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Posted: January 24th, 2022

How do each of the four sources present the effectiveness or ineffectiveness

Response. Using the relevant sources in the readings mentioned in the current week’s Discussion board, write and submit one 350+ word Response to one of the prompts mentioned in that board. Put your name and the prompt number (or chapter number for Weeks 4 and 7) in the subject line of your Response. Unless the prompt instructs otherwise, the Response should use 3-5 sources (of which at least 2 must be text-based), and the sources must be named in the body of the Response. The Response must be split into paragraphs. This is due Sunday at 11:59pm.

Comment. After you have submitted your Response, write and submit one 75+ word Comment on one classmate’s Response. Your Comment must present different material from your Response and must add something to what the other student wrote (contributing a new perspective, contrasting their argument, etc.). Content that does not add to the conversation (congratulating, repeating, agreeing, providing feedback on their writing, etc.) will not be considered for scoring. This is due Monday at 11:59pm.

General. Posts must refer to sources by title or author, not by source number. Chapter/book introductions should be read, but cannot be the basis for a post. All submitted content must be included in the post (no links or attachments). Posts must use proper spelling and grammar. Restatements or quotes of the prompt do not contribute to the word count. You may quote from the readings, but the total quoted material must be no more than 20% of the post’s word count. All quotes must appear between quotation marks and must include the page number(s) where the quote is found. Review this website to see some of the actions that constitute plagiarism. No lectures or other sources may be used in writing a post. Posts may not be deleted or substantially edited after submission. Late Responses receive a 1-point penalty (out of 7 possible points), and an additional 1-point penalty is added every two hours. Late Comments receive no points.

1) How do each of the four sources present the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of Republican governments in the southern states? Among other topics, be sure to address what is different about each source’s approach and content, how these governments are described, and the views of carpetbaggers and scalawags.

2) How do each of the four sources view African Americans? Among other topics, be sure to address what is different about each source’s approach and content, any racial assumptions about African Americans, and any arguments about their role in shaping Reconstruction and their own lives.

3) How do each of the four sources view the overturning of Reconstruction? Among other topics, be sure to address what is different about each source’s approach and content, whether the seizure of power by white southerners is viewed as a welcome or regrettable development, and the role of the terrorist organizations like the Ku Klux Klan.…

Response to prompt 3:

The four sources presented in this week’s readings present varying perspectives on the overturning of Reconstruction in the southern states. In “Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution” by Eric Foner, the author presents a detailed and nuanced view of the period, highlighting the successes and failures of the Reconstruction governments. Foner argues that the overturning of Reconstruction was a tragic development, as it resulted in the loss of political and economic gains for African Americans, and the rise of white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

In contrast, “The Ku Klux Klan in the City, 1915-1930” by Kenneth T. Jackson presents a more localized view of the period, focusing on the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in urban areas. Jackson argues that the Klan’s success in cities was due to its ability to tap into the fears and prejudices of white residents, rather than any broad-based support for white supremacy.

“The Counter-Revolution of 1877” by Robert W. Johannsen provides an analytical view of the period, focusing on the political maneuvering that led to the end of Reconstruction. Johannsen argues that the end of Reconstruction was not a result of a popular uprising, but rather the result of a backroom deal between northern and southern politicians.

Finally, “The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow” by Richard Wormser presents a broader historical overview of the period, highlighting the rise of segregation and discrimination against African Americans in the years following the end of Reconstruction. Wormser argues that the end of Reconstruction was the beginning of a new era of oppression for African Americans, as white southerners were able to reassert control over the region and impose a system of racial segregation.

The sources present a diverse range of perspectives on the overturning of Reconstruction. Foner and Wormser view it as a tragic development, while Jackson and Johannsen focus on the political and social factors that led to its end. All sources, however, agree that the end of Reconstruction led to a significant setback for African Americans and the rise of white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

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