Posted: April 2nd, 2022

Terrorists and Organized Crime Groups

What are the types of targets and tactics used by the terrorist and organized crime organizations, and why?
What organizational structure(s) do the terrorist and organized crime organizations follow?
What are the terrorist and organized crime organizations’ reporting structures and communication strategies?
What threat capabilities do the two organizations possess?
What is each of the organizations’ center of gravity (critical vulnerability that when destroyed or disabled makes the organization ineffective)?

Terrorists and Organized Crime Groups
Terrorists are considered a form of “organized” criminal behavior committed with the aim of taking the government hostage by intimidating citizens and other organizations. Some of the tactics used by terrorists and other organized groups include kidnapping, use of bombs, and arson. The favored actions target public buildings, such as schools, churches, and crowded areas(Mockaitis, 2020). Terrorism and organized crime organizations target opportunities are vulnerable areas, also known as soft targets for easy and maximum destructions.Terrotrists target public places, such as churches and schools with the aim of disrupting culture, beliefs, dignity, and histories of the people.
Organizational crimes, and terrorists follow a structure similar to that of the government and military. According to various informants, most organized crimes are led by retired soldiers and top government officials (Mockaitis, 2020). However, the organizational structure is characterized by a ranking also known as the “bureaucratic corporate.” However, the groups are based on a common culture, belief, or a type of connection that motivates their tactics.
Terrorists and other organized groups use the internet for communication and reporting as the best method to attract attention and recruit more followers (Mockaitis, 2020). Terrorists communicate in many ways through different apps that hide identity. For instance, Telegram, Wickr, and Signal. Other apps include Facebook and WhatsApp. On the other hand, organized groups and terrorists make their reports online through GMAIL, and Signaling is a secure online service for both communication and reporting.
Threat capabilities include knowledge, tools, skills, and weapon (Mockaitis, 2020). The internet provides the information and knowledge required about the target areas and different tactics to use. On the other hand, terrorists use skills and knowledge to conduct activities, such as cyber terrorism.
The center of gravity for the AlQaida and other organized groups originate from the need for regional supremacy, religion, and local issues. The center of gravity is based on the plan, general structure, and demands of the groups. The main center of gravity includes the enemy and allies of the enemy, the fighting army, and their power to overcome the enemy, and the government (Mockaitis, 2020). Countering the strength of the groups is the best way of countering terrorism, ad organized crime groups. The main elements of the center of gravity that can be a target for counter-terrorism ae, location, leadership, and a strong army force.

Mockaitis, T. R. (2020). 2. Terrorism, Insurgency, and Organized Crime. In Fighting Back (pp. 11-26). Stanford University Press.

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