occupants. Lastly, guaranteed ease of living in an assembly building is essential since it will enable occupants to exit the Restaurant during an emergency. Also, statues, booths, and decorations giving privacy or adding an aesthetic should be considered since they could be potential hazards. The crowd size and shape during an event like a big game in a bar should be controlled.
Q3. how they will react if a fire alarm sounds
In case of a fire alarm, most restaurants have customers in the building. The occupants may not have trained on safety protocols and have no idea how to evacuate restaurants or bars properly. A fire alarm means that the fire has already started, and occupants need to get out of the building as fast as possible but in a controlled manner to avoid causing a stampede while trying to exit uncontrollably (Gerges, Mayouf, Rumley & Moore, 2017). It is, therefore, the duty of the employees to let customers know that they need to evacuate using a specific door while directing the flow of traffic towards that exit. In addition, the Restaurant itself needs to have signs that inform the customers where to go. We find that the customers may be confused, so the signs have to be clear and large enough to ensure visibility. Exit signs have to point toward the direction in a hallway and hang over the door. The doors not used during emergency help in communication when they have the proper signage.
In Anaheim White House, the Restaurant in southern California, the chef by the name Bruno Serato ignored a phone call that came at around four o’clock in the morning. The caller left a message that there was a fire at the Restaurant. Some of the causes of fires in such places are faulty appliances, improper use of electrical appliances, gas leaks, and faulty electrical wiring, like grease and cooking air from the systems. The occupants of this hotel did not understand how to react physically to the fire, so they called the chef. The lessons learned from that incident include having a preplan by having a structural engineer take a look at the building and repair it with everyday items and facilities (Ronchi, 2020). The second lesson uses a TIC which is the most helpful tool in locating the body of fire through heavy smoke and in poor visibility conditions. The third lesson is performing ventilation which is done using an aerial device with the highest level of safety. Lastly, the Restaurant should have used fire protection systems. That includes fire alarms, emergency exits, and signatures.

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