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Data Recovery Tools

Data Recovery Tools
In this assignment, you assume the role of a forensic investigator for the X Investigation Company. One of your clients is a small music production company. One day you receive a phone call from Andrea, the owner and president of the music company.
Andrea believes one of her employees, a sound technician, has been stealing intellectual property from the company. She thinks he is copying original music scores and then selling them to upstart musicians, claiming that he wrote them. Andrea checked the employee’s computer the previous night and thinks he has been deleting the files to cover his tracks.
Andrea’s employee uses a Macintosh computer. There are several tools available for recovering files that have been deleted from a Mac, including:
Mac Keeper Files Recovery,
Mac Data Recovery, and
Recuva for Mac.
Although all these tools accomplish the same goal, each has one or more unique features. You should consider the full capability set of each tool when gathering information and determine which tool would be the best choice for the scenario in this assignment.
You will research three tools that can aid in recovering deleted Macintosh files and write a paper about their capabilities. You must also recommend one product for use in this case and justify your recommendation.
For this assignment, you are to:
Research three tools that can aid in recovering deleted Macintosh files, compare their capabilities, and write a professional report in which you recommend one product for use in this case, justifying your recommendation.
Your report will be 4-5 pages in length.
Your report must follow APA style, citing references as appropriate.
Use in text citation.

Data Recovery Tools
Forensic investigation entails the gathering of information from different sources to be evidence of cybercrimes or other related illegal and illegitimate actions from devices even in cases that evidence has been deleted. Criminals tend to delete files and evidence to cover their actions, and thus cyber techniques and approaches need to be adopted in recovering deleted files and data. In this case, a small production company believes one of its sound technicians have been involved in stealing intellectual property. The technician has been involved in copying original music scores and, in turn, selling them to upstart musicians, claiming he is the original author. The president checked the sound technician Macintosh computer but found that he had been deleting the files to cover his tracks. In this case, different tools can be adopted in recovering deleted files from Macintosh computers such as Mac keeper Files recovery, Recuva for Mac, and Mac Data recovery. The three file recovering tools (Mac keeper Files recovery, Recuva for Mac, and Mac Data recovery) have different recovery features that make them different and have different capabilities that act a point of making choices in the course of the recovery process.
Macintosh recovery tools
There are different Macintosh recovery tools, each with different features that make them have different capabilities in the course of data recovery.
Mac Keeper Files recovery
The Mac Keeper Files recovery is adopted as a solution for the recovery and restorations of files form a Mac (Liakopoulou, 2015). The recovery tool is in a position to recover deleted files even in the cases that they were removed from the trash. The recovery tools have additional features to protect the computer from malware or malware and data control features adopted in the recovery process.
Mac Keeper Files recovery has other additional features that are adopted in the complementing the recovery process. The recovery tool is built to recover data from different sections and in different forms (Herring, 2017). In this regard, the tool can recover data from drive despite being in different forms, such as being formatted, unmountable, corrupted, and unreadable. This fact ensures that the success of the recovery process is consistently increased. Consequently, the recovery tool has different modes, such as the deep scan mode and quick scan mode for recovering different forms of data. The deep scan locates data and files buried in the drive while the defaulted scan recovers sound files from large drives. Furthermore, the recovery tool has the support features adopted in recovering deleted emails, music, videos, documents, and photographs. More3over, the recovery tool has a supported file system that is data recovery software that supports the recovery of encrypted APFS data and APFS data recovery. Additionally, the recovery tool has an effective pre-recovery preview of files that enhances the preview of audios, videos, photos, and documents.
Mac Data Recovery
The Mac Data Recovery enhances the recovery of read-only data without interferences in the hard drive or the storage device. It is vital to note that the recovery tool has a high rate of recovery, thus making it effective and efficient in its core function (Marin et al., 2010). Additionally, the recovery tool is adopted recovery of emails, documents, videos, and photos from a wide range of devices. It is vital to note that the recovery tool makes the recovery process quick, safe, and the recovery is made with completeness.
Mac Data Recovery tools have additional tools that are incorporated in the course of the recovery process of different contents, data, or information. First, the recovery tool is adaptable and applicable to different devices (Marin et al., 2010). The recovery tool can be used in recovering data from SD cards, memory cards, camera, USB flash drive, external hard drive, internal hard drive, USD flash drive, and other storage media. Consequently, the recovery tool has an iSkysoft Data Recovery to enhance the easy recovery of data since anybody can recover data by themselves without too much pain. Only a few clicks are involved in the recovery of data that include scanning, preview, and data recovery. Furthermore, the recovery tool had effective scanning algorithms to ensure data is safely recovered without interfering with the data. Additionally, the recovery tool has different data recovery modes to cover and handle different data loss scenarios, such as improper operations formatting and accidental deletion. In this regard, wizard mode recovery entails the answering of a few questions, and data is recovered from the program. Lost data recovery retrieves data emptied in the trash bin or data that has been deleted. Partition recovery recovers data that has been corrupted, resized, deleted, or lost. The resume recovery enhances the saving of the scan results to implement data recovery at a later date. These features ensure that data is effectively recovered with a great level of completeness.
Recuva for Mac
Recuva for Mac is made up of different tools that are adopted in handling and recovering data in loss situations. The recovery tool ensures that data is safely recovered with a great sense of completeness. The recovery tool is adopted in the recovery process in supported devices and supported files for various data loss scenarios. The process of data recovery is fast with a clear interface that incorporates a few steps of selecting, scanning and recovering the lost data.
Recuva for Mac has different features that are employed in the recovery process, thus complementing the recovery process. First, the recovery tool has four data recovery modes that ensure the recovery of data is fast and has high chances of success. The read-only is quickly, deeply, and safely recovered. Consequently, the data recovery tool is compatible in that on top of recovering data from Macintosh HD, it can be used in other devices such as mobile phones, android phones, memory cards, SD cards, digital cameras, and USB drive. Furthermore, the recovery tool has a preview feature that enables one to view the files or data being recovered to enhance specificity and speed in recovery. Additionally, the recovery tool has analysis features that enable the affected party or the victim to analyze and evaluate the extent of the damage.
The different recovery tools have additional features that enable them to complete other tasks on top of the recovery process, and this differentiates the importance of the tools in the recovery process. In the case of the forensic investigation on the theft of intellectual property of a production company, then Mac Keeper Files recovery tool will be the most effective tool (Handrizal, 2017). In this regard, the tool has the capability to safely recover sound, video, and photograph files form different devices. The recovery tool can recover data in different forms. Therefore, Mac Keeper Files recovery will be effective in the recovery of original music scores fraudulently sold by the sound technicians to musicians.

Handrizal, H. (2017). Analisis Perbandingan Toolkit Puran File Recovery, Glary Undelete Dan Recuva Data Recovery Untuk Digital Forensik. J-SAKTI (Jurnal Sains Komputer dan Informatika), 1(1), 84-94.
Herring, V. L. (2017). Ransomware Protection for Mac and iOS. GPSolo, 34, 78.
Liakopoulou, A. (2015). Registration, classification and presentation of digital forensics and incident response tools (Master’s thesis, Πανεπιστήμιο Πειραιώς).
Marin, C., Leprovost, Y., Kieffer, M., & Duhamel, P. (2010). Robust mac-lite and soft header recovery for packetized multimedia transmission. IEEE Transactions on Communications, 58(3), 775-784.

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