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BCJ 565 Terrorism and Homeland Security Final Exam Answers Part 1

BCJ 565 Terrorism and Homeland Security Final Exam Answers Part 1

Final Exam

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Battle and Marxist theories are thought of ______ views.





A ______ standing refers back to the standing that shapes notion and behaviors of these round you and is taken into account a very powerful standing.





Which of the next focuses on teams or people who’re assumed to be extra “in danger” for deviant conduct?

normative conception

prevention applications

positivist perspective


Which social disorganization theorist explored conceptualizations of particular person versus collective efficacy?





Which of the next phrases describes a person who turns into concerned in deviance as a sequence of occasions?


deviant careers

profession deviance

short-term deviance

long-term deviance

Akers discovered that social studying variables had been predictive of the usage of which substances in his 1998 self-report examine?

heroin and methamphetamine

smoking and alcohol

alcohol and marijuana

cocaine and heroin

Which of the next is an instance of office deviance?

having just a few drinks the evening earlier than you’re employed

arriving at work 15 minutes previous to your shift

calling in sick if you find yourself not likely sick

asking for break day to see a physician

In keeping with the textual content, the Web has helped facilitate the transformation of ______ from a psychological phenomenon into one thing sociological.

anorexics and bulimics

gay couples


voluntarily childless

The perfect physique kind is an instance of anomie/pressure as a result of ______.

the perfect physique kind creates an unrealistic expectation amongst members of society

the perfect physique kind is attained in unlawful methods

the perfect physique kind is consultant of the norm and lacks range

the perfect physique kind is simply too simply attained

Which of the next is TRUE concerning random task?

Random task ensures that any variations following the intervention or “experimental” stimulus should have been brought on by the intervention.


Random task ensures that any similarities following the observational stimulus should have been an “impact” of the intervention.

Random task ensures that any discrepancies following the ethnographic remark should have been correlated with the intervention.

Random task ensures that any parallels between intervention and the “experimental” stimulus should be extraordinarily excessive.

Which of the next is a criticism of labeling theories?

Labeling theories not often have something to say about people, solely teams and locations.

Somewhat than addressing why people commit acts of deviance, labeling theories deal with the circumstances underneath which one is judged as deviant.

There are types of deviance that labeling theories would have a tough time explaining.

Labeling idea is tautological; that’s, by definition, round and not testable.

Each the Marxist and battle theories function from a ______ perspective.





Which of the next danger issue domains for deviance onset would come with rebelliousness of friends?



particular person and peer


Random task is essential in experimental analysis as a result of ______.

it assures inside validity is maintained

it assures exterior validity is maintained

it’s a snowball sampling approach

at root, it’s the similar as random choice

A pathway or line of growth over a lifespan is known as a ______.






Marxist and battle theories differ of their definition of ______, along with the coverage implications that stem from every idea.





______ is essential in understanding deviance as a result of it helps us systematically take into consideration deviance and offers options to the issues we examine.





All the following are TRUE concerning spirituality and our understanding of crime, deviance, and desistance EXCEPT:

Quantitative analyses of those knowledge lend no help to the concept that spirituality (closeness to God and church attendance) was associated to desistance.

Spirituality is clearly one thing that can garner extra theoretical and empirical consideration as federal cash is invested into faith-based approaches to reforming criminals and different deviants.

Spirituality, like different “hooks,” comparable to new relationships, occupations, and geographic strikes away from “unhealthy influences,” are additionally more likely to be rigorously studied each quantitatively and qualitatively sooner or later.

Quantitative and qualitative analyses each supply excellent empirical help to the concept that spirituality is expounded to desistance.

Punishing these people who act exterior of the accepted vary of conduct serves the perform of


resocializing them into correct remedy

deterring others who may violate

ethical affirmation or symbolism



Subjectively, problematic conceptions are additionally known as ______ and ______ views.

normative; positivistic

normative; reactionist/relativist

social constructionist; normative

social constructionist; reactionist/relativist

Mores are outlined as ______.

on a regular basis norms and easy actions that don’t trigger a serious disturbance if deviated

ethical norms that will generate extra outrage if damaged

ethical norms that can upset folks and obtain formal sanctions

norms backed by official or formal sanctions and are a deviation from norms understood by majority of a bunch

Which of the next statements pertaining to Venezuelan prisons is TRUE?

the prisons in Venezuela are thought of to be the biggest on the planet

penal confinement is prescribed for all felony convictions

the usage of probation as a sentence is excessive

relations should not have visiting rights

______ remark is a method used by which the researchers establish themselves and keep away from deception of the group being noticed.





Patrick is a highschool senior on monitor for a school baseball scholarship. He chooses to not drink at a celebration as a result of he doesn’t need to get caught and benched from his ultimate season. That is an instance of the ______ part of the social bond.





A examine that’s praised for top inside validity would come with which of the next components?


The themes are randomly assigned and the one distinction between circumstances is that the researcher improvises all the things within the second.

The themes are randomly assigned and the one distinction between circumstances is deliberate, managed, and carried out persistently by the researcher.

The themes are randomly discovered by way of a “snowball sampling” approach.

The themes will not be interacted with by the researcher and should be considered from a one-way wanting glass with the researcher on one facet and the topic being considered by the researcher on the opposite facet.

In keeping with the overall idea of crime, the most important reason behind low self-control is ______.

unhealthy parenting

peer socialization

delayed gratification

lack of schooling

In keeping with the textual content, researchers have proven that differential affiliation and social studying variables are predictive of ______.

psychological issues


sexual deviance

substance abuse

Which of the next was NOT a discovering in Chambliss’s “The Saints and the Roughnecks” examine?

Those that have much less energy discover it tough to withstand labels.

Communities react otherwise to deviance relying on the group partaking within the deviant act.

People settle for the labels connected to them.

People deny labels ascribed to them.

Turk (2002) argued that capitalist battle is ______, which means it’s designed to maintain employees centered on points selling division, competitors, and us-versus-them mentalities.


a assemble




The phrase, “go away the youngsters alone wherever doable,” BEST describes which coverage for coping with delinquent youths?



restorative justice

reintegrative shaming

Shaw and McKay’s work on juveniles discovered that charges of delinquency ______.

appeared to cluster in sure neighborhoods

had been lowest in neighborhoods in or round enterprise and industrial areas

gave the impression to be distributed randomly throughout the neighborhoods

have a tendency to say no as folks moved nearer to the central enterprise district

The ______ philosophy permits battered girls to expertise “horizontal” justice, which is concentrated on the method of fixing the issue.



important race

liberal feminist

Which components affect profession deviance?

onset, battle, resistance

continuation, battle, resistance

onset, resistance, desistance

onset, continuation, desistance

In keeping with power-control idea, ______ represent the first brokers of socialization in households.





Which theorist launched operant conditioning to social studying theories?

Edwin Sutherland


Ronald Akers

Robert Merton

Gresham Sykes

Which inhabitants tends to be the main target of social studying theories?

drug addicts

juvenile delinquents

geriatric sufferers

newborns and toddlers

A researcher is conducting a quasi-experimental analysis design. Which sampling approach will she or he use?

random choice

random task

snowballing approach

nonrandom task

Experimental analysis examines a causal relationship which includes:

trigger and influence

correlation and impact

trigger and impact

correlation and influence

All the following traits of social construction may have an effect on social studying EXCEPT:

differential social group

differential location within the social construction

statistically outlined particular person variables

differential social location in teams

A examine of profession deviance and deviant careers MUST embody a examine of ______.

how deviance adjustments over time

singular situations of deviance

the onset of deviance


the desistance of deviancy

Which of the next pertaining to Scandinavian prisons is TRUE?

they’re corresponding to the jail programs in Latin America

there isn’t a loss of life penalty or life sentence

prisoners will not be very more likely to be launched as soon as institutionalized

jail cells in Halden, Norway are filthy

In keeping with differential alternative idea, ______ subcultures are thought of “double failures,” as a result of they can’t discover professional or illegitimate subcultures to slot in.





Marx believed that actuality exists within the ______ world.





Which of the next is NOT acknowledged as a problem to returning to society from serving time in an establishment?

shock to a brand new system after being confined

consequentiality of felony data

stigma of being a convict by society

denial of rehabilitation entry

______ feminists argue that pornography subordinates girls to males, making girls second-class residents.






______ establishments describe extreme types of social management, comparable to jails, prisons, juvenile correctional amenities, and psychological hospitals.





An fascinating method to study deviance is to take a look at it by which of the next contexts?





Survey analysis sometimes asks questions concerning the entire following EXCEPT:





______ and belief between neighbors is seen as a mandatory situation for residents to be prepared to intervene for the frequent good.

Particular person efficacy

Social cohesion

Social dysfunction


In keeping with Hirschi, our MOST essential attachment might be to our ______.



dad and mom


Which of the next theories might clarify the results of familial management on gender variations in crime?


power-control idea

important race idea

normal idea of crime

self-control idea

______ degree applications of deviance prevention present alternatives and rewards for doing good deeds inside a neighborhood.

Particular person




Which of the next branches of feminism focuses on gender position socialization?

postmodern feminism

socialist feminism

liberal feminism

radical feminism

Which of the next theorists launched the concepts of integrative shaming and stigmatization results of labeling in his piece “Crime, Disgrace and Reintegration” (1989)?





Objectively, deviance assumes that a normal set of ______ exist inside a society that guides folks’s actions and behaviors.




official sanctions

What time period does Karl Marx use to seek advice from the laborers of manufacturing?



working class



What forms of social controls exist in society?

formal and casual

constructive and damaging

authorized and unlawful

nice and disagreeable

One can hint social management idea to the 18th century work of ______.

Karl Marx

Cesare Becarria

Cesare Lombroso

Travis Hirschi

Which of the next statements concerning labeling theories is TRUE?

Labeling is a macro-level perspective.

Symbolic interactionists advocate direct remark of the social world.

Labeling theorists argue that reactions to deviant conduct will be ignored.

In defining deviance, the response to the conduct or the particular person will not be as essential.

Guidelines of conduct that information folks’s actions are known as ______.

legal guidelines




In lots of instances, fraudulent physician practices are geared toward ______.

spiritual establishments

aged sufferers

insurance coverage firms

different medical doctors


Discrimination and stigma are examples of which components that create limitations confronted in desistance?

particular person components

relational components

societal components

structural components

Restricted help, strained households, pimps, and social isolation are examples of which components that create limitations confronted in desistance?

particular person components

relational components

societal components

structural components

To be able to examine deviant conduct inductively, how do researchers BEST kind a analysis query?

Researchers should systematically examine the inhabitants first earlier than making a query.

Inductive reasoning consists of finding out folks in managed analysis labs.

A analysis query is shaped from preliminary observations, adopted by a scientific technique after the preliminary observations.

Analysis questions are created by way of quantified information obtained by researchers.

______ happens when a person is usually considered as an excellent particular person, however they’ve simply dedicated a nasty deed.

Reintegrative shaming


Residual shaming

Interpretive shaming

Early Chicago researchers believed that they might discover the causes of crime within the ______.

household construction

financial circumstances of the nation

construction of the surroundings

political surroundings

Many researchers have confirmed that ______ (additionally known as “faith-based approaches”) will be seen as a “hook”—one thing that somebody concerned in profession deviance can seize a maintain of to assist


them use their very own human company to open doorways out of the approach to life they want to exit. a. collective efficacy



studying a language

______ is understood for questioning the established order.

Feminist criminology


Postmodern criminology

Peacemaking criminology

______ deviance is understood to evoke stereotypes, comparable to stigma and discrimination.





Beckett and Herbert view ______ as “an rising and consequential social management apply. . .

[that] is consequential, much more so than the civility codes that they more and more supplant.”

damaged home windows policing


reintegrative shaming

collective efficacy

The “gold normal” for figuring out causal relationships is what kind of analysis?

participant remark analysis

subject analysis

experimental analysis

content material evaluation analysis

In keeping with Durkheim, the entire following key components influence suicide fee variations EXCEPT:

regulation of society


social integration

social change

demographic make-up

______ deviance is outlined as “felony and deviant acts by the biggest companies and essentially the most highly effective political organizations.”





Who is taken into account the daddy of sociology and an early contributor to anomie/pressure idea?

Edwin Sutherland

Émile Durkheim

Robert Merton

Travis Hirschi

The authors use the ______ analogy to argue a number of theoretical approaches to understanding deviance exists.

scorching canine

salad bar

tossed salad

ice-cream store

How does labeling idea result in secondary deviance?

Labeling alters a person’s self-concept.

Secondary deviance restricts alternatives to adapt.

Labeling creates limitless conforming alternatives.

Labeling discourages involvement in deviant subcultures.

The method by which nonmedical issues develop into outlined and handled as medical issues, often when it comes to sicknesses or issues, is known as ______.






Susan is a severe alcoholic that has deserted society’s objectives for fulfillment and has sought illegitimate means to make a residing. Susan will be thought of a(n) ______.





______ analysis research topics of their pure setting, exterior of a laboratory.

Content material evaluation




The method by which issues or behaviors now not retain medical definitions is known as






In keeping with positivist/normative conceptions of deviance, deviance is outlined as ______.

behaviors that illicit a definition or label of deviance

inherently deviant behaviors dedicated by criminals

critiques of the social system that exist and create such norms

violations of a rule understood by the vast majority of a bunch

Which of the next forms of folks resided in Shaw and McKay’s “zone in transition”?


working class

educated residents

latest immigrants


Which of the next strategies would one use to argue that one’s conduct was a mistake or an accident?

the condemnation of the condemners

denial of duty

denial of sufferer

the attraction to larger loyalties

Which of the next theorists put social disorganization as a macro-level management idea the place residents in neighborhoods characterised by poverty, inhabitants turnover, and racial/ethnic heterogeneity can’t management their environments and obtain frequent objectives?

Clifford Shaw

Henry McKay

Ruth Kornhauser

Robert Agnew

Folkway norms are outlined as ______.

every single day norms that don’t trigger a serious disturbance if deviated

ethical norms that can upset folks however don’t face formal sanctions

ethical norms that can upset folks and obtain formal sanctions

norms backed by official or formal sanctions and are a deviation from norms understood by the vast majority of a bunch

Which of the next is an assumption of anomie/pressure theories?

Social order is a product of limitless battle and non permanent decision.

Norms are broadly shared by a society and its members.

Legal guidelines set up social order.

Punishment is an acceptable response for deviance.

All the following are examples of unconventional romantic relationships EXCEPT:

two 25-year-olds, male and feminine

two males

a really younger woman with an older man


On the flip of the 20th century, ______ had been seen as the reason for social issues of the day.


absent fathers

new immigrants

unwed moms

homeless folks

______ theories deal with practices and insurance policies that alleviate structural circumstances and enhance providers for the unvoiced.





These advocating from a ______ perspective would say that, as soon as Edward Snowden uncovered PRISM, the federal government ought to have disbanded this system outright due to its Fourth Modification violations.


important race



Which of the next is NOT a difficulty or concern encountered throughout survey analysis?

figuring out an acceptable pattern dimension

figuring out the analysis query and matter

consideration of nationwide surveys and breadth mandatory

the opportunity of a low response fee and making use of it to outcomes

From a social constructionist perspective, deviance is ______.

outlined the identical throughout a number of nations

outlined the identical by a number of societies and subcultures

a conduct that’s inherently deviant

constructed based mostly on interactions of these fast to society and not inherent

Which theorist notably influenced Ron Akers’s 4 ideas of social studying idea?

Edwin Sutherland


Robert Merton

Travis Hirschi

Gresham Sykes

Which of the next is NOT a criticism of social disorganization theories?

Criminology focuses on people whereas social disorganization focuses on teams and locations over time.

Longitudinal knowledge is dear and tough to gather, due to this fact this idea is restricted.

Social disorganization theories are largely centered on juvenile delinquency and avenue crimes.

Social disorganization theories weren’t utilized on the micro-level.

All the following are thought of precept components of the looking-glass self EXCEPT:

the creativeness of our look to a different particular person

the creativeness of judgment of our look

self-feeling, comparable to pleasure or mortification

conversations with oneself to determine whether or not or to not have interaction in deviance

Which of the next BEST describes a social contract?

a written settlement for conduct based mostly on the norms

when people surrender some private freedoms and abide normal guidelines of conduct

an settlement that’s violated when one conforms to society’s expectations

an settlement that stipulates an agreed upon relationship between the signer and signee

Anomie/pressure theories assume social order is ______.

a results of limitless battle and non permanent decision

established by way of legal guidelines imposed by higher courses

the product of a cohesive set of norms

inconceivable to realize

Analysis on deviance is usually ______, centered on components related to how deviance is distributed throughout totally different teams or components considered causes or penalties of deviance.






Which theorist is understood for growing differential affiliation idea?

Robert Merton

Edwin Sutherland

Ronald Akers

Robert Burgess

Messner and Rosenfeld recognized the values that underlie the American Dream as the entire following EXCEPT:




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