Posted: April 14th, 2022

Show all work. Read the questions carefully before you answer.

Soils Midterm 1 Web page four

Show all work. Read the questions carefully before you reply.

three factors per query, 1 level in your title.

1. What are the three major classes of rock from a geologic view (the three sorts in the Rock Cycle), and the way are they shaped?

2. Plot and calculate the LL of the following knowledge (#blows, %m): (9,40), (15,37), (35,33), (36,30). Show the CORRECT graph.

three. What are the two sorts of processes that break rock down into sediment? Briefly describe.

four. Two forms of geologically deposited soils:

a. Residual and excavated

b. Silty and windy

c. Residual and transported

d. Brown and grey

e. Colluvium and Archastic

5. The 4 main forms of soils (when it comes to particle dimension) in development are:

6. If a soil pattern beginning dry weight is 400 grams, it’s washed by way of a #200 sieve and dried, and weighed once more at 340 grams, what’s the soil’s LBW ? Show work.

7. The three major bodily states of clay (in a volume-moisture relationship) are ______________, _____________, and ______________.

eight. What number of blows per second is the liquid restrict machine cranked?

9. What’s “PI”? How is PI calculated? If an LL is 35 and PL is 20, what’s the PI?

10. Liquid Restrict is the decrease moisture restrict of what state of clay? Draw the diagram displaying the moisture contents vs. states of clay.

11. In the PL check, what’s the diameter of the thread that we should roll that determines the PL moisture? What’s the ASTM customary that tells you that?

12. Outline “Fats Clay” and “Lean Clay”

13. The three forms of bodily supplies (volumes) in a soil part diagram are:

14. If the WATER in a part diagram is ZERO, the soil is what state?

15. Describe IN DETAIL a modified Proctor check, together with mould and hammer description, and process, together with lifts and calculations for ONE POINT on the curve.

16. Ww is 13#, Ws is 130#, Vt is 1.three cubic toes, what’s dry unit weight?

17. In the above query, what’s Wt ?

18. Vv= (Quantity of Voids) is? (Circle all that apply):

a. VA+VS

b. WA+VA

c. VA+VW

d. Vt-VS

e. WA+VW

19. The next is knowledge from a PL check. PL is___________

Tin #




Moist + tare


Dry + tare


20. If a sieve check is run with the #eight sieve accidently place above the #four sieve as a substitute of beneath it, how would this have an effect on the contents of the two sieves?

21. Can a Liquid Restrict check be run on sand? Sure or No

22. ASTM is an abbreviation for_________ ________ for _________ and __________

23. What’s the nominal opening dimension of 1 opening in a #eight sieve mesh?_____” x _____”

24. What are two methods a Customary Proctor is totally different from a Modified Proctor?

25. If an object’s density is 150 pcf, what’s its Particular Gravity?

26. The “areas” between stable soil particles are known as __________, and may be stuffed with _______ or _________.

27. LBW stands for ___________ by ______________.

28. Clay energy is primarily as a consequence of :

a. Capillary Forces

b. Shear Forces

c. Cohessive Forces

d. Granular Forces

e. Stress Forces

f. Particular Forces

29. Sand energy is due primarily to:

a. Armed Forces

b. Capillary Forces

c. Shear Forces

d. Cohessive Forces

e. Frictional Forces

f. Stress Forces

30. Silt is Granular or Cohesive? CIRCLE ONE

31. _________________ receding from the final Ice Age deposited lots of the soils present in northern North America. (“ice” just isn’t the reply…..).

32. grams into the sieve stack yield the following outcomes: (Double Level Query). Show ALL work.

Sieve #

wt retained

% Retained

% Passing









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